Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Three Videos to Get Green Juices Flowing

Click HERE on the Young Britons Foundation blog to see three videos which are bound to get Zak Goldsmith and John Gummer, not to mention Al Gore, frothing at the mouth. They're made by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and attack the climate change consensus. I particularly like the slogan they use - "They call it carbon dioxide. We call it life".


Daily Referendum said...

Good Videos. Get ready to be swamped with sandal wearing bearded eco-fascists calling anyone who agrees with the clips 'deniers'.

Sir-C4' said...

I'm waiting for the day these eco-nutters blame global warming on the 'jooooooooos'.

AnyoneButBrown said...

You'll get yourself labelled a Climate Change Denier which as we all know if frankly beyond the pale these days.
As George Monbiot pointed out flying across the Atlantic is as unacceptable as child abuse, so god knows what George would think of you as an official Climate Change Denier
...Cue eco-nutters wibbling on and repeating whatever opinion they have just read in the Garuniad or on CiF

Matthew Revell said...

I'd love to hear some good scientific debate with referenced sources that make a case against humans as the cause of global warming.

Instead, these videos seem to say:

a) But we like doing it, so we're not going to stop.
b) He's a hypocrite because he's doing it more than us, so concentrate on that instead.

vanfuertes said...

Just to make clear my feelings on the videos themselves, they were utterly rubbish. They had the feel of those anti-Darwin creationist lunatic videos you see emanating from the US.

However, as uneasy as it makes me feel, I have to plonk myself alongside the 'deniers' on the issue as a whole.

Hasn't the world constantly heating up and cooling down throughout history? If, as people say, it is happening faster than ever before, then surely it is too late to reverse the effects of the industrial revolution now?

Also, has anyone noticed that until recently people referred constantly to 'global warming'. Then when we saw the floods it was still down to humans, but the phenomenon was conveniently altered to 'climate change'.

Tim Worstall said...

There are decent arguments to be made about climate change: like, for example, that "whether" is indeed a question for climate scientists, but the "what" as in what do we do is a question for economists.
But these CEI clips (which are a year or so old I think) probably aren't good arguments.
For example, I share a blog at timesw withone of the people responsible for those ads: I certainly wouldn't take them seriously any more.

Tony said...

Whether you like the videos or not the fact remains, until the IPCC allows the open and transparent review of data rather than just reviews of articles, people will be justified in questioning the 'facts' put before us.

This is compounded by people like George Monbiot reporting projections and assumptions as facts and when challenged on their views answering questions that were not asked.

We can see the climate is changing. Nothing presented so far proves that the changing climate is anthropogenic in origin as some keep telling us. Make the research transparent and fund all research fairly and we might learn something worth knowing.

Tapestry said...

The days of the hydrogen fuel cell get nearer. The latest way to store hydrogen being worked on is in compound with nitrogen - NH3 - ammonia gas.

This can be compressed in a tank to 8 Bar, and can hold phenomenal quantities. Pourring it into your car's fuel tank will need a few clever tricks so that not one whiff of ammonia seeps out - or you will get a pungent smack in the nostrils.

Inside the car there will be a cracker to split the hydrogen from the nitrogen using heat. The only byproducts will be nitrogen and water.

Ten years maximum, and petrol/gasoline will be uneconomic. The carbon economy will be on its way.

Unknown said...

On the one side science. On the other people speaking ver..y... slo....w...l......y over pictures of happy kids bundled into the back of 4x4s

It's not exactly a sophisticated argument you're putting forward here, Iain.

Iain Dale said...

It's not me putting the argument. I found the videos amusing and thought you might too!

Mulligan said...

Ironically videos like these, which I suspect are deliberately frivolous and light of substance, would ultimately lead to more reaction and discussion than the Great Global Warming Scam on C4, which did make sensible arguments against the official view, and as such was completely ignored by the rest of the media.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Is Iain Dale a Climate Change Denier?

I am shocked. In my book that's two years hard labour, a diet of lentils and life on the register of offenders.

Oh, and confiscate the Audi.

Chucklenuts said...

1) Scientific data shows the climate is getting warmer.
2) The government slaps us all with a carbon footprint and tax us to buggery.
3) If climate change leads to global disaster governments can claim they did their best, but it was unfortunately too late, if it does not lead to global disaster, their on a nice little earner.
4) Result-a win win situation for all governments.

Mulligan said...

5) Al Gore having let the world down badly in 2000 by allowing Bush to steal the election gets to cleanse his soul and hugely increas his already healthy bank balance. (Oh and bank a squillion air miles to boot)