Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What a Fortnightly Load of Rubbish

Those of you who rad my blog in 2004 and 2005 may remember how I fought proposals by the LibDem controlled North Norfolk District Council to introduce fortnightly rubbish collections. I reckoned it would be bad for public health and increase the rat population. I lost the battle and an army of wheelie bins can now be seen polluting the pretty villages of North Norfolk.

I was therefore most amused to see the brass necked LibDems calling Labour proposals in Luton and Liverpool for fortnightly collections a "Rats' Charter". But obviously not in North Norfolk.

Having said that there are also Conservative councils who have gone down the road of fortnightly collections - my own in Tunbridge Wells being a prime example. The truth is that in some areas it's appropriate and in others it isn't. It's easier to implement in urban areas as public health issues are easier to police.

Of course this is one of those issues where many councils are faced with little choice. Central government recycling targets mean that fortnightly collections in wheelie bins are the only way of meeting them. And if the targets are not met, the. Council gets a fine. Catch 22.


Anonymous said...

I suspect the system of alternating collections is widely abused. Many people have nowhere to keep their rubbish for two weeks, so they use the free recycling sacks as day to day bin liners, throw them in their dustbins for weekly collection and, if necessary, throw something on top of them to avoid detection. Furthermore, most councils will not accept glass for recycling, so bottles have to be disposed of with regular rubbish.

Perhaps weekly combined collections are too expensive; but the current scheme does not work happily

Colin D said...

Weekly collections have been the order of the day throughout my lifetime. The logic behind this "policy" escapes me!? Collecting half as many times = half as much refuse seems to be the logic. Only a bloody politician could come up with that. Or, someone who should and ought to be certified. Refuse is a HEALTH hazard!! end of. Burning was prohibited in the late 50's and 60's within the home, supermarkets produce more & more wrapping for little true worth.
In true labour fashion, catch the humble home owner and leave the true culprits, with the large financial backing alone.

Anonymous said...

Can one assume that as the collections are being reduced by 50%, which will reduce the resultant administration, manpower, vehicle costs etc by 50%, that the charges for refuse collection would also be reduced?

Something tells me not..

George Hollingbery said...
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Anonymous said...

We have 3 flippin wheelie bins ,one for garden rubbish ,one for normal rubbish ,one for paper and plastics, they did the changeover 2 weeks ago the rubbish one alternating with paper and plastic one ,along with the local gestapo snooper checking the wheelie bins ,save make planet, make more wheelie bins ,well must go now to the Jobcentre .

George Hollingbery said...

colin d / ianp:

Don't fall for the propaganda!

There are just as many collections as there ever were.

The garbage truck still comes every week just like it always did.

The only thing that has changed is what's supposed to be in the bins. One week you get the recycling bin emptied, the next week the refuse bin.

In fact in Winchester's scheme there are more collections because we now collect garden waste as well (on a different lorry).

Anonymous said...

Crikey ! I was about to post a fuming response along the lines of 'Disgusted of [to? for?] Tunbridge Wells' as I thought you were going to have a go at that fantastic fortnightly organ of pleasure, Private Eye...

As you were, Mr Dale, as you were..

Anonymous said...

This fortnightly rubbish collection scheme is a classic example of greenery--in the shape of recycling--running well away of common sense.

Given a straight choice, how many would vove for (a) recycling or (b) public health?

In other words, just becasue something is supposed to be 'green', does not prevent it from making the environment worse, not better.

-- for that is what this boils down to. (Could someone tell Windmill Dave?)


ps Other examples of enviromental degridation made in the name of imporving the environment include:

(1) Wind frarms, where the CO2 cost of manufacture, erection, maintenance, collection of power, etc., is significantly greater in every case yet studied dispassionatly, that the CO2 emmissions REALLY saved by these suppoedly 'clean' entities.

(2) (back to recycling) Paper recycling does not save trees but destroys them, as new forests are not grow to harvest into paper, and meanwhile the energy cost (including CO2) invleved in recycling paper vastly exceeds per tonne of paper what's invloved in making the stuff from new trees. And the recysled paper is pretty sub-standard anyway.

