Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blair in Holidays for Honours

Could it soon be Arise Sir Robin Gibb? Tony Blair is continuing his habit of blagging freebie holidays from those who are either celebrities or those with honours, or preferably both. This New Year he's in Florida with Bee Gee Robin Gibb CBE. He's obviously gone downmarket this year, normally preferring to stay with the beknighted Sir Clifford Richard of this parish. It's reasonable to assume that Blair won't be serenaded with the 1987 Bee Gees Hit 'You Win Again'. More likely their 1981 song 'He's a Liar'.


Anonymous said...

Good job there's no potentially embarassing 'X for X' headline concerning the Tories today.

Except for the front page of the Guardian of course.

Anonymous said...

"No one knows what it's like...

Oh Tony, no one knows what it's like....

To love somebody...

Love somebody..

The way you love you!!

Anonymous said...

It must be hard to Cherie to find people who want them as freeloading house-guests...........and to find a nation willing to foot the security bill.

Blair is a phenomenon - a man without any shame married to a woman with no sense of the absurd.

The Lord & Lady Docker of the age with Cherie doing a good impression of Norah Collins

Anonymous said...

But the Dockers were fun in their vulgarity. They didn't do any harm and they contributed to the gaiety of the nation.

Apart from any other horror attached, can you imagine the amount of food the Blairina shovels in at any one meal? She's a monster, and I feel certain she has a monstrous appetite - confirmed by swimwear photographs taken on earlier holidays.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Robin Gibb giving a radio interview to an American shock jock and he claimed that he and his wife were into swinging and they trawled the clubs for suitable couples. ... Surely not!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Corday - It doesn't bear thinking of.

Anonymous said...

But with Blair on holiday and prezza nursing his kidneys, who is really ruining Britain this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Some Bee gee songs the Blairs would like

Firstly I can just imagine the prick hearing "you win again" in his dolls head as he walks up to adress the labour party conference

"He's A Liar" (1981) Did Not Chart

"Jumbo" (1968) got to #25 (that's about his wifes backside)

"First of May" (1969) #6 three days to go before the fucker resigns

Anonymous said...

Singalong Gibbs/Tone

1 For whom the Bell tolls
2 Alone
3 Immor(t)ality

And seriously

Montaigne in his essay on Lying

"Lying is an accursed vice. It is only our words which bind us together and make us human. If we realized the horror and weight of lying we would see that it is more worthy of the stake than other crimes........
If a lie, like truth,had only one face we could be on better terms, for certainty would be the reverse of what the liar has said. But the reverse side of truth has a hundred thousand shapes and no defined limits. The Pythagoreans make good to be definite and finite; evil they make indefinite and infinite."

Which is why Blair, through employment of half truths and spin, may be considered in some respects to have an 'evil'streak or a streak that results in some actions that have evil consequences. It is often the case that those who 'mean well' are in fact not moral in the strict sense of the word. This is Blair's legacy - "He played loose with the truth to the cost of many."

Anonymous said...

Br Br Br Bribe talking...

As we cross the skies..

Br Br Br Bribe talking...

So many lies...

Anonymous said...

Well as no-one else has mentioned it,"I started a Joke " has to be the serenade.

( Oh and thanks for ruining the rest of my festive sex life Charlotte)

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to have friends who kindly invite you to their holiday homes. I love visiting and often spend more money than in an hotel to repay the kindness. The PM donates an equivalent holiday cost to a charity. He is entitled to security whilst on holiday. What sort of country would permit their leader to be unprotected or moan about a short holiday break. I am so sorry that some of the commentators here do not have friends with holiday homes or if they do they are not on the guest list.

Anonymous said...

Surely there has never been a Prime Minister who enjoyed being a PM quite so much. Being in power is a personal matter to Blair. Hence the ease with which he ligs his way around the world. In his imagination, all criticisms of such behaviour come only from people who don't understand.

Anonymous said...


Not so much swinging - more dangling, I think.

James Higham said...

Prezza in hospital. Plutonium, was it?

dearieme said...

No surprise that they prefer the Bee Gees to the GBs, eh?

Anonymous said...

You got the right animal (dog) James, but it's not 'pluto' but droopy'!

Remember the proverb of Saint Tracey: "you can extract Prescot from out of the ers, but you will never extract. . . . "

Anonymous said...

But whereas You Win Again was a number 1 winner He's a Liar vanished without trace. Is it even a real song? Do you have it in your collection Iain? On your iPod? Aaaaargh. Seems to me he's escaped a taxiing Tragedy to end up Staying Alive. He is now looking forward to Tomorrow, Tomorrow and First of May but he may then have only Lonely Days to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

"blagging freebie holidays..."

Really Iain...??

Are you able to stand up your claim that the Blair's have "blagged a freebie holiday" from Robin Gibb...or are you shooting from the ass again...?

Could it be, for example, that the Blair's have made a commercial arrangement...?

Anonymous said...

blamberbell - Yes the BBC are going big on the "used the wrong room" scandal sensation.


Anonymous said...

who is really ruining Britain this weekend?

Bunter Falconer or Harriet The Harridan

Anonymous said...

Cliffs place was out cos blair didnt extend the royalty payments to 50yrs like he asked,Berlusconis out cos of court cases and as hes on his way out nobody wants him or the fat harpy using there towels.As for security well think PM PRESSCOTT and hes safe.(seems like tonis cronis are here
now cos guido s off)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I have made some of the delicate souls who use this blog feel squeamish.
In fairness, I should point out that Robin Gibb later claimed he "invented" the bit about swinging.
So he's probably just a fantasist.
I wonder what he has in common with Blair?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like James Highams's thought! Polonium-210. Hmmmm. Too bad Blair wasn't in the same sushi bar, eh? Maybe he was ... or he may have had a drink with that Italian who got arrested.

Liz, who is either one of the world's naifs or isn't being entirely honest, writes: "The PM donates an equivalent holiday cost to a charity." Incorrect. He makes "a donation" to charity. Nowhere is it ever specified that it is equivalent to what they'd have to shell out if they paid for themselves. He refuses to say how much it is, but given the greed of these two, it's probably around £100 for two weeks of living high on someone else's hog.

Liz also writes: "What sort of country would permit their leader to be unprotected?"

Let me know and I will move to that country.

What is weird is, why on earth would anyone want the Blairs infesting their home?

Griswold, thanks for the Montaigne quote. It is apt.

Anonymous said...

In Italy Blair is known as "Lo Scroccone" which translates as "The Scrounger" or "The Freeloader". Interestingly, it's both the left-wing and the right-wing press that use this label.

Anonymous said...


Would that be the same sort of donation to charity as Prezza made after taking his paramour to a luxury dude ranch?

The price of a stay in the local roach motel and even that nicked from the staff tea fund?

Let's see how much The Slimy One and his harradin actually pay shall we?

Anonymous said...

Remittance Man - He never says how much he "donated".

Even if he declares it, which I don't think he does, he would lie and say he had donated more than he really did. Yes, he'd have to pay a little more tax on this imaginary amount, but he would look good - his only reason for living - and it would still be thousands of pounds less than they would have paid commercially.

Anonymous said...

Lucifer's first title is "Prince of Lies"; Montaigne has explained why. ( My book - buying list is getting longer by the day).

Mind you, Verity has claimed always to have recognized not just political unacceptability, but evil in Blair.

Anonymous said...

Whilst Blair and the Blairina swan off to another deluxe mansion abroad, the troops are getting killed, underequipped, underpaid and fed up. Bloody hell.

I felt almost physically sick when I heard the news of his departure to stay with the Gibb. We are ruled by a pillock. The only hope is that they might stay in Florida.

Anyone for getting up a "don't come back" petition?

Anonymous said...

"What sort of country would permit their leader to be unprotected?"

The Netherlands. Queen Wilhelmina used to say, "So long as they can look through the window and see me knitting" [as indeed they could] "there will never be a revolution".

Anonymous said...

Also, Liz - Blair is not the "leader" of the country. He is the head of government and leader of the Labour party.

Yes, Hatfield Girl, I was living overseas and had come home to see my mother. We were watching the TV news and, of course, everything was new to me as I lived a long way away and the internet wasn't as all pervasive as it is now. (For example it was still all dial-up and very expensive. Remember? Shudder!) So I didn't really know the major players.

He came on the TV news and said some moronic - really stupid - words to a reporter, and I looked at his vile, self-congratulatory smile, that strange lazy eye, the air of entitlement and a chill went down my spine. That was the first time I had ever seen (or heard of) him and I sensed a terrible evil about him.

I said to my late mother, "That man is evil." And my mother said, "Yes, he is. And he will get in."

Anonymous said...

Great Daily Mail headline in support of their political agenda, but as usual little to do with the facts.

Not surprised at the Mail, but hoped for slightly better from you Iain, particularly after your recent appeal for us not jump to conclusions after a certain former Tory MP had been interviewed by Norfolk Police...

Anonymous said...

He donated £300 for a fortnight on Barbados.
Try running that scenario past the taxman if you just dont happen to be a member of the Blair sty.
And dont expect any better behaviour under Cameron.
David Davis yes, a man who spends his hols walking the pennine way.

