Saturday, March 31, 2007

From West Ham to Worricker

Oh what fun it is to see, West Ham win away... or indeed at home. And this afternoon Dizzy, my 18 Doughty Street colleague Mike Rouse and I did just that. Oh and Home Office Minister Tony McNulty did too - he even waved at me (with all five fingers) from the Director's Box.

My match report can be read HERE on my West Ham Blog for those who are interested - Dizzy has his take on the afternoon HERE - and I deny absolutely all his allegations about my accent. Mike Rouse had never been to a football match before and he has written it up on his blog HERE. He seemed surprised that I became boisterous. Funny, I always thought I was like that at work...

After the match I went for a meal at an excellent Mexican Restaurant in Islington called Desperado's (a reader informs me this used to be Granita!) with my fellow Hammer Jo Phillips. Jo used to be my broadcasting agent and was the producer of 5 Live's much missed Sunday Service, which I occasionally used to co-present with Fi Glover and Charlie Whelan. She's a good mate and it was good to catch up on her news. She now works for Bob Geldof's Ten Alps Broadcasting.

FYI: I'm doing the papers on News 24 at 11.45pm tonight, and I'll be on Radio 5's Worricker Programme from 10am till 1pm tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What's this, two wins in a row !

Maybe all is not lost. But have they left it too late ?

Anonymous said...

desperado's used to be the Granita.