Old BE said...

"Decisions" made by local authorities are an illusion. The rubbish collections are dictated by Westminster along with everything else.

It's called nano-management. No-one in the country is trusted to do anything without the say-so of the relevant Minister.

Anonymous said...

Iain, Methinks you are being unfair.

In Bristol we have been provided with waste paper basket size sealed bins in which to put waste food. Yummy !

This has provided very convenient for me, as I use it to collect dripping water from under my central heating boiler..

Yes, I know I ought to get it fixed, but cometh the hour, cometh the handy tactical solution from Bristol City Council [surely 'cometh the man' ?]...

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the decision was made by David Miliband-no-wagon ? You are not his brother are you ?

Anonymous said...

It's another tax, there is no getting away from that fact. The councils will fine those who put their rubbish out early as it encourages rats and mice on to the streets, yet we are told to hang on to our rubbish for two weeks. I still will be producing rubbish in this time, but I am now expected to keep it in my house? I can not recycle chicken bones or the like and that is what the rats are after, not my recyclable waste. The government and local authorities are using the environment once again to cut costs and corners and also to introduce more fines that we will inevitably fall foul of every now and then.

Have our local councils forgotten we pay for a service? They are not doing us a favour when we hand over shed loads in council taxes every year. Do your jobs or using the money saved reduce our council taxes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hollingbery

Many councils do not hand out separate bins for recycled material. People either have to buy them (mine charges over £30), pile up their sacks somewhere for a fortnight - or cheat and hope the bin men won't notice. As a result, I suspect there is a lot of food waste in those recycling bags.

George Hollingbery said...

I posted here on this last week.

The only reason this is an issue is because lazy newspapers and political parties see it as an easy rabble rouser.

i just don't get why it's such a big issue. Yes it's less convenient not to have to make any kind of effort and, yes, occasionally it may mean food waste has to be treated carefully during hot periods

BUT recycling rates go through the roof where this scheme is introduced.

Do we really think it's OK carrying on stuffing all our crap in holes in the ground for ever?

George Hollingbery said...

Anon @ 11:59,

Which Council is that? I agree it seems perverse.

Anonymous said...

You must all surely realise this is being imposed by the EU? Local councils, even Westminster, HAVE to comply.
Take a look at

for details

Anonymous said...

Mr Hollingberry - If we wanted to read your blog we wouldn't be spending our time plugged in to Iain Dale...

Anonymous said...

Unwrap the three layers of plastic covering your shopping at the supermarket checkout and let them worry about disposing of it.

I've never had the gumption to do this, but as soon as my council goes to fortnightly collections I will.

Anonymous said...

george hollingbery

I fall for no-ones propaganda. I see and make my own judgements.

Having lived in Frankfurt for many years, where recycling has been the norm for at least 10 years, 3 full size bins are provided, each a different colour, and each is collected 2 times per week. Works very well using trucks that can be loaded on both sides pulling a trailer for paper and card.

For stores, shops and restaurants the collections are daily.

The costs for this service are the lowest in Europe.

Unfortunately we are being pushed to the limits by a short sighted government, who has again taken on board the old British disease of give the least but charge the most.

Anonymous said...

You are not metioning the role of the EU in all of this. It is the EU fetishisation of recyling and fines / penalties for using landfill and the landfill tax that is driving local councils to cut refuse collection and (by their false logic) hence volume of landfill.
By this logic, they could cut refuse collection to say monthly and slash the amount of waste we produce. Not

Lol the LibDems were around my house last night canvassing for the local (West Sussex) election. When asked if they supported halving our refuse collection, they responded with the usual (and false) green Bullshit. The clincher when asked if they supported local income tax at 3.25-3.75% as in Scotland they were very evasive....My vote will be needless to say, going elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

Catch 22, maybe. But what's the solution, dude?

