Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Game of Two Chancellors

Just had this from a reader...
I need to vent my John Motson-fuelled rage at someone that understands
(hopefully)...Last night, just before the national anthems, the BBC camera
picked up Gordon Brown stood chatting to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
Motty, in his wisdom said:"A current and a former Chancellor there *cue Motson
chuckle*. Glad to say that one has been promoted in the past few months, the
other still remains in that same position."

Isn't it about time Motty was pensioned off? His inane comments are only marginally less inane than those of his sidekick Mark Lawrenson. Martin Tyler and Andy Gray put them to shame. Oops, wrong blog.

UPDATE: You can take part in my West Ham blog survey on your favourite and least favourite football commentators.

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Anonymous said...

Wrong blog - maybe.
Right sentiments - definitely!

Sir-C4' said...

Even BBC Sport is biased in favour of the Nulab fascist scum.

Newmania said...

I pre blogged the attendance of B-ruin and the Kraut she-Mephistopheles. How apt at an occasion demanding patriotism that a Scottish hater of the English and the Bosch bint to whom he is selling the country in a further transfer of power called a treaty , should be there . NOT.
You will recall that B-ruin claimed to support England in the world cup and he also claimed most Scots agreed. Ah yes we still remember their flutey voices raised in cheerful encouragement over the years ...!
Did you notice that when the Scots liar came up on the screen there was muted but very audible booing that Motty was talking hastily over. Quite right I can think of few things more irritating than a scheming Stalinist Scot quietly gloating while English football takes another trip down Mc Clown`s mediocre road with both hands in our pocket , no doubt giving his Sausage eating familiar a celebratory snog over the after match offal-stick in a bun.

Sod off Brown you are not required for England games other than to be burnt on a Wicker frame as an offering to the god of Goalkeepers. His pretence to be a fan is a shallow as his marriage and everything else he says
1 Support for academies – he is quietly dismantling the scheme
2 Support for privatisation in the NHS – he is quietly blocking it
3 New Honesty - ..Outright lies on the Consitution

He was a turd in the pool . Stroll on Brown stroll on.....

Anonymous said...

I don't often agree with you Mr Dale, but you are right on the money here. Motty out, I say, not for his political views, but for his boring, boring commentary.

Who would be in everyone's dream team? Mine is as follows:

Anchorman: Des Lynam
3 Analysts: Alan Hansen
Martin O'Neill
Ally McCoist
(Sub: Archie Mac Pherson)
Commentary Box: Alan Green
Andy Gray

Matt Wardman said...

I have to say I rather approve.

What do you take issue with - stone age Motty or the comments re: the German Chancellor?

El Gordo does sometimes strike rather a Bismarkian pose, I think - although he is just as good cast as a Shakespearen Colossus of Rhodes.

The one Im looking forward to is the sledges when Shane Warne takes up his German citizenship.

Newmania said...

...Incidentally while we’re on about football ( must introduce you to the game some day Iain). Let me mention that those other Socialists the BNP refused to support the England team on the basis that there were black people in it .The BNP are the most common second choice of Labour voters. Appalling .

Englishmen of all colours ,however , will find the sight of the pictish hoard snickering behind their clammy hands as revolting as Herr Livingstone , for forbid , being around to hand out Olympic medals to his chums from visiting socialist dictatorships

AloneMan said...

And doubtless they both wanted Germany to win. (Brown and Merkel, I mean - I've no idea who John Motson was supporting).

Curbishly said...

Motson is merely responding to the wit level of the average football fan.d

Michael Shilliday said...

What you wanted to do was press the red button and watch a British team actually WIN. No politically motivated commentating from Jackie Fullerton, just random comments that make him a national treasure.

NI = 2nd in group
England = 4th in group

This is why you could hear "you must be England in disguise" throughout at Windsor last night.

Anonymous said...

Leave Motty alone. He's a national treasure.
Rather more concerning is the BBC's failure to mention that referee Rob Styles works for Abramovich.

Anonymous said...

Come now, Iain, at least Lawro has that quirky miserable thing going for him. Never been a Motty fan, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Also the mentioning that "he really does know his football".

Couldn't have paid for a better character building advert.

Anonymous said...

Rule of thumb: As soon as Motson utters those words "England has had most of the ball" or "they're dominating the mid-field, creating lots of chances at goal" or "we could have 3 or 4 goals at this rate" is the time England's performance plummets and the opposition score the one time they've actually had possession for the whole half !

Motson should be"pensioned off". He's been the "kiss of death" to England's football since the 1970's..... and he never learns but still keeps uttering the same rubbish.

strapworld said...


Shame on you! Where would the games consuls be without the blithering of Motson and the inane 'jokes' of scouser!

But I definately heard the crowd BOO when they announced, right at the beginning, the attendance of our Beloved Leader Mrs Merkel and Blair-2- Brown!

