Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brown Undermines British Films & Cranmer Celebrates

Ed Vaizey has an interesting post on the state of the British film industry, which having supported with massive tax breaks, Gordon Brown has now massively undermined. Read it HERE.

And a very happy birthday to Archbishop Cranmer who is one year old today. It's also tha 451th anniversary of his sad demise. His blog is a role model for niche blogs of all descriptions. Thoughtful, erudite and provocative.

Now, a film on Cranmer. That WOULD be something I'd go and see.


Anonymous said...

No link to Ed Vaizy?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

A great blog is Cranmer.

Newmania said...

I love Cranmer , but what he says should not be patronised by calling it " Niche" . He asks a good many of the most important questions there are and if he does not then his superb contributors do it for him.
VOYAGER-- Genius
COLIN- Marvel
"Some of the best put downs I have ever seen. Recently a student bragged that he was studying a course relevant to the subject in hand. His Grace commented that he had just finished marking the finals of such a person and been obliged to fail him "
Magisterial !So much better than such comments as ,

"Newmania you are talking Bollocks "
....although I have Mr.Dales words crocheted into a sampler which I shall pass onto my grandchildren. Together with “ I `d give up now if I were you “..” he is mad isn`t he “ and his many other kindly and encouraging exhortations to contribute :)

On the British Film Industry the Grants that go to it are governed by the EU . It is not permissible for a Government to assist the Film Industry to compete on unfair terms they can only assist a film for reasons of National ..definition for want of a better word.
I leave you to imagine the Byzantine rules that apply to delineation between the variously deserving and the undeserving Boris has rhapsodized on the beauty of its stupidity . Bureaucrats making aesthetic choices and cultural judgements was never going to be pretty .
With the advent of FIFTY GLORIOUS YEARS of the EU, I cannot help noticing that celebration of its “achievements” in Time claimed that most of these petty irritations were Urban legends .Hard hats for Tightrope walkers may have been but the vast majority , eg standard sized “ Contraceptive Sheaths”, was quite true . It was, to my great joy ,too big for the Italians. Its bizarre governance of our films is not a legend but then since 99% of British films are so bad no-one will bother with them until they have been successful in the US ( Like Four Weddings ) , does it really matter. We have no taken for drama , and I associate this with the domination of the creative Arts by the left with all its attendant artistic vices.