Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not a Political Punter

Well that will teach me. On my way to the Conservative History Group Wilberforce Lecture I stopped in at the National Liberal Club for Mike Smithson's booklaunch of 'The Political Punter'.

I should have known better. I did what I always take the mickey out of others for doing and looked in the index. Nothing. Not a mention. Why indeed should there be?! Anyway, a few minutes later Mike told me he wanted to apologise for what he had said on the first page of the book. 'But there's nothing in the index', I said. I then grabbed a copy of the book and saw that he had told a story of how a devout methodist had asked him to put a £500 bet on me losing North Norfolk during the last few days of the election campaign. Mike did so, and on a whim, put £500 on for himself. Well, so glad I didn't let them down!


Nich Starling said...

I too had a large bet, but didn't have as much as £500 to hand. Still, I did well from it.

Old BE said...

You got back quickly!

How did you post during the lecture?

Anonymous said...

I met Iain at the lecture. He was fiddling with a gadget afterwards that may have allowed him to post while on the move.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have moved from opinionated Voice to Radical Muslim so please update your link if neccessary, and keep in touch too.

Anonymous said...

I also spotted Iain at the lecture. It was good to see you and the Shadow Home Secretary lugging boxes of handouts and struggling to find a parking space. Very grass roots!


PS who was the hot blonde? She was a totty watch candidate if ever there was one.