As for your suggestion that the Scot on Sky is better than Motson. Gosh no! He is the most self opinionated know it all on the box!

I preferred it when you could just have the crowd noise and no commentary.That always reminded me of Brisbane Road, the home of true football.

Anonymous said...

Can any Nulab troll tell us how Gordon the Snot explained to the German Chancellor that he was also supporting Germany, as would be almost all of his fellow 'North Britons', since the practice of him and his countrymen was to support England's opponents whoever they might be?

Display Name said...

one of my favourites from last night was the observation that one of the England players was "...surrounded by two..." of the German team. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Iain, he didnt say "Glad to say". He said "Have to say...", or something like that. I heard what he said and had it been what your commenter thought it was, I'd have been straight onto it. Check the show online, or wherever it is.

However, he did (rightfully) say that Brown is a keen football fan. You can't buy that sort of PR. I bet Brown's special advisers were doing cartwheels. But he really is a football fan, so that's fair play. Just as John Major got kudos for being a genuine cricket fan.

No matter, I'm sure Cameron's point-to-point attendance, and his knowledge of the Eton Wall Game will stand him in equally good stead with sports fans up and down the country. Pip-Pip!

Anonymous said...

I spotted that: I thought 'good job he knows more about football than he does about politics.' But I'm not sure that's even true any more, sadly.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Indeed. There is a dangerous seepage from the "other" blog.. a blog so partisan and sporty in its content that I will never darken its doors.

As if I would want to experience extreme frottage every Saturday afternoon, in the rain, somewhere in London, with only a fanta and a hot dog of uncertain provenance for company.

Motson inane? I suggest it is a function of his, erm "speciality"...jumpers for goal posts...

Anonymous said...

English goalkeepers.

That big pansy Brown should hae been at Pittodrie.

Imagine goin tae watch Engerlund, needs his hied looked.

Anonymous said...

No really, its not right to laugh at English goalkeepers.

Not right at all.

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot listen to Motson any more.

It started during the World Cup in Japan during which Motson, awed by the time difference meaning kick off took place at UK breakfast time, came up with idiotic alliterations such as "bangers with Batistuta".

His note of perpetual wonderment, banal statistics and, as you say, inane observations reduce his commentaries to a stream of drivel so unbearable you just have to turn him off.

Sir-C4' said...

I simply cannot listen to Motson any more.

It started during the World Cup in Japan during which Motson, awed by the time difference meaning kick off took place at UK breakfast time, came up with idiotic alliterations such as "bangers with Batistuta".

Morton is a homosexual?

Anonymous said...

Come on, learn to take a joke, it sounds like you're the sour kraut Iain!

People aren't sitting at home or in the pub scratching their heads and wondering who to vote for, waiting for Motson to illuminate them.

If you're this touchy about BBC bias, go and lie down for a bit. Or just get Cameron to get his facts straight and control his MPs. That might help a bit more!

Anonymous said...

Whenever Motson or any of the other English cheerleaders masquerading as commentators come on, I reach for the "mute" button. I can see perfectly well what's going on, and don't have to listen to snidey political remarks against Johnny Foreigner. Barry Davies(?) was/is one of the worst at that, but others (on ITV too) are at it as well.
And you wonder why you are disliked all round the world?

The Hitch said...

I have to say that I am shocked that Cameron hasnt yet expressed a love of football or had his photo taken having kick about with some south London piccaninies.
We have had the Bike
we have had the Huskies
we have had the pretend sweeping up litter
Where is the photo of him playing football with some young ethnics?
I refuse to vote Conservative until this man publicly plays football.
Didnt he look nice on the telly last night , seems to have lost a bit of weight on holiday.

Anonymous said...

this is bollo*ks Iain, Motty is a Tory - told me himself at Conference.

Anonymous said...

England. Our country. Our team.

Beaten last night. By. Johny Continental. The German Elf.

We deserve better. Much better. So let me just say this:

Gordon Brown, with your deep-fried pizzas, your pints of heavy and I'll see you Jimmy, boof! You don't fool us you Pict in a suit, so p!ss off back to Scotland where you belong and leave the football, and everything else for that matter, to us.

Come on you Blues.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think the concern was that Motram was displaying his ignorance in believing that a German Chancellor (i.e head of government) is an equivalent post to a British Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Anonymous said...

has anyone no picked up wrong bloody game for Gordon Brown He should have bene at Pittodrie warching the mighty Alba play South Africa -- Turncoat

Anonymous said...

The Scots must be loving this.

All those jokes years ago about Scottish Goalkeepers, but now the boot is on the other foot.

Perhaps England should give Scott Carson a go. He did well when on loan to Sheffield wednesday and Charlton. Is he on loan to someone else again this year ? Whatever, I think he's the only other English Goalkeeper left.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

Does anyone know if BBC1 scotland aired the game?

