Saturday, December 30, 2006

On the Media Today

11am Radio 4, TALKING POLITICS with Peter Hitchens, Joan Smith & Simon Heffer
11pm Radio 5 Live discussing sentencing policy
11.45pm BBC News 24 newspaper review


Philipa said...

I caught the R4 prog @ 11am and found it both worrying and intensely annoying. I found Peter Hitchens perfectly reasonable and understood everything he said - what does that say about me?? I may need counselling.

I'd never heard you before though Iain, just read your blog, and will be pleased to tune in next time you announce a broadcast.

Johnny Norfolk said...

It was an interesting debate, but Iain you need to change your heading from right to left of centre. Your total support for DC was a little toe curling.
'A good house needs a strong foundation' is what DC needs to be reminded of.

Anonymous said...

Best political discussion I've heard for a while, and very unusual that the BBC had 3 right wingers with just one lefty.

Consensus seemed to be that 2 or 3 party politics is now in decline. UKIP, BNP and Greens likely to become stronger.

nsfl said...

Iain -

Punters can listen again here if they ignore the bizarre dateline (7 October) and click "Listen again to the latest programme". The discussion is 8 mins in.

Happy New Year.