Friday, December 29, 2006

Quotes of the Day

"These teams of ours do not come from a self-confident, buoyant nation-state. They come from a rottenly-led, degenerate, devolved regional province of the Brussels-based EU" - Author Frederick Forsyth, on our failures at rugby, football and cricket.
"Peers of the realm face a shaky future which, as reform of the House of Lords plods on, will get shakier still" - Tory peer Lord Deedes.
"Why bother voting? What is the point of placing your cross next to the name of this or that candidate when four out of every five laws adopted by Britain are proposed, not just by people that you didn't vote for, but by EU officials whom nobody voted for?" - Tory MEP Daniel Hannan.
"People ask me what I will be remembered for. I will be remembered for my trees. My arboretum will be my legacy" - Lord Heseltine, former Tory deputy Prime Minister.
"If telly vice in your room not perform, do not investigate with screw pusher, you may get shocking electrics. Instead attack hotel electric man" - Warning notice in Tokyo hotel.


Anonymous said...

What a pretentious pillock Heseltine is. Remembered for his trees. No mate you'll be remembered for knifing Mrs Thatcher and thereby plunging the Conservative party into an Iraqi style insurgency which is only now ending. That and your rabid pro eu lunacy. No one is interested in your trees you vain little man.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like being in the EU then leave; it's a UK problem and for the UK to solve. No one forced
UK -entry to the Common Market outside of UK politicians and interests and those who could push them around.

So stop Blair and Brown poncing about in Brussels as if anyone cares what they think, trying to wreck the EU and its goals.

And stop passing off your problems as EU generated; they aren't. You force your democratioc system to respond to your overwhelming wish to live within your history, your culture and your hopes.

What is the matter with you?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like being in the EU then leave

Ooooh, if only we were allowed the opportunity.

And Hatfield is a dump.

Anonymous said...

Hatfield Girl - I don't get your point ... although it was very well put. Explain, please.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that World Cup Rugby and Ashes Cricket victories under the same regimes more or less are completely forgotten by the grumpy one. And with trillions of countries playing Soccer why on earth should we do better than last eight, last four, qualifying etc in the big tournaments? On the other hand as Paula Radcliffe reports in today's Guardian we do have Zara, Beth and Nicole this year, and still have Dame Kelly and Paula herself to look up to. And our golfers and young Andrew Murray etc etc. Can FF explain the cause and effect in EU membership somehow by turns boosting and blighting our sport? Or is he just being a loud mouthed clown?

Anonymous said...

10.09 I didn't mean to sound so vehement; Shouldn't have written 'you' when I mean 'we' and 'us'.

Anonymous said...

Hannan talks rot. As though the 40% of people who didn't vote said "I'm not voting because it doesn't matter, the EU passes 80% of laws regardless"! Nonsense! 99% of people don't know this poxy and misleading statistic, and could care even less. The Tories need to stop this miopic navel-gazing on Europe, and talk about what sort of laws Westminster passes, which people do care about.

Anonymous said...

Verity at 1.21. People in the UK are quite right to feel that the EU is not a happy fit with what the UK is; but lots of what is really resented in the UK is 'collateral damage' from the terms of our relationship with the Union, which were negotiated and accepted by our politicians. And it's our responsibility to get organised and change things, not supinely keep blaming it all on the Union.

There are 2 sets of problems: what is the matter with the UK's relations with the EU; and what is the matter with the EU, and they need separate and different solutions.

For the first, I would like to do what Norway did, have a referendum and (as a result, probably) leave on amicable terms; but if that's to be achieved then we have to press for it .

Just pointing aghast at what is wrong and conflating the different problems (and the second lot of problems is irrelevant here) doesn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

I was interested in Lord H's trees. Very nice they were, but I'll remember him more for swinging the mace about like a crazed dervish.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you're right that most people are far too ignorant to realise how irrelevant our Parliament is becoming to what legislation is passed. Let's face it - most people have no interest in British politics.

However, Hannon doesn't claim that the low voting turnout is due to the EU; he just points out the fact that voting is becoming increasingly pointless because the Law of this country is made elsewhere.

Frankly, I'd much rather have Dan as leader of the Tory Party, than Wet Dave.