Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ways for Labour to Avoid a Drubbing: No 94

A wicked thought has just struck me. Wouldn't the perfect way for Labour to improve its vote on May 3rd be for Tony Blair to announce the date of his departure on.... May 2nd? I wouldn't put it past him.


Anonymous said...

I've been expecting this for a while. I wouldn't be too surprised if he pulled that one out of the bag, but I don't think it would work.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the economy there are 2 chances of inflation not going up and up and up (1) fat chance and (2) no chance.

* Rising wages

* High employment in the market

* Little chance to import more cheap labour because of over immigration

* A Chancellor who will not reform the public sector

* A Chancellor who is indebited to the unions

* A Chancellor who has created 10,000s of unproductive public sector jobs that need paying for

* A US economy that is weak and has falling house prices

* High manufacturers inflation from overseas

* High food and goods inflation

* Fuel demand increasing and supply diminishing

* Small businesses burdened with red-tape that can't increase productivity.

* More and more pensioners who are a burden on society

I see no slack only tension. Oh dear ...

Chris Paul said...

He should have done it earlier if he were going to. Announcing the timetable for one or both of his jobs would probably do it. But preferably before the postal votes start hitting the mats. Not long now. He walloped the Dave-id today and his performance skills and banter will be missed. But not his political judgement on foreign policy and marketisation quite so much.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

As long as TB goes and goes soon, that's ok with me. And then we will see the end of a shameful era in politics and the departure of one of the most deceitful PMs we have ever experienced.

No matter what Labour does now, they are going to get it and get it bad at the ballot box.

You were right when you cited the Fuhrerbunker a while back. It's a shame really that Blair won't do the decent thing like Hitler, and top himself.

comfy socks and a bottle of rum said...

He could announce that he was not going to go,ever !

Anonymous said...

Ways for Labour to Avoid a Drubbing: No 94

Avoid talking about issues that are important to the electorate but that the Tories and LibDems also would prefer no mention of, like controlled immigration from all countries, for example.

I'm struggling to find any comment on the new immigration rules from the Tories. I wonder why.


It's a big issue outside the Westminster bubble you know.

Gareth said...

Not only that Iain, goinf before the elections may well tarnish GB with the utter kicking NuLab are about to get!!

Iain Dale said...

Chad, not sure how you would know that seeing as you now life in France.

Old BE said...

TB is an incredible politician!

Shame he's used his powers for bad instead of good. He won't go until the Labour Party has the balls to get rid of him he's truly a Thatcherite in that respect.

He was supposed to go straight after the May elections last year and has staved it off so why not one more year? He can find an excuse not to go to Conference.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Iain.
Labour are now so unpopular it won't make a blind bit of difference.

The public are at last seeing through Brown's fake economy. It is always the way with Labour - it has just taken longer this time round.

Richard Havers said...

I've got a bet on it'll be after Xmas.

Anonymous said...

The May elections will be a vote of confidence in the Chancellor. It will not be a ringing endorsement. In business, Sir, it is possible to make payment and terminate a contract prematurely. I might venture to suggest that we offer terms to the current government. Yours, with sincerity, John Bull Esq.

comfy socks and a bottle of rum said...
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Anonymous said...

Ooh look at you, cheeky Dale ;-)

Controlled, needs-based immigration. I'm sure most countries welcome my taxes, so I am a very good example of what I espouse!

My main home and residence is in France, but I do also spend a lot of time in the UK you know. Why don't you buy me lunch? Come on, you know you want to.

I think sunny sw france is helping me warm to you ;-)

comfy socks and a bottle of rum said...

Anonymous said... The public are at last seeing through Brown's fake economy.

Don't be daft this fake economy has lasted for over ten years a lot longer than any Tory economy fake or otherwise.I know it was all down to your superb handling of all things before you were booted out of office,three times or was/is it four,it's been so long I forget.Don't count your chickens just yet you may be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

My money is still on the poodle being in Downing Street the autumn of this year.
Now as to where his nieghbour might have gone to by then ...?

Praguetory said...

I think that Labour would have to look to Zimbabwe for ways to avoid a drubbing. PS - I can't believe that you haven't heard this theory before.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..interesting idea, but received wisdom [groupthink?] is not to leave it too late to canvass voters, as by a week before hand they've probably made up their minds, and relatively little change occurs after that.

Anyway people know he will soon be gone - surely knowing his successor is what would influence voters ?

Anonymous said...


Chad is right, uncontrolled immigration is one of THE most important issues outside the Westminster PC bubble and the longer it is avoided by all major parties the greater its impact when it has to be confronted.

When they announce an amnesty and allow all the migrants to vote Labour at parliamentary elections (which the new luvvy Tory Party will have to support so close to an election) the backlash will be violent. All those safe Tory seats in England will suddenly become marginals again - or so those of us who know the true extent of migration understand.

kinglear said...

Peter Riddell mentioned the possibility of May 2nd some time ago - overshadow the results a bit wouldn't it??

Anonymous said...

What piffle! Surely the way to give this government a kick up the posterior and send the whole lot into gaol is to impeach the Self-Styled plutocrat and Commander-in-Chief( Blair), his wife, and past and present cronies? Why hasn't that effeminate wimp Cameron ( another bloody Scotsman) had the balls to take this bunch of crooked men to the International Court of the Hague? The Proles are restless. The Mme Guillotine is getting even more thirsty.

Anonymous said...


thats what a Permanent Secretary says.

Anonymous said...

"Don't be daft this fake economy has lasted for over ten years a lot longer than any Tory economy fake or otherwise."

The Bank of England admitted that there was supposed to be a "correction" in 2001 but they bottled out of it and instead allowed the credit bubble to grow. Incidently I doubt things would have been much different under the Tories.

comfy socks and a bottle of rum said...

no longer anonymous said... Incidently I doubt things would have been much different under the Tories.

Agreed,hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

How can the party kid the people we will introduce controls over immigration from Eastern Europe?

Anonymous said...

"The Mme Guillotine is getting even more thirsty." -Ben Bow.

B’Liar’s execution – live on prime time telly please. However, I’d pay serious money to see it live.

Anonymous said...

Bliar won't go as he does not believe he is a liability. He believes it is the "meedya" out to get him, that Iraq will turn out OK, that history will judge him to be a hero etc. Truly a deranged individual. He'll blame any poor Liabour performance on McConnell and Broon.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that he has considered waiting upon Her Majesty making her final celestial state visit, before announcing that Britain would better be served as a republic with guess-who at the helm.

The likes of Miliband really don't want to fight Broon. They would rather wait until he has screwed up the fag-end of Bliar's legacy (screwed up in any case) and then have a go.