Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is The Sun About to Drop 'The Whip'?

A month ago I wrote THIS post, slagging off what I described as "The Sun's pisspoor Whip column". Unbeknown to me News International had just started a costcutting review into how things could change on some of their titles. My spy at Wapping tells me that copies of my blogpost have been circulated to News International's management and they are seriously considering pulling the column altogether. They are said to be none to impressed by the 'cut and paste' attitude of the column. THIS story in MediaGuardian seems to add credence to it...
Last month the News International group general manager, Clive Milner, met
with executives to look at ways to merge some operations at the Sun and News of
the World. Columns such as the Whip in the Sun are thought to be under review,
as are the separate web operations at the Sun and News of the World.


Laurence Boyce said...

Who would buy the Sun? Read a serious paper like the Telegraph, that’s what I say. Where else could you hope to find an authoritative political poll concerning who might shag David Cameron?


Anonymous said...

one fewer diary column, one fewer chance to make cash from gossip, one fewer outlet to expose and mock silly politicians. cheers iain (not)

Unknown said...

Because the Sun is a respected newspaper for its politicly analysis. Clearly. More room for stories on class X celebs. Woo.....Hoo.

Alan Douglas said...


Below is the ad that appeared on my screen together with your "Sun" story. Makes me wonder Who the real MSM is now !
Big cash for your story
Don't give agencies your money. Ring The Sun direct, get more cash!

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Serves Muroch right for supporting New Labour, then flirting with Gordon over ITN shares.

Murdoch lost sight (years ago) that a commerical venture needs to serve their audience not try to direct them.

Murdoch reminds me of the BofE monetary policy committee and global warming luvvies. All have a self interest in promoting the belief that they have causal powers over their situation, when greater forces mean their actions are mere correlations.

Chris Paul said...

The Whip is no worse than the others in this regard. Diary columns are parasitical on bloggers, regional press, gossip mills etc. Have you got something personal against Katherine? Or is there a more general problem here?

Or is it pissing you off that a woman has a job a man could do given your extraordinary run of posts belittling women and criticising sex fairness?

Rita Donaghy, MEP Selection, that extraordinary patronising DT piece, and now this. There is a pattern Iain and you should please explain that.

Unsworth said...

Does The Sun print words too?

Anonymous said...

Well done Iain. Now have a go at Amanda "Glenda Slagg" Platell, who uses her column in The Mail every Saturday to undermine David Cameron and praise Gordon Brown. ( Last week she described the bogeyman as "statesmanlike".)
No doubt she aims to please Brown's friend Paul Dacre, but after ruining Hagues career as his disastrous spin doctor, she can't be allowed to put the boot into Cameron.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail's editor is a personal friend of Gordon Brown. They have had private meetings together over the preservation of the Union. brown convinced Dacre that the tories are a threat to that Union.
The Tories only have themselves to blame. They ARE a threat to the Union. As much as Brown is, when he takes over as ruler of England.

Bring it on. Independence, here we come! A few Unionists weeping the background will add to the satisfaction, as will the abolition of the Barnett Formula.

Newmania said...

Damn I missed this which was the perfect chance to mention that I just appeared in the Whip. Not to my advantage but still