Anonymous said...

£300? For himself and ella Larda, aka the Blairina? For board (BIG time) and lodging, which I am sure will be tasteful. Well, maybe, given that it's a Gibb, not tasteful, but at least luxurious for people of the Blairina's tastes.

And this £300 is for how long? Doesn't sound like enough for one night ...

I agree, Phitch, about Camereoooooon - although I'm guessing he doesn't need the money (so why shovel that kid into the NHS system?) and agree about David Davis, who I think is wonderful. And so do hundreds of thousands of other people.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Blair use one of Saddam's old homes for his holidays? There are plenty to choose from. The present owner is hardly going to need them again. Blair could then remain in that great Middle eastern democracy when he retires, after all, he is always saying how much better it is there since he helped to remove Mr Hussain.

dearieme said...

Fairdealphil: why do you write "ass" when you mean "arse"?

Anonymous said...

"The PM donates an equivalent holiday cost to a charity."

Since Blair isn't using Downing Street can I stay there while he is away, or at Chequers ?

I could pay a token amount to charity although I am "The Taxpayer"

Anonymous said...

The Bliar Broadcasting Corporation also reported that Bliar was seated in 'First Class'. So who paid for that, the taxpayer or the shareholders of Bliarish Airways?

Scounging ****.

Anonymous said...

also reported that Bliar was seated in 'First Class'

Free bump-up by BA that I believe is an MPs' perk

Anonymous said...

According to today's Mail, Mrs Bee Gee claims the Bliars are not paying. So they will be making a donation to a charity selected by the Bee Gee family. Presumably the gift will attract the usual tax advantages (either UK deed of covenant or US tax deductible benefits) and can either be inflated in value if quoted, or will benefit Mr Bee Gee's tax return.

A nice little scam, saves paying VAT at 17.5% or local state taxes.

It came to me in a flash of inspiration that Bliar believes he is the reincarnation of the People's Princess. He flies the world benefiting from the largesse of mega-celebrities, believing his mere presence can solve the world's problems. His impending divorce from office is, of course, not his fault and he should be allowed to wear the crown of "the people's prime minister" regardless of constitutional conventions. Likewise, HM The Queen suffers his world-stage-strutting in weary silence. Perhaps he can be convinced that his immortal reputation would benefit from a premature demise!

Anonymous said...

I do find Hazel Blears a rival to Miliband for insincerity...........but to see Blears twisting on a hot poker would be so delightful - the gushing vacuity of her utterances makes her seem like a rag doll

Anonymous said...

That's twice he's had a near miss with a plane. Third time lucky I hope.

Anonymous said...

Ye Gods this pisses me off. Blair with his snout buried deep in the swill while his party boss criticises executive pay on TWAO. The man's a Chav; Miami is full of council workers from Basildon and the Gibb's 'mansion' looks like some Beckamesque kitsch fantasy probably little different in its interior decor to a Saddam palace.

Seems those 2001 CBEs for the tight-panted brothers may have had a price after all. I'll bet Nasser Hussein and Lennox Lewis are crapping themselves.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at the Mail, but hoped for slightly better from you Iain

Earth to fairdealphil, Earth to fairdealphil, Iain is a Conservative (doesn't hide the fact), hence he might not be expected to complete unbiased in matters of politics.

In Iain's defence however, whatever the legal or moral implications of Our Dear Leaders holiday arrangements, even a Labour Sycophant like yourself surely has to admit that Tony Blair is completely without shame or class. He is simply out to get what he can from his position.

Anonymous said...

I feel a complaint coming on. To the Committee for Standards in Public Life.

Take a look below at the italicised text. I reckon that at least 6 of the 7 Principles of Standards of Public Life may have been broken by Bliar's holiday jaunts. Selflessness and Integrity - he may have placed himself under obligations to Berlusconi, Cliff Richard, and now one of the Bee Gees amongst others, coincidentally a CBE. He and his family have clearly benefitted financially and may be avoiding taxes. Accountability and openness and honesty are continually flouted and the notional value of the holiday plus taxes and any (supposedly) commensurate charitable contribution must be disclosed.

Remember the inquiry into McConnell's jaunt with Kirsty Wark? It led nowhere in the end but caused a stink and added to the debate about values in public life. Likewise, complaints to the Committee in Standards Life may not achieve anything in themselves, but an inquiry may reveal some unsavoury facts that need to be redressed for life post-Bliar. Also, Sir Alastair Graham is hardly a Bliar lackey....remember his comment that Bliar saw standards as a minor issue" and that Labour was now considered "sleazy". A red rag to a bull, methinks!

My letter will be drafted over the festive season and in the post by 2 January!!

7 Principles of Public Life:

Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.

Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.

In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices on merit.

Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands.

Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.

To fulfill this role and in addition to its formal inquiries, reports and research into public attitudes, the Committee devotes time throughout the year to discussing current issues and concerns relating to standards in public life. These considerations may, and sometimes do, result in a full-scale inquiry. Even where no inquiry is conducted, these are regarded by the Committee as a useful check on current standards and the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the arrangements in place to ensure the highest standards of propriety in public life.

To contact the Committee please write to:

The Secretary
Committee on Standards in Public Life
35 Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3BQ
Phone: +44 0207 276 2595

Anonymous said...

I think the Scotsman may have the correct angle on this. Gibb lobbied the government for longer copyright protection. Blair was strongly in favour.

So when was this holiday arranged? Well presumably some time ago because the security arrangements don't happen overnight.

Oh, and the BBC says that Mrs Gibb says it is a freebie as far as the Gibbs are concerned, so where is the money (of which No.10 spoke) going?

shergar said...

I'm sure Sgt Steven Roberts' widow will be wishing the grinning fuckwit and the loathesome witch a happy and prosperous new year.

You remember him, the bloke who had to cough up his body armour because the under-equipped poor bloody infantry had none.

Anonymous said...

Dear me Liz, you must be the only adult (I assume you are a grown-up?) who still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, if you think the "equivalent cost" of a 3 week holiday in a Barbados villa to be £300 - the amount Blair "donated" to charity last time out. Perhaps a Florida charity will be the happy recipient of a similar amount for 2 weeks' stay in the Gibbs villa - the cost of which, if it were on the open market, is estimated at £30,000.

It must indeed be wonderful to have friends who invite you to use their holiday homes - why Blair and wife have so many of such friends they haven't even met some of them - believe the Italian Prince whose villa they used on one occasion was a complete stranger to them - but a crony of Berlusconi.............

Anonymous said...

To clarify my last post:

The Committee for Standards in Public Life does not investigate complaints as such. I believe that has to be raised through a constituency MP (mine is a lickspittle Liabour lackey). However, it will initiate inquiries. So an appropriately-worded letter expressing disquiet about the office of Prime Minister accepting hospitality may well succeed whereas a standard complaint would fail.

Anonymous said...

In addition to those already mentioned, there are so many fine songs in the Gibbs' back catalogue that sum up the Labour government:

Words (as in it's only words, and words are all I have, to take your vote away) - the Labour manifesto

Lonely Days - Charles Clarke

More Than A Woman - Margaret Beckett

Heartbreaker - Tessa Mills, sorry, Jowell

Too Much Heaven - the influence on Tony Blair's foreign policy

Guilty - Lord Levy

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? - Pauline Prescott

Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) - John Prescott

For Whom The Bell Tolls - Tony Blair

and of course...

Tragedy - the post-1997 era

Anonymous said...

I liked Teri's post very much. The only thing is,if he checks out in a plane crash, the pilot and crew would also perish and that is too high a price to pay. It might be better if he were walking along a very high cliff over with jagged rocks and a roiling sea below, and someone accidentally pushed him over.

Jafo - "Blair and wife have so many of such friends they haven't even met some of them -". Funny!

Anonymous said...

Verity, maybe Tony B. Liar can be persuaded to take a walk in the woods with a bottle of pain killers and a blunt penknife?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:10 p.m.

Hmmmm ... I don't think so. Blair's very familiar with that scenario. Remember how every single journalist accompanying Blair on that flight to Tokyo, when Blair was given the news that the deed had been done - oops! - that Dr Kelly had committed suicide - noted that his face went instantly grey. Every single journalist report this in their reports.

Anyone wishing to have further information about the pack of Coproximal with five tablets missing, and the blunt knife will be interested in reading the autopsy report.

Oddly enough, despite the appearance laboriously given that Dr Kelly had taken five tablets, the autopsy showed only one-half of one tablet in his stomach.

There are some other very interesting facts contained in the report. As in, Dr Kelly was a medical doctor besides being our top biological weapons of mass destruction expert, yet he "committed suicide" in a manner (no, he didn't slash his wrists) that would make him the only person in Britain, during that year, to use this particularly agonising method of suicide. And him a doctor ...

Inexplicably, the hospital failed to weigh the blood in his body, so there is no record of whether he bled to death or not.

Anyone wanting to know much more about this should go to Lib Dem MP Norman Baker's web page. He has concerned himself with trying to find out the truth and he has done an absolutely excellent and honourable job.

RIP Dr David Kelly.