Monday, December 18, 2006

End of the Year Review Tonight on 18DS

At 9pm tonight we have an End of the Year Review show with newly promoted LibDem MP Lynne Featherstone, Peter Riddell and Daniel Finkelstein from The Times and Tory Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Keith Simpson. Coming later in the week is an hour long interview with Chris Huhne at 9pm tomorrow and on Wednesday at 9pm I'll be talking to Tory Party Chairman Francis Maude. On Thursday at 9pm we have a programme called Prime Minister Portillo & President Gore. It's a 90 minute discussion on counterfactual history with four experