Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Golden Arrow Public Affairs: Instalment 4

Lord Hanningfield has tabled an interesting PQ on Golden Arrow Public Affairs. A friend of mine says the Department for Transport are "bricking it" about the spotlight being shone on this.

Lord Hanningfield: to ask Her Majesty's Government how many times Ministers or officials from the Department for Transport have met representatives from Golden Arrow Communications since March 2005; and what was the date and nature of each meeting. HL2866


Anonymous said...

Further to Labourites already identified I recommend the inclusion of that very modest ex Lord Chancellor,Derry Irving to the cabal, as he is a non executive director of Hutchinson Whampoa


Anonymous said...

mr dale,

tut tut tut.

all the numerous sources/ why not come clean and admit it is all down to your mucker douglas carswell mp?

wish i had a smear machine like iains

Iain Dale said...

If you believe that, feel free. This is nothing to do with smearing anyone. There are serious ethical issues here, and if you can't see that... Just think back to the Cash for Questions affair and think how you reacted to it. Did you want to sweeep it under the carpet and describe it as a smear. Of course not. Nor did I. And I won't do here.

Do feel free to use the CAPS key...

Peter Mc said...

'Bricking it', eh? That phrase was cracking us up in Manchester comps, c. late 70s. Don't need to look on friends reunited now.

Anonymous said...

How dare the gorgon brag about selling off 'government assets' to fund his squandering, profligacy and politicians' massive pay, perks and tax free pensions.

What government assets, Mr Broon?

You mean asset stripping the green lungs of our towns, the people's greens spaces, most of which were originally Common land, which we all had the right to use.

Now, by one of Gordon's typical sleights of hand, the people's land becomes Gordon's land, to be sold off to his corporate and developer cronies.

Our towns lose their green lungs, the people lose their ancient common land and self obsessed, Greedy Gordon gets another stealth tax!

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...


talking of ethics.

i would have thought lord hanningfield and douglas carswell had enough on their plates at the moment, destroying a very good conservative association in harwich and clacton.

suspending councillors without good reason:

and deselecting a young, hard working district councillor, who still doesn't know why.

i think perhaps the undercover times reporter should go and do some investigating inside my local conservative association instead.

(ps. if its not your motive to smear, maybe, just maybe it is your source's?)