Anonymous said...

AnyoneButBlair ... 12:24 PM

The refuse collection isn't halved. In my area (as in George Hollingbury's) we have one wheelie bin for general waste which is collected one week and goes to landfill. A second wheelie bin is for compostable material (green waste and cardboard) which is collected the next week along with a smaller bin for recyclable waste (paper, glass, etc).

The system works very well and greatly reduces landfill requirements. If you keep the wheelie lids closed you will not have a problem with vermin or excessive smell in the summer.

Mark Senior said...

The Telegraph has an article on this subject today saying it is one of the most contentious issues in the local elections this year nationwide . It points out that councils of all political persuasions are introducing fortnightly collections and they are being opposed by oppositions of all political persuasions so there is lack of consistency here with all 3 major parties .

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hollingbery

My council (Canterbury) does not issue us with a separate recycling bin. The recycling sacks just have to sit around waiting for collection (or for dogs, foxes etc to rip them apart).

How many other councils work in the same way?

The Hitch said...

Simple solution to this , just do as I do , bin bags late at night and dump them in the park or school playground (having made sure nothing with your adress is in the bag)wear a baseball cap and you are safe from cctv

The Dirty Rat said...

Rats' Charter

Hang on, that's a bit strong.

I live in Greece, a country which is laughingly referred to in the UK. as 'Third World' Our rubbish is collected three times a week in winter and every day in summer. Community charge is 7 Euros (£5.00) every two months. Third world!

Anonymous said...

Those who are opposed to fortnightly waste collections may be interested in the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection which was founded by someone with the unfortunate name of Doretta Cocks.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing written in stone to say that councils must stay at 2 weekly collections.

Sign up to the protest at:

Hopefully your council will then join one of the several which have reverted to weekly collections, namely:

Southampton: A trial of fortnightly collections covering 26,000 homes lasted just 14 months.

Chelmsford: Tories won control in 2003 by promising a return to weekly collections.

Sutton: The London borough pioneered alternate weekly collections for two years until 2002 when residents complained.

Teignbridge: Devon authority admits fortnightly collections are a failure.

Bury: Gave up a trial of fortnightly collections after three months in 2004.

Nuneaton and Bedworth: Another uturn, after just three weeks.

Plymouth: An early pilot scheme ended after complaints about smells.

Epping Forest: Forced by the public to revert to weekly collections during the warm months of last summer. Certain to do so again this summer.

North Lanarkshire: Faced a barrage of criticism following trials and abandoned alternate weekly collections.

Scarborough: Trialled alternate weekly collections but went back to weekly collections.

Test Valley: Considering returning to weekly collections, at least for summer.

Madasafish said...

Well I look at what we throw into our bin (as opposed to recycling garden waste, bottles or cans.

Plastic milk bottles are no 1 for size.
then plastic and card packaging.

very little.

We have no waste food - composted or eaten.

So what's the fuss about? It's all bull excrement imo.

A Properly run recycling system and rubbish collection (each collection alternating weekly ) shoudl not be a problem.

Media hysteria coupled with politicians who have never filled a rubbish bin in their life.. imo

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with these anti European Union posters? Yes there is quite a case to be made for England withdrawing from the Union (both the United Kingdom union and the European Union union.) Make it. It's of interest to us all.

But your UK rubbish collections are an outrage that no-one in the European Union would put up with for 48 hours.

Sought the problem with the people who are doing it to you - Labour.

Anonymous said...

Where I join the M25 there's now a big official-looking yellow & black sign, held down with sandbags, saying 'Please take your litter home'.

Wonder why they had to hastily erect such a sign....?

Landfills may fill slightly more slowly, but there's a layer of crap building up everywhere else!

Anonymous said...

To get rid of foodwastes use the blender, then flush the resulting paste down the toilet. It beats having to smell it for 2 weeks.

Recycling is a waste of time and effort, not many companies have a use for the bad quality 'raw' material.

