Friday, August 31, 2007

And the Winner Is...

You may recall that I offered a prize of £100 of DVDs and books for entering your Top 20 Political Blogs for the blogging guide, which will be published in a few weeks. More than 500 of you did just that, so it's time to announce who has won the prize (having been kindly prompted by Bob Piper!). And the winner is someone who calls themselves Ciao Bella. Here was his/her Top 20

1) Ben Brogan
2) Paul Linford
3) Hamer Shawcross
4) Hoby Cartoons
5) Chicken Yoghurt
6) Ministry of Truth
7) Spectator Coffee House
8) Beau Bo D'Or
9) Nick Robinson
10) Skipper
11) Dr Crippen
12) Tygerland
13) Evan Davis
14) Idiots for Labour
15) Devil's Kitchen
16) Iain Dale
17) Bob Piper
18) Boris Johnson
19) Samizdata
20) Nicodemus

PS Read zis very carefully, for I shall say zis only once...Judging from Ed and Sam's words in the comments, I don't know if people are feeling particularly dim, but this Top 20 is the Top 20 of Ciao Bella, it is not the Top 20 overall, which will be announced in mid September.

APOLOGY: I'm sorry but I blocked deleted 18 comments earlier this afternoon by mistake. I hit the reject button instead of publish.


S said...

Only number 16 Iain, I'm surprised you didn't pop that one back in the hat.

Anonymous said...

No Guido either. Has the poster-boy of blogging finally had his bubble burst after such a lamentable year of "gossip" - culminating in the continuous, hilariously wrong insinuations about the cash for honours inquiry?

Let's hope so.

Newmania said...

This obviously is Bob Piper , no-one else would put his blog in their top 20 and even he doesn`t rate it all that highly.....oh he seems to have inadvertently missed me out.

SamuelCoates said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old BE said...

I don't know how you decided who won Iain but some of those blogs are mediocre to say the least.

dizzy said...

/me sniggers at the people that didn't read "Here was his/her Top 20"

Anonymous said...

Never mind all of that.

Here is an extract from today's Guardian: Lost in translation

... the former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke left his Japanese audience bewildered when he used the Australian colloquial phrase "I am not here to play funny buggers" to dismiss a pesky question from Japanese officials.

"For Japanese interpreters, however, this was a real problem. They went into a huddle to consult on the best way to render 'funny buggers' into Japanese,". The interpreters then told the audience: "I am not here to play laughing homosexuals with you."

Anonymous said...

Doesn't ConservativeHome count as a blog?

Yes, Cameron's personal blog.

Anonymous said...

why the wait for the top 20 blogs?

Old BE said...

I'm sorry but I blocked deleted 18 comments earlier this afternoon by mistake.

*sniggers at the irony*

Iain Dale said...

James 12.37. It shows how tolerant I am!

Jorgen, I assume that is an attempt at deep irony

Anonymous at 3.03 - would you publish a book and release all its juicier details three weeks in advamnce?!

Ed, at 1.07 I didn't decide on them. 500 people voted and their votes have been put in a spreadsheet to form a Top 500. That will be released on mid September

Old BE said...

My apologies Iain, my comment seems to have been universally misunderstood. Must Try Harder.

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of this cartoonist Hoby before but really like his stuff (i am assuming it is a he?). Is his stuff in any publications? seems a lot more intellectual and humerous than most the cartoons appearing in our papers. Keep them coming Hoby!

Iain Dale said...

I have used Hoby on many of my books. He has illustrated the Labour Sleaze books and has just done 25 Boris cartoons for the Little Book of Boris which is coming out in September.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41 wasn't me by the way.

Anonymous said...

Re: Comment Rejections

Dale, you are such an incompetent berk, they should make you a shadow minister immediately.

Anonymous said...

Iain, you see my comment as deep irony? Not really. ConHome should really be called CamHome, as it is way too Cameron friendly (as is your blog by the way).

But the political direction is of course up to the blog-owner.