Sunday, August 05, 2007

Quotes of the Day

"I looked in vain for a major literary figure, there being no mirror I could not see myself" - film maker Michael Winner on visiting a West End restaurant.
"If your sofa had just floated out of an upstairs window why does anyone think your life would be improved by a politician posing for pictures in the lake that used to be your front lawn?" - TV's Jeremy Clarkson, defending David Cameron's visit to Rwanda during the floods.
"When I met her, it was quite disastrous. She talked the entire time about colonic irrigation and matters of that sort. Rabbiting on about rock stars and colonic irrigation" - Norman Stone, former professor of modern history at Oxford University on his first meeting with Diana, Princess of Wales.
"I can say absolutely categorically I never want to be the leader again and never will be" - William Hague, the former Tory leader.
"Prince Charles's vocal chords are plainly trying to strangle him. He may well become the first monarch to lose his head from the inside out"
- commentator AA Gill.
"My guess is that Gordon Brown will shy away from an early election. His prospects are good, but the down side that he might cease to be Prime Minister after just four months - is catastrophic. Surely his father taught him the superior value of the bird in the bush" - former Tory Cabinet Minister Michael Portillo.
"I like having dyed hair and big teeth. Once you go down the route of trying to look like a stereotypical babe, you are doomed" - TV's Janet Street-Porter.
"I have a sense from Alastair Campbell's diaries that he is describing a government where honest answers were politically expendable: they got in the way of the Project" - Sandra Howard, wife of Michael Howard, the former Tory leader.
"George Bush has inspired me to say that it is time we baldies sported our pates with pride" - Nick Robinson, political editor of the BBC, who had a contretemps with the US President over his lack of hair.
"The Bishop of London has lain in a bawdy house" - an extract from a 17th-century diary, just unearthed, written by Roger Morrice, an early lobby correspondent.


Chris Paul said...

Clarkson is right of course. So much so that they told him to stuff off when he did show up. He (DC) looked terrible today grandstanding on F&M.

James Higham said...

Jeremy Clarkson's here is a bit difficult to get a line on but supposedly he knows what he's on about.

Ted Foan said...

I read the last one as ""The Bishop of London has Iain in a bawdy house"

I didn't know you knew him.

Hughes Views said...

This post suggests that you have "clearly been put up to it by someone".

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Paxman and Jeremy Clarkson
At least they have hair

The Hitch said...

Is it possible to be a Conservative prime minister without being party leader?
Is that written down anywhere?

The Hitch said...

And what would michael Portillo know about "A bird in the bush?"

Im tempted to make a joke about meeting a certain pop star in a bush. But i wont as it isnt true.