It is far smarter to require manufacturers to extend the working life of the gadgets and appliances we buy from 1 year to (say) 5.

Anonymous said...

God help you if you are away on holiday or miss a bin collection.

Your crap sits in the sun for a month without being collected.

Oh, and you can't leave the bins on the street - you'll get fined.

My local authority has already given up on street cleaning, educating kids and catching criminals, so to drastically cut the refuse "service" is really too much.

Can I get a substantial part of my now sky-high council tax back?

I see no reason why waste collection cannot be done at least weekly, as well as recycling more.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was standing in her bin, compacting the rubbish to fit more in (family with 3 kids), when she fell off and broke her arm.

The A&E dept. said this was actually quite a common cause of injury, now that our council has shifted to fortnightly collections.

Iain, do the Conservatives have an "official" line on fortnightly collections?

Trubes said...

Any food waste in our household goes down the Waste Disposal Unit apart from Vegetable peelings which are composted.Newspapers, tins,bottles and garden waste are collected fortnightly and general household rubbish is collected weekly. As we have a LibDem controlled council they`re not saying what may happen after the local elections! At present this system works well for us.

Chris Paul said...

Grrrrrr. The more recycle the less unsorted rubbish there will be and the less landfill. Clearly less unsorted rubbish will need to be moved.

Councils of all stripes have made this change and it works. Recycling goes up from an average 23% to 30%. All of the top ten recycling councils are on AWC and so are 8 of the 10 most improved.

Rats cannot get into properly used wheely bins - though Lib Dem Stockport still have loose bin bags. The charges for rubbish removal should reduce in time as (a) markets are established for the recyclates that are collected (b) landfill and incinerator costs reduce and (c) there are no fines on your patch.

The opposition to this is sadly led by green-inkers and opportunists. Both have been proven wrong by the general success.

We have weekly collections here still ... and plenty of rats for the cats to play with. Our bin is usually half empty these days.

Chris Paul said...

The Tory leader of the LGA is all for it. As are many Tory council leaders.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.54 PM

You have listed 11 local authorities which have switched back to weekly collections. Does that mean that the other 140 LAs which have fortnightly collections are satisfied with them?

Incidentally, waste collection is not very costly. The average is about £50 per household per annum. Waste disposal costs are about the same. Councils could easily introduce a weeky dual bin collection without much additional cost.

Chris Paul said...

Doretta Cocks has recently obtained a BSc in Environmental Science from the OU. And so she calls herself an "Environmental Scientist". She is in fact a housewife (nothing wrong with that), a green-inker, and is widely known by media types as "the rat woman of Chudleigh Heath".

There is no public health detriment from AWC.

Anonymous said...

I hope Iain tells you about the street lights being turned off in Essex! Another stupid idea by the Conservative led Essex County Council.

Anonymous said...

Iain, sorry, but this is dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull - Guido has full on sleaze action today. Why can't you ?

If you haven't got any, just do what Mr Fawkes does, make it up. No one can tell the difference, and it is not as if you are the Guardian or are subject to BBC guidelines.

Anonymous said...

The real trouble with leftie enviro-nazis is that you must agree and submit to whatever half-arsed lunacy they come up with, else be labelled a green-inking, flat-Earth dwelling, luddite planet-rapist.

Why not recycle AND collect weekly?

If there's no public health risk to fortnightly collections, why don't we go even "greener" and go to say monthly collections?

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul - To coin a phrase from CIF 'Think before you post'.

Why do you have to send your posts in groups of 3, like London buses you stupid cretin ?

Anonymous said...

The only advantage of having the weekly collections stopped is that one has to take the empties and old papers to the local car park every Saturday morning to leave enough room, in the wheelie bin, for the other rubbish; one meets all the other alcoholics in the car park and can have a chat.

jailhouselawyer said...

What is not a load of rubbish is that "spot the liar" has caught out Guido telling a lie about Levy.

Anonymous said...

We have been conned. There is no, repeat no, evidence that leaving foot to rot in a black bag for two weeks assists re-cycling.

This whole thing is driven by the need to hold down council tax without laying off any five-a-day real-nappy diversity outreach co-ordinators.

Anonymous said...

apologies for typo: leaving FOOD to rot.

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul, as 2 posters have said, and my own experience, the level of service for the basic things such as refuse/recycling collection is dire in this country.

I cannot see how they can do it on the continent, where it works very well and where people accept (more or less) being snooped on because the level of service provided means the system works well.

Luckily, my council has weekly collection in our ward both for recycling and normal waste.

But even more interestingly is that they thought that moving from a fortnightly recycling collection to a weekly one would increase the amount of recycling.

Only in this country can such idiotic things be presented as a good thing, when all it really is is that councils have had years to prepare and start recycling schemes, and are indeed being forced by EU rules now to actually do something. It is not because it is better (23% to 30% ? WTF does that even mean ?), but because they are useless.

Anonymous said...

Aardvark. I live in West Sussex, our LibDum council is proposing to move from our weekly collection of refuse and recylables (not glass as that's up to you!) to refuse one week, recycling next week, then refuse the following week etc. By my maths thats a 50% reduction in the removal of refuse and recycling. Why am I annoyed at this.
a) I pay nearly 3big ones in council tax, maybe because my house is detached it's my fault but 3grand and the only visible council service we use if the bins of which they are goig to halve
b) This greenery stuff is all bullshit...the recycling gets shipped to india and china, anything of value is taken and the rest is then landfilled in there, or burnt
c) It's a cut in services disguised as greenery to reduce the EU imposed tax the council has to pay
d) I have three kids and we fill our wheelie bin each week which then has to be emptied of bin-bags as west sussex don't collect wheelie bins. Two weeks of refuse means a great big pile of stinking bags at the side of my house. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This probably doesn't fit with Iain's original post, however on the BBC website the top five recycling councils (with almost 50%) are either Conservative run (4 out of 50) or Conservative minority administration (South Cambs). So it can be done!

Slim Jim said...

I get a weekly (for now) refuse collection, but no wheelie bin. I also have a wheelie bin for garden refuse, which is rarely full. Our recycling is collected fortnightly, but we have enough for a weekly collection.

The biggest problem with this issue is that WE are not being asked what we want, but TOLD what we must do; it all leads back to that EU Directive, which when implemented by our incompetent and corrupt politicians, has the most unintended consequences!

However, we still have the chance to have our say next month. Have you asked your local candidates where they stand on this issue? Have they asked you?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Mr Hollingbery with his sort of attitude to refuse if he was my local Conservative parliamentary candidate. Like too many "politicians" he strikes me as out of touch.

Anonymous said...

We are told "The Tory leader of the LGA is all for it" as if that is some kind of recommendation.

Prince Niccolo said...

I read your blog Iain. It is rad. But if I rad your blog, it would still be read. Clever old thing you are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone But Blair - I agree, it's EU fetishism. Like all "green" policies, it's about controlling the citizenry.

Anoneumouse said...

Eu, Eu, Eu,
Eu, Eu, eu,
eu. eu, eu, eu, eu eu,
eu, eu eu, eu, eu, eu, eu,

Anonymous said...

You are entirely correct, Verity. The Anglo-Saxon cultural, legal, and political traditions were completely at odds with those of the original six. That is why we have suffered so much pain since we were tricked into joining a so called club. We should have heeded (was it one of the Marx brother's) observations, that he would not join any club that was willing to have him.

Johnny Norfolk said...

This is a very unpopular idea. Why does Cameron not reject it and promise weekly collections when he is in power. Yet we hear nothing.

These are the the things the Tories could realy attack labour with but they dont.

Anonymous said...

Up my way it's only the BNP who are resolutely against bi-weekly collections. And so are the population. BNP is going to do well.

Anonymous said...

Will soeone explain why aking my compost away from here and driving it 5 miles to a council compost heap in a big lorry, then packaging it and selling it back to me, is greener than me composting it myself?

Anonymous said...

If the Victorians could clear the bins weekly then so can we & it is a disgrace that we we are putting public health at risk.

That the Greens are pushing this further attempt to reinvent medievalism proves that they are in no way "environmentalists".

Luddites flying false colours/

Anonymous said...

Mr Norfolk

You clearly (and rightly) have failed to get with the project. The majority
of the current crop of political and media classes don't give a toss what the voters and taxpayers want. It's what they want that counts.

Anonymous said...

Warming to my theme, can anyone think of anything supported by our almost indistinguishable major parties that anyone of us wants?

Chris Paul said...

What on earth do the Fib Dems put on their leaflets when they are attacking Tories? Lies of course. But what sort of thing? Do they say Tories backed Bush's War?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a Tory council in Colchester, Essex where they brought back weekly collections yet increased the amount of recycling?

Chris Paul said...

Cameron cannot offer to retract this policy because:

(a) he says he wants more recycling and this works
(b) there are no health risks (except in the heads of mentalist green inkers)
(c) reduction in unsorted waste is an inevitable result of recycling more

He is an unelectable Toff anyway ...

Anonymous said...

I think it was in the papers over the weekend or on Monday that two week old rubbish posed a significantly higher health risk in terms of spores etc to those exposed to the rubbish.
Anyone commenting here been a bin man? I have. My first day I had rats jumping out of rubbish at me. Anyone heard of Weils disease.

Anonymous said...

"i just don't get why it's such a big issue. Yes it's less convenient not to have to make any kind of effort"

Yes, it is. Why should my life be harder than it has to be? If you're so obsessed with recycling, you sort through my rubbish.

"The opposition to this is sadly led by green-inkers and opportunists. Both have been proven wrong by the general success."

And those of us who pay our council tax and would like something decent in return. My tax goes up yet my rubbish collections are screwed with. I barely use any other local services so I'd be happy to see the money I pay switch towards funding a weekly collection.

Anonymous said...

"(a) he says he wants more recycling and this works"

The Tories in Essex brought back weekly collections AND increased recycling. If Essex man can do it then the rest of us can.

Anonymous said...

And over on ConsHome it's a case of "Oh Mr Porter what must we do"?
They really have lost the plot this time.
The bit about it's everyone's plan except Dave and Steve is particularly touching.

Anonymous said...

The Shadow of mankind or One Big Catch 22 or both?

You vote socialist because you are poor and you think a socialist government with give you more of other peoples money, and that this alone will solve all your problems.

However "GIVING" you money quickly stops your ability to improve your,enviroment, health, education and long term wealth yourself.

Therefore you have to keep voting for a political ideology that is making you poorer by the day just to make sure you dont starve lose your job and/or lose the roof over your head.

Socialism is just one very BIG CATCH 22. Infact it is the biggest catch 22 ever promoted by any dishonest politician or disfunctional 19th centuary German intellectual in history.

Socialism is simply a political and economic mechanism to promote despotic tiranny.

Gary Powell circa 1983

Socialism is a looming and seemingly unstopable SHADOW over the grave of the human spirit.

Carl Gustav Jung circa 1958

What stands this New Labour socialist government out, in the top order of despotic bullshit socialist ones. Is that this bunch a crooks has stolen more taxes from the poor then the middle classes, and got away with it for 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Beachhutman 5.39 PM

"Will soeone explain why aking my compost away from here and driving it 5 miles to a council compost heap in a big lorry, then packaging it and selling it back to me, is greener than me composting it myself?"

Composting your own degradable waste is obviously greener but very few people choose to do that.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with promoting recycling through fortnightly collections, and so on.

What is wrong is the level of support given to householders. Along with a blue bin, households should be given recycling bins for use indoors, as few people venture outside to stick a tin can in the big blue bin. Also, general refuse should be stored in suitable sealable bins to prevent vermin.

I'm in favour of charging for rubbish in principle, to deter excessive consumption and waste. However, I suspect we would all lose out instead of getting cash back for good behaviour. Why should I pay the same council tax (pro rata) as some chav whose bins are filled with Argos carrier bags and packaging?

Anonymous said...

I do jot know where jess the dog lives but if you live in the country you will know that flytipping is already a big problem and getting worse. Charging for rubbish by weight and volume will only make this worse.
Also, I would like to know what her "suitable sealable bins" look like.

This bins issue is actually far more important than the issue itself. It is symbolic of a political and bureaucratic self-proclaimed elite who are increasingly dangerously detached from the lives and views of those who not only vote for them but pay for their hypocritical lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

Q. Is there anything more disheartening than the sight of a pretty English village disfigured by multi-coloured bins standing sentry outside every cottage?

A. Yes: the knowledge that these hideous bins have been imposed on us by "the gentleman in Whitehall [or Brussels] who really does know best."

Anonymous said...

I was chatting with with my Ségolène Royal voting French mate tonight at the pub: He is incensed at the fact that his council tax has increased (yet again) and that he's now on fortnightly collections.

He gave me umpteen examples of how other countries do it better and for less.

This country really is becoming a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Chris just saying there is no health risk from leaving rubbish lying around for weeks & anybody who says otherwise is a looney doesn't make it so.

Diseases & disease risks increase geometricaly rather than linearly whit an increase in disease vectors (the number of chances of the disease spreading) which is why the distance from perfectly safe to potential epidemic is relatively short. This is why at 90% vaccination measles is no threat & at 70% it becomes almost certain.

Victorian reformers understood this, modern "ecologists" don't.

As regards paying for collection - refuse collection & fixing the roads is what rates were originally for. If this is farmed out it is, like so much politics, reminiscent of Bernard's explanation in Yes Minister about how various refinements of their remit had, in a mere 130 years, entirely removed all responsibility for actually doing anything from his Ministry while multiplying the staff manyfold.

Nich Starling said...

To be fair Iain, this was as hypocritical as you opposing wheelie bins when most of your tory group on NNDC had voted to support them. Indeed, the hypcrisy was doubled when you consider that the neighbouring authority, broadland, a Tory run Council had introduced such a scheme 12 months before. Indeed, I seem to recall for a Lib Dem leaflet photographing my parents Broadland Tory wheelie bin to use on a leafle..

What you never mentioned in your leaflets was the cost to introduce weekly collections. An estimate for North Norfolk would be around 1.2 million pounds, or to put it in context, 30% on council tax.

Finally, you will also know that for all the foom and gloom merchants telling us about rats and vermin, there were and are no such problems in North Norfolk. Indeed, in the last three years I have never had one complaint about wheelie bins.

Oh, and where is my daily link !!!!

Anonymous said...

To be fair Norfolk why is it hypocritical for someone to disagree with something done by other people?

Anonymous said...

Iain, you might have left North Norfolk but you're still talking (about) rubbish. We need, as a society, to reduce the amount of waste we produce. People who can't get two weeks' waste in a normal wheelie bin are producing too much waste.
I spent three years living on an island where there was no fortnightly collection. In fact, no collection. Ever.
I now live in North Norfolk. The fortnightly scheme works. Recycling is up. And if people need extra rubbish taking away they have to pay for it. There is no God-given right for people to have rubbish collected. We all pay our council tax and we all should expect a reasonable refuse service. If we choose to produce more than a reasonable service can cope with then we should have to pay the extra.
Reuse, reduce and recycle, people.

Anonymous said...

Iain, I have to agree with Carter the Unstoppable; you talk a lot of rubbish and claptrap on fortnightly collections. They work in Norfolk, and now in Norwich for the last 8 months, no problems.

Inceaased rats come from fast food outlets, increased littering and food in sewers.

We can't go back to weekly collections, its more expensive and needs landfill thats running out or no go incinerators.

The aswer is weeekly Food Waste kitchen caddy collection, integrating with existing Alternative Weekly Collection.