If they did, fair enough Brown being there.
If not: it was another pathetic case of Nu Lab trying to be all things to all men with Broown hoping that his fellow scots would not see him there.

Johnny Norfolk said...

and why do you need 4 pundits after the match talking about what happened. How much does that cost.

strapworld said... cap it all they got a bloody Irishman to sing the National Anthems!

The FA are so crass.An Irishman!

(Southern Irish to boot!- but there again war time friendships and all that)

Newmania said...

Thats right the Scots are just laughing at us . We have the worst England manager I can ever remember and we have to endure the misery with the twit Brown pretending that he gives a " farthing", then he brings his German bird .. Nice .

I promise you they are up there laughing their jolly old jacobs off. I can almost hear it from here....... " Och the nooo Ail just help myself to anither pint of Barnett formula and oo ha ha ha ...I luv that wee Gordy Brown..."

They badly need sorting

Anonymous said...

The England game was aired on BBC Scotland. Showing the Prime Minister touting his British credentials by watching an England game does nothing for his reputation up here!

It is counterproductive up in Scotland when he tries to pander to the Englsih. He claims he wants england to win the world cup in 2018 (if England hosts the finals), and forgets his own country might be competing for it :D

It does not sound to hot for a so-called Scotland fan to be describing Gazza's goal against Scotland as the best he's seen.
A true scottish football fan who has lived through the annual auld-enemy fixtures could never utter such words!!

Brown is a confused individual. He has plummed to be British in his presentation and language... which really means fawning to the English. The Scots and English will hopefully see it for what it is. During the Terrorists attacks and other events you will notices he barely ever uses the word 'Scotland' if he can help it.

I think the PM has made a conscious choice to try to make us all feel British at a time when the flag of Saint George is emerging as the people's choice in England and the Scottish saltire has long been the favoured flag of the Scots. Her Maj and Gordon Brown and a few relics from northern ireland seem to be the only one's left pushing the union flag in our faces.

There is a huge opportunity if the tories wish to fight back to claim the the flag of saint george and the policy of an English parliament for themselves. Potential avalanche of votes for someone who restores pride to the people of england in the same way salmond has restored some pride in the scots parliament after some wayward governance.

And yes, English goalkeepers seem to be worth a goal a game going back through Robinson, James and Seaman's mishap at the hands of Brazil.

Anonymous said...

As I watched Gordon at last night's match "schmoozing" Merkel(quite put me off my tea) I wondered which match he would favour by his presence if both England and Scotland were playing on the same night ? Its a politically interesting conundrum I think.

BJ said...

I can't abide Motson. He's like the annoying kid at school who has clearly spent a lot of time memorising a lot of facts, and is damn well going to let you know all of them, whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

anyway Scotland won
Brwon must be a jinx a hex on the poor English

before he turned his coat Scotland weren't doing too well I rest my case

Mulligan said...

In fact Brown was probably suicidal after the game, was counting on his share of the England team win bonuses to pay for his fish and chip supper plus a couple of new quangos.

Anonymous said...

John Motson has forgotten more about football than Mclaren will ever know.

His reliance on factiods is regrettable but I challenge any of you to stand before JM and argue with him about football, its like challenging Kasparov on chess, not just about facts but strategy, timing, personality, formation, training, motivation.

'Tis a shame that he is a dull commentator.

Anonymous said...

was it not Churchill in 1953 that said, " if we have to choose between europe and the open sea we should choose the open sea every time"

Anonymous said...

Brown knows nothing about football. He played rugby at school, but early on he was told that to be a football fan is to be voter friendly.
Alaister Campbell probably told him it's best to pretend support for an unfashionable team. Campbell's team is Burnley. Brown opted for Raith Rovers. Typically, he mugged up on RR's history and is now able to wax lyrical about Raith legends.
The football fan schtick is just one strand of the Brown makeover.
We've had the marriage, the expensive hairdos, the new teeth, the expensive suits and ties and the grimace, sorry smile.
I just heard Zoe Williams, a Guardian journalist, observe on the radio, that when the cameras moved in on the two heads of state at Wembley, Angela Merkel was saying something to Brown, but he looked away from her to give us a straight to camera full-beam phoney smile.

Alfie said...

Motson's bloody crap which means he's got a BBC job for life. He misses so much, doesn't understand the rules of the game and is so far behind the action as to be embarrassing. Get Greeny on from FiveLive - he's a brilliant commentator and says what he thinks....

And Motson referred to 'the national anthem' - England doesn't have a national anthem... the Scots Raj won't allow it.

Lawrenson is rubbish - as is his thinning '70's mullet and precious dogeared paperback 'Punditry made easy for monosalabic ex-footballers'