Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Further Links Between BNP & UKIP to be Revealed

...at some point today...


Anonymous said...


Are you getting worried and trying to discredit UKIP by bundling them in with the BNP?

Anonymous said...

I suppose UKIP and the BNP do have in common the fact that they don't hate English people, unlike the lib/lab/cons.

Anonymous said...

LoL. Oh Iain, you don't give up do you?

Remember, Michael Ediae called (on your Tory TV channel) a speech by Cameron the most racist thing he had *ever* heard. How can we top that?

I guess with so many ex-Tories in UKIP, we are bound to inherit a few wrong 'uns from your lot which seems infested with racists and sex offenders, but we will root them out.

Stephan Shakespeare must be very proud of your, *cough*, balanced approach to politics.

Anonymous said...

Come on Iain! Leave announcing the same thing multiple times to the NuLab spin merchants.

One of the major reasons for my deserting the Conservative Party after voting Tory in every election for nearly fifty years is because they have adopted the mendacious spinning techniques so beloved of T Bliar.

Means do not justify ends.

By the way, it would be nice if there were some Conservative 'ends' on view. "We won't cut spending and we won't bring back grammar schools" aren't exactly Conservative.

No wonder Peter Hitchens calls them the useless Tories.

Ukip has my vote next time, regardless of any smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

Yep. UNtil the boy king has some decent policies on the EU and local government, it's UKIP. Racist is just a term that liberals use to abuse their enemies.

Anonymous said...

The positive Tory local elections campaign of 2006 seems a very long time ago...

18 doughty Street stoops lower and lower

Anonymous said...

I agree with many of the above comments. No one I know who has voted for the Conservative Party since the late 70's will ever vote for them again until they demonstrate they're not NuLabor II. Doesn't anyone in the Westminster Bubble ever get out into the real Britain of the early 21st Century? Over crowding, over demand for increasingly scarce resources, low and poor standards in recruitment to both public and private sectors, over taxation, immigration problems leading to increasingly separate communities divided by race/religion, an ever increasing NEET/underclass, high crime levels (despite the spin from the HO and that idiot Ian Blair) it goes on and on. If I had a UKIP and/or BNP standing they'd get my vote, as it is I'll have to vote Conservative to prevent a NuLbor or Lib Nazi getting in. Come on Cameron get your head out of your arse! There's millions of votes out there for you, but you've got to have the policies!

Anonymous said...

Iain, I'm no supporter of UKIP but I do find attempts to draw comparisons between UKIP and the BNP highly distasteful.

The BNP is a racist, neo-fascist party which espouses largely indecent policies, abhorrent to most normal people.

UKIP simply advocate leaving the EU. An entirely respectable position to take (and one which you might share?)

Undoubtedly there are *some* UKIP members who cannot - or do not - distinguish between the two and, yes, maybe they are bigots, but the two parties stand for something fundamentally different.

These sort of attacks only serve to undermine the credibility of the policy of EU withdrawal and our own attempts to form a eurosceptic blog in the EU parliament.

You should know better.

Anonymous said...

Will Nadine 'not racist' Dorries be involved ?

RedGown said...

Wow. The trolls are out in force today eh?

Maybe we should wait to see what comes out before leaping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I am always in two minds about this. On the one hand UKIP has some very strange people, conspiract theorists and not so cyrpto anti-semites in it. But then again so do the Tories, if in a rather more diluted form.

On the other hand UKIP are actually what stops nazis like the BNP winning seats. Rather 50 UKIP MEPs than one BNP.

wonkotsane said...

Iain, I'm disappointed. You can normally be relied upon for relatively unbiased blogging but this is such an obvious attempt to link the BNP and UKIP because of the threat to the Tories in May.

You say "further links" - what were the original links? That a UKIPer left and joined the BNP? Happens in the Tories as well Iain.

The Conservative Party has sent out information to prospective Tory councillors with a whole section on how to fight a campaign against UKIP. No other party is mentioned, just UKIP. It's obvioust that the Tories see UKIP as their main threat and with just cause - the Tories are no longer anti-EU, they're barely conservative!

UKIP have an English manifesto on their website. The Tories have a Scottish, Welsh and British manifesto.

UKIP have their faults, just like any other party but they're not raicst and they're not white supremecists.

Anonymous said...

It would acutally make sense as an alliance: the BNP hits low, goes after the disenfranchised Labour voters; the UKIP hits high, goes after the more reactionary of the middle to upper classes. Put those two together and you have a isolationist, xenophobic right-wing party with cross-class appeal. In other words, a British Front National or Movimento Sociale Italiano.
Call it the UKNP and it could disrupt the electoral trends (although who they would hurt the most between Tory and Labour is an open question). Another event like the 7/7 bombings, and such a party could conceivably send MPs into Westminster.
Worrying, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't embarrass yourself Giovanni.

Read their manifestos. Start with UKIP's constitutional pledge for equality and non-racism, and the BNP's policy to offer non-whites money to leave the country as first step to restoring a 1948 level of whiteness to the UK.

Or UKIP's controlled immigration policy akin to the US or OZ and the BNP's permanent end to all immigration forever.

Or UKIP's free market aims with the BNP's stated anti-globlisation aims.

etc etc.

Both are talking about immigration, hence the BNP fears losing votes and thus has a stated mission to destroy UKIP.

Where is the basis for alliance there?

Anonymous said...

why don't we wait to see what he has before commenting huh chumps?

Anonymous said...

OOOhhh Shock Horror.......
What's more worrying is the complete and utter similarity between the Torys and the Lib Dems!
(Or is this just a ruse to get you website ratings up?)

Anonymous said...

AS somebody who is wanting this country to get out of the EU, but who would have to admit that UKIP's style of doing things is not quite my cup of tea, I await these revelations with baited breath.

It is fascinating how little coverage is given by the Con/Lib/Lab Parties to the fact that many 'Government initiatives' are just compulsory implementations of EU decisions.

As for the BNP - well English Nationalism has been aroused by the (unresolved)West Lothian question - so no great surprise that their following has increased somewhat as people have started to look more closely about who benefits from the present set-up and who pays the bills for it.

Yes, the BNP predates devolution and has different (and not very pleasant) racial goals, but 'nature abhors a vacuum' and a political vacuum is what we have at the moment from the major triad of parties.

Anonymous said...

why don't we wait to see what he has before commenting huh chumps?

Why add a post if you don't want comment, chump?

Anonymous said...

Iain, bit disappointed your using the new labour tactic of making a pointless annoucment to stir-up a bit of interest.

Take it soon you will be saying it details will come out in the next hour. Then 90 minutes after the details finally emerge.
Then a bit later in the evening another statement is made to counter your own arguments and the real story emerges tonight.

My grand-father used to having a saying "no waste talk here" if you've got something to say, SAY IT. If not shut-up till you have.

Roger Thornhill said...

The BNP as a party appears National Socialist, whereas UKIP presents itself as more Libertarian.

Can't see how the geography would work.

Still, if Nigel needs to expell people then I expect he will have no qualms. Might do UKIP some good to have a very public purge.

Anonymous said...

presumably Chad 'Controlled Immigration' Noble isn't posting here from his home in France?

Anonymous said...

For all political parties, there's three main groups:
- voters
- members
- organisers and activists

The voters are a cross-section of disgruntled Tories, some conservative (small c) anti-EU ex-Labour voters and some none of the above (a classic protest vote).

The members are more likely to be ex-Tory members than anyone else (which is why the Tories need to be concerned about UKIP).

There are, however, some links between the organisers/activists of UKIP and the more overtly right-wing groups, including the BNP or the 1970s/80s National Front and a perception of UKIP as "BNP lite". The question is how close any of the links are?

Anonymous said...

presumably Chad 'Controlled Immigration' Noble isn't posting here from his home in France?

Hello BNP boy. :-)

I know you guys want to slam the doors closed forever to leave Britain's future generations born from an ever decreasing gene pool until finally all Britons resemble your party membership, but 'controlled immigration' means flow in different directions, just based on a country's need.

Unfortunately, however much we may dislike a policy (immigration, tax etc etc), we are obliged to follow existing rules even as we campaign to change them. It's call the law.

It shouldn't be too difficult for anyone to understand even those who seek to kick people out of this country who have lived here legally for half a century simply because you do not like their skin colour.

Still, let's not let all this get in the way of giving UKIP a good kicking for daring to produce a simple set of positive policies that appeal to small c conservatives and libertarians alike.

As you were...

Anonymous said...

Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

As irritating as I find UKIP, identifying people with fascists and then saying you'll back it up another time is trolling on some parts of the internet. I'm very interested to see the 'further links' but this advance leaking, particularly on a matter like this, is in very poor taste.

Iain Dale said...

Some people seem very touchy...

Devil's Kitchen said...

Come on then, Iain; please put up or shut up. And be warned: if it's a pathetic as I think it's going to be, I'm not going to be a happy bunny.

By the way, I may have missed it, but I didn't see your piece condemning the Conservative Party in the Rosemary Holman case; she was Tory agent sacked for having breast cancer. Sevenoaks is quite close to you: any comment on the £38,000 payout they are having to make to her?


Anonymous said...

Iain, sorry to get personal, but it's precisely this sort of poor judgement and lack of shrewdness that led to your defeat in North Norfolk - and your failure to be reselected since.

You can't make unreasonable accusations without evidence just to 'set a scene'. Your overly emotional reactions don't help either. People here aren't "touchy", we just think you try and force your point of view down other peoples throats - and it just loses you credibility.

You need to listen more.

I suggest you try and develop a bit more political nouse before you start applying for seats again.

Anonymous said...

Hello BNP boy. :-)

Oh dear - it almost defies belief that this canard is still being peddled...

As was made clear on UKIPmoan, the site has no association with the BNP or its abhorrent discriminatory agenda - quite unlike several senior members of UKIP in fact.

It would be easy to bring UKIPmoan out of mothballs in order to continue to highlight the hypocrisy of the expatriate UKIPhome editor preaching about immigration and racism but there are better ways of passing time than giving attention-seekers the oxygen of publicity they crave so much...

Apologies Iain for using your blog to air this.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is my local MP and when he branded me, a UKIP voter as a fruitcake, little Englander, or closet Racist or whatever it was he said, he ensured i'd never vote tory in my life. I served in the Armed forces and i found that an attack on those who are prepared to do their bit, in a non luxury office based, non perks and priveledges sense where the ultimate price may be paid. Why is it in this country that if you are frightened of something can you just use the dreaded R word to try and discredit them? Personally i'd rather have my non white, non British friends than out of touch, eton pot heads who've never lived in the real world and have their heads firmly lodged up their own backsides to call mates eh?
Further to it, on what i know for fact about our local Conservatives would it be fair for me to label them all corrupt, power crazy, wife beating fraudsters?
Probably not