Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday/Sunday Open Thread

As I am in Switzerland this weekend visiting my money and the weather is wonderful I shall not be bothering you much over the next twenty four hours. Feel free to discuss Mark Noble's winning goal against Birmingham if you like.... Oops, wrong blog. Now, back to the Rösti...


Anonymous said...

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Tapestry said...

Redwood's New Slogan To Use During BBC Interviews.

No Cash Left
Lurch Right

Anonymous said...

Dear Iain,

Hope the weather and your money is doing well!
I have to give credit where its due, Your blog is maybe the most informative and entertaining read on the net! EU referendum comes a very close second! Its wonderful that with the demise of the MSM BBC Etc, the net has risen to the challenge of bringing the world accurate and upto date information and views that the MSM now fails to do!
Lets hope the commisars dont spoil it!

Tapestry said...

I know I'm being very dim, english democrat - but what does MSM stand for - media something? nothing to do with sado-masochism presumably.

Anonymous said...


Don't be so bloody lazy.

Try typing MSM into Google. It's not difficult.

If you can't do that, you don't deserve to be told.

Anonymous said...

I am worried about this no smoking ban applicable in public buildings and places. Looking at the news there appears to be an extraordinary number of serious fires. Skegness and Newquay with massive loss of property and sadly life over the weekend, for example. Clearly breaches are secretive and the disposal of the burning fags is at random. With no ashtrays in these places now, it is inevitable disasters will happen.
I think this is a disasterous law and when combined with the extended licensing hours the streets are thronging with screaming kid smokers into the early hours. In october the partial prohibition of smoking to the under 18s will exacerbate the problem of secretive smoking and enhance the disaster levels.
As a non smoker I stand up and say this is a bad law in which the potential is there for an incident of large loss of life because of covert smoking.

Anonymous said...

Dearest tapestry,

Having read your posts I would say that you are the very opposite of "dim"!
I find you witty and intelligent!
Now then, MSM stands for,
In its fullest sense I speak of the BBC, The Telegraph Etc. The newspaper media is sometmes called,
That description speaks for itself quite well!
I hope that this will answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hamlet,

Very good point and the socialist perversion of the central diktat and one size fits none interfering!
The socialists have learned NOTHING from their heroes the USSR it seems!
Banning this and banning that, making thousands of petty laws does nothing but make the situation worse! It seems these commisars sit in their bunkers dreaming up new ways to make sure that the proles know WHO is boss!

Tapestry said...

thanks english democrat. I googled and got a Vitamin wholesaler. Not my night.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Hamlet - I knew them well! But you are never alone with a Strand.

Whatever happened to them?

(Iain - you did say we could comment on anything, didn't you?)

Anonymous said...

Smoking is like sex, its a drug, you cannot stop it. It is sensual, addictive and calming. It is no wonder there is so much of it going on in the Cupboard away from prying eyes. Observe any Hospital, as an example, and you will see Doctors and Nurses luking secretivey in the bushes having a Fag, whilst restraining their nerves.
Banning smoking has frayed nerves, made people tetchy and touchy and clearly raised the fire risk.
The last time we had prohibition we all know what happened.
Yes this ban is like Sex it has to be consensual to work - and it is not.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Potentially five dead in the Newquay Hotel. Ilicit smoking is possible, and will continue to be a risk. We all know about smoking in the School Shed and how teacher could not stop it. Yes repeal the ban as we are dealing with a drug here. Good idea Hamlet- there is a lot in this one. Burning Tabs are all over the place in the early hours of the morning and I bet rubbish is going up nightly as ashtrays are banned too.

Anonymous said...

Tobacco Brand Advertising is not allowed, so if you don't mind, please stop mentioning Hamlet and Strands. If you carry on, this thread will have to close before the Commissars do it. We do have to ensure this Blog is fire proof or it will be banned too.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a poll.

Do you think Cheshire police mouthing off about irresponsible parents is due to:

(a) seizing another opportunity to promote repressive laws

(b) diverting attention away from the total failure of the police to do their job and protect the public

(c) diverting attention away from the fact that the police arrest anyone who does try to do anything about the lawless streets the police created

(d) all of the above

(e) something else.

Anonymous said...

All the alcohol licensing laws
should be repealed along with the smoking ban. We will then be free, and there will be no chance of the police blaming middle class parents for their own incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Police and the problem is solved. Afterall Labour think Community Officers is the direction to go.

Vienna Woods said...

The Telegraph today reports another Cameron backflip to do with the ill conceived green tax on airline passengers.

According to a Tory spokesman,
"The air taxes will be focused on the airlines not the consumer. Instead of tax on passengers there will be measures which encourage airlines to be more efficient." One idea is to heavily penalise airlines which take off with only a few passengers on board.

I hope that this is some sort of joke! If the tax is levied on the airlines, they will have to pass it on - to the passengers! Who is going to tell the passengers of a half full aircraft that their flight has been canceled unless they pay a last minute premium. This is what will happen you know, as there is no other possible alternative.

How naive, I have grave doubts of his competence. Was he in charge of the Tuck Shop at Eton, or was he fired from that job as well?

Flavious said...

Interestingly I was in the local hostelry yesterday afternoon and overheard some silverthreads* Suggesting they should form some sort of vigilante group and knock ten shades of sh*t out of the local yoof that were terrorising the area, with their foul language, alcohol abuse and the like.

Fascinating stuff, although quite how they planned to chase them down somewhat escaped me given most of the looked like they would struggle to run for a bus let alone indulge in anything as aerobically challenging as fistycuffs.

*I prefer this term to coffin dodgers or old people

Anonymous said...

tapestry said...
thanks english democrat. I googled and got a Vitamin wholesaler. Not my night.

August 19, 2007 12:08 AM

Urban Dictionary on
is very good for new buzzwords and abbreviations.

Nich Starling said...

On the subject of West ham Iain, it never was a penalty. I think the ball was out of play before bellamy threw himself to the ground.

Anonymous said...

A most bizzare situation today has shown to me, what Labour and its ill thought out laws are, and that is an ASS.
On a most pleasant Sunday I brought my Wife and two children aged 8 and 10 to a local Wetherspoons for a Sunday Lunch.
The place was half full but noisy and boisterous with well oiled and tanked up Youths.
At the bar we were informed that as the place was busy the food would take at least 1 Hour. Anyone with children will be aware that this is too long as the children are hungry and will protest strongly. Instead we decided to have the drinks, but not so, we were immediately asked to leave on the basis that children are only allowed in if they are having a main meal. The fact we were not having that meal was because the kitchen was in delay mode.
So the boozed up Youths are ok, but the family having Cokes are ejected.
By the way there were plenty notices up stating that NO SMOKING was allowed behind the bar, but there was plenty of fagging going on in the toilets.
The Law is an ASS.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Downtrodden middle class family.

You have come to the wrong country by mistake. What do you think this is, France?

Wetherspoons is a very large pub chain that serves cheap lager and pub style food. What you needed to do was to book into one of the many licensed family-run places that specify a kids menu and that have some sort of decent reputation.

Failing that, there are many good country pubs that are just dripping with old money and tio-pepe drinking dowagers who will serve you with a fresh pint of their finest ale and some home made chips.

I don't feel sorry for you, you should use a little imagination.

Anonymous said...

What a middle class family. Who are you so I can tell Brown? He will want to tax you first before he eliminates you all.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Anthony has just published a book called "The Fallout. How a guilty liberal lost his innocence."

For a graphic illustration of the intellectual poverty of the left, read the comments on this book from Guardian readers on CiF. I find them deeply depressing.