Monday, April 30, 2007

Speaker Changes Route of Justice for England March

Tomorrow morning the JUSTICE FOR ENGLAND march takes place from Whitehall Place to the Tate Gallery. Astonishingly the Speaker of the House of Commons has ruled that the march may not pass by the House of Commons so the organisers have had to change the route.

The march has been organised to "commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the birth of the British State – and the death of England’s identity, independence and the English Parliament". Starting at 11.00am the march will now take place from Whitehall Place via Downing Street, through Smith Square and on to the Tate Gallery.

A deputation will still stop at Downing Street for a photo call with ‘St George’ and a ‘Monkey’ wearing a Blair mask before delivering a 20,000 address petition to No. 11 Downing Street demanding the reinstatement of an English Parliament.

The march will be led by a hearse pulled by two horses, carrying the symbolic coffin of England draped in the flag of St. George, flanked by representatives of English organisations carrying placards depicting the many examples of bias and anti English discrimination.

The march will end at the Tate Gallery, where it will congregate to hear a number of speeches by activists and leaders of English Community Groups.

Anyone wishing to join the march should congregate at Whitehall Place before 11am.


Anonymous said...

All sounds a bit silly to me

Anonymous said...

Scots Speaker. Say no more.

Anonymous said...

Iain, why are you promoting UKIP / BNP bollox like this ? Grow up !

Anonymous said...

'Death of English Identity' - oh, puuhhhleeaseee..

Drew said...

The Scots dictatorship as always. I'm surprised the Speaker has such powers.

Iain Dale said...

It has got nothing to do with UKIP or the BNP. If you can't see that England has a democratic deficit then you're bling to political reality.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What next ? Tebbit test bollox ?

People told off for not speaking English at home ? [like, I can see that going down well in Welsh/Gaelic households]

Rubbish !"!!

Anonymous said...

Death of St George ? There was a St George's day concert in Bath - if people don't organise such things it is because they are too bloody lazy!

Anonymous said...

Would the demo have been allowed to pass the House of Commons if its theme had been, "Ten years of unparalleled prosperity under the Glorious Leader"?

Chris said...

Whilst racist "UK" MPs dicate that you can die in England - or go blind - for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland, and that you can be a millionaire in Wales and not pay a penny for your prescriptions, but scrimp and save for them in England, then this march is justified. It is open to all the people of England, too - regardless of colour or creed.

Of course, we expect the likes of brave "anonymous" to try and discredit it...

Colin D said...

About time OUR voice was heard & heeded.

Anonymous said...

Will there be burning crosses and a lynching at the end?

Anonymous said...

jack straw is banging on about britishness again, why does'nt he go to glasgow and preach britishness?
this ukip /bnp sledge is common from new labour and lib/dems. the bnp and ukip were traditionally against an English Parliament and only boarded the band wagon recently.

Gareth said...

Hardly a surpise, after all Gorbals Mick is one of the Scottish Raj.

Anonymous said...

thank you very nıce muck vary very comment…

Anonymous said...

You have been ruled by Brussels since 1 January 1973. That is a bigger problem.

Chris Paul said...

Bling to Political Reality? Is this code for Loans for Lordships? This march will be full of fascist loons and you presumably know it Iain. Or it's you doing a Lord Nelson on this one:
"I see no shits!"

Anonymous said...

Don't worry lads, England will have it's independence from the Scottish Raj soon enough. Just imagine a SNP led government in Scotland under Alex Salmond and a newly elected Conservative government under Dave. No, I can't see it working either.
The scots would bolt to the door marked exit (which is why the SNP plans a 4 year wait to forment conflict with England and hope for a Tory government before an independence referendum.)
Good luck to them and good riddance. C'mon SNP....c'mon

Anonymous said...

I don't dispute the importance of the message and the issue, I just think that the hearse/coffin/blair-as-a-monkey/bloke dressed up as St George is all a bit childish and does the cause no credit.

It makes you look like one of those loonies who might join, say, UKIP, rather than someone sensible with something intelligent to say.

Anonymous said...

This is the inevitable outcome of the devolution push by NuLab to try and neutralise the threat from the SNP.

This cynical gerrymandering ploy seems to have blown up in their face and my guess is that most of the rather puerile comments above are sourced from NuLab terrified at the thought of the break up of the Union and the consequential permanent Conservative majority in the 'English' Parliament.

Do I hear the clucking of some chickens coming home to roost?

Chris Paul said...

As Iain says - nothing to do with the loons in BNP and UKIP, it's the Tebbits and other Tory loons in and around the Freedom Association wot done it.

Old BE said...

Typical stupid reaction from several posters.

This week we are discussing Scottish independence, but as soon as the English say they want to self-determine it's labelled "UKIP/BNP bollox"!

I'm surprised that it's not the police and courts who make the decision. Shame the march isn't at lunchtime so I can join it.

Victor, NW Kent said...

I am English, very much so but i would be ashamed to have a part in such an empty charade.
This type of parade belongs to the BNP, Ku Klux Klan and M. le Pen.
One need do nothing. Eventually the Scots will be forced to give us our independence.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they all get on a bloody great boat then?

I can just imagine the pissed up faces in the marquees on the river terraces at the HOC, all drinking our taxes and 'harrumphing' at the noise coming from a very slow barge full of indignant citizens, belting out amplified noise and complaint!

Much easier than the traffic round Parliament Sq too!

Newmania said...

Well said Ed

ian said...

Didn't the tories support SOCPA which allowed this? Then it's too late to complain now.

Andrew said...

What a lot of nonsense. Last time I checked about 50m out of 58m people in this country live in England - and there are more Labour MPs in England than there are Conservative MPs - so, under the present circumstances and electoral arrangements, the English have a Labour government because they have chosen one - it is not, as some hotheads seem to believe, the fault of the Scots or the Welsh (although that may change at a future election).

What is quite sickening are the English idiots* who go around blaming the Scots and the Welsh for a problem that is not of their making - it is solely the fault of a self-interested Labour government (mostly elected in England) acting in its own interests - it is NOT the fault of the Scots or the Welsh in general.

We are not and must not become the Balkans. And if we ever do, I can think of quite a lot of real foreigners that ought to concern the English much more than the Scots and the Welsh.

* and the supporters and supplicants of said idiots too, inadvertantly or otherwise, such as our host.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!!!! A hurst for God's sake!!!!!!
This is what is wrong with the identity of the English, you moan its passing, you whinge about it being someone else's fault yet you voted for this government and you never seem to do anything positive to promote it.
GROW UP because this just makes you look petty and childish, that and the fact that some need to go back and study the history of the Union and how it came about. Something which has been covered in an adult and sensible way in Scottish programmes recently without this type of nasty rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

We need to have our voices heard.

This is about ripping apart the nation state and replacing it with European 'regions'.

If you want to keep in any way shape or form what your forefathers fought and died for, speak now, because very soon you wont have a forum to speak to.

Gareth said...

Andrew - "What a lot of nonsense. Last time I checked about 50m out of 58m people in this country live in England"

So your argument is that England is nearly a democracy because the English predominate. Good one.

In that case there would be no objection to twenty three non-Scottish MPs sitting in the Scottish Parliament voting on things that have nothing to do with their constituents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And there would be no objection to an MP from England becoming the first minister of Scotland.

Do me a favour.

Anonymous said...

The Barnett Formula must be rescinded.

The post of Secretary of State for Scotland should be abolished

The Scottish Assembly should nominate 5 MPs to represent Scotland at Westminster

Scotland should only receive funds from England AFTER it has used its own tax-raising powers to the full

Anonymous said...

To the thicko who claims that the idea of promoting English identity is BNP-inspired, try reminding yourself what B-N-P stands for. And then shut up you fucking retard - scum like you are just hear to try and shut down the debate because you're afraid the consequences might not be too your liking.

Anonymous said...

Gorbals Mick is the worst Speaker for generations. That's not because he's working class. (Actually, what a stupid idea - he hasn't been working class for most of his life). He's crap because he can't do the job.

There was a piece in (?) Private Eye about Mick congratulating Des Browne from the chair on his recent Commons performance. Absolutely disgraceful.

Sir George Young would be a much better Speaker. Maybe he'll still get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Ian, please may we have chapter and verse (or at the very least a link) for your assertion about the Speaker withholding permission for the march to pass the Palace of Westminster/House of Commons?

The Stoat said...

I can't believe some of the postings here. So it's OK to talk about Scottish and Welsh independence, but not English? I don't get it!

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

Victor, NW Kent:
How can you compare a march for England with the Klu Klux Klan?

I won't see you Tuesday you See You Next Tuesday.

All the above anti comments. Please get back to work at your Local Council Offices - your not paid to post left wing comments on blogs you know.

Anonymous said...

As I started I can tell you that this has nothing to do with UKIP or the BNP as one poster has suggested, understand what our campaign stands for first before you make stupid comments.
The campaign is for ALL of the people of England to put an end to the discrimination that we have to face supported by Nu Lab, The Tories and the rest of the unionist parties.
We the people of England have a voice and it will be heard, our march will spread the message.

Ed Abrams

Anonymous said...

60 minutes have now passed from the time of the original request, and Iain either can't or won't source his claim about the Commons Speaker.

I think we are entitled to ask why, before the issue is dismissed with the familiar airy wave of the hand -- soooooooo boring or let's just move on .

Unsworth said...

Any particular reason why that Jock Joke of a Speaker has decided that?

The man's a partial, devious and incompetent git and should be hurled from office immediately. He has brought shame upon one of the great Offices of State (British State, that is). Awa the noo!

Anonymous said...

"your not paid to post"

Shouldn't that be "you're not paid to post"?

"And then shut up you fucking retard - scum"

Ahhh, the calm and reasoned manner of an English Nationalist.

Why do those who shout the loudest for "justice for England" have such difficulty with the English language?

Btw Iain, if you care about "justice for England" why haven't you signed up to Better Off Out? After all, the EU is responsible for seventy percent of England's laws, which makes the WLQ look inconsequential by comparison.

roadrunner said...

its about time considering the various forms that offer Scottish,Irish Welsh or British as nationality choices, this goverments been undermining England and its history for years and still is thats why Brown et al keep banging on about Britishness whatever that is.I am English and proud of it and no RACIST i have lived amongst the Irish Welsh and Scots for years.

Anonymous said...

Large number of rubbish posters here - back to the no.10 spin doctors' lair team - you really aren't needed here amongst a discussion between grown-up people.

Remember, it's the English taxpayer who is funding your comfy lifestyles - you didn't think it was the very few in Scotland who don't work for the State, did you?

Anonymous said...

I am attending this march. I shall be spending a total of 8 hours to travel there and back and I will have to go short this month to pay for the train ticket.

I am attending because I abhor the disgraceful treatment of cancer patients in England, some of whom I have nursed myself and I have encountered the discrimination first hand.

The people who post nasty comments about this protest should be ashamed of themselves. People are literally dying in England for want of life saving drugs given to everybody but the people of England. Some of those people do not even speak English and don't know that they are being discriminated against by the Scottish Chancellor via the Celt Geld. I am proud to stand up and be counted on their behalf as well as anyone else who is dying or who will die in the future.

If any of you think that is a laughing matter, you are sick people indeed and the fact that at Scottish MP is denying the right to protest is pure irony.

Whatever happened to democracy in England? Whatever happend to the defence of democracy? Its certainly lacking in some of the people who have posted on here.

How about a bit of humanity and perhaps someone will attend to speak out for those in England who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration and told that they must go blind, because they do not live in Scotland, where the drugs are provided free of charge?

I suspect that dying and blind English residents are not quite as exciting as the greenhouse gases which are grabbing the news, but I am heartened to know that in this selfish and nasty Labour world, there are at least some people willing to speak out on behalf of others.

Sicking bunch of readers you have, Iain. Whatever happened to their humanity?

Anonymous said...


What a shame some of the posts on this blog are so negative. I will be attending tomorrow and I have always voted Green. I have friends who support or will be attending this march who are Jewish, have Czech parents, are members of the Anti-Nazi league etc. i.e. not your BNP's support base, but would like to see England have real democracy. This isn't a knuckle dragging skin head march, but normal everyday people of all political points of view who are demanding change.
As far as I am aware banners and flags have to be sanctioned so no White supremicist types can start waving hate filled messages at people.
How is that BNP exactly?

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for Iain Dale to substantiate his comment about the Speaker.

A link to a newspaper article would do.

Anonymous said...

Gorbals Mick - the man that castigates anyone who questions the integrity on MPs and then allows blatant lies to pass as the gospel.

He is an utter disgrace and has presided over the collpase of parliamentary accountability.

The Remittance Man said...

Why oh why oh why is the automatic assumption that English national pride is racially motivated?

As I asked on my own blog:

"Are the Irish racist for dressing up in green and getting pissed on St Paddy's Day? Does wearing a leak and singing about saucepans on 1st March make the Welsh neo-nazis? Of course not"
And neither are the English.

The BNP fuckwits hijacked the symbols of England AFTER we were browbeaten into letting them go. And UKIP are by definition a party for the UK not just England.

What are the pc-pansies so bloody frightened about that they have to resort to their default reaction when it comes to the English showing some national pride? Is it loss of power? Or is it that they are scared that the English might just prove to something more than a bunch of serfs whose only use is as a collective punch bag and source of Danegeld?

I honestly think these cretins haven't worked out just how angry the English are. And not just the white ones either.

Anonymous said...

The march/tally was arranged by the English Democrats.

Those who fail to acknowledge their own English Identity are the wierd ones - not those who are willing to make a stand.

Remember, Conservative, Labour and Liberals are all led by Scots.

Wake up !

Anonymous said...

"The march/tally was arranged by the English Democrats."

Is that why noone turned up then?

Anonymous said...

Oh looky here, all the snide anti English wankers have surfaced from their hell holes.
I just thought i'd have a look at what was being said about English people deciding for themselves IN THEIR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY. Of course, the evil loony left morons just had to have their say. Nobody cares what you drips think. Though I will say you can't help yourselves and that you are so pathetically predictable I do like to see your words 'cos it means we have beaten you you muppets. Ha! ha! We're on the march and their aint f all you can do to stop us. Oh by the way, I threw shit all over the place on HIPPY EARTH DAY. i RAN WATER ALL DAY. I LEFT LIGHTS ON EVERYWHERE TO. Oh and you hippy hipocrites have used penicillin aint yer? Go on admit it you hipocrite wankers.
The fascist sweaties will get theirs, don't sweat ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:37 AM

What a succinct and well-argued, rational post. Definitely no one can accuse you of being anything other than mild-mannered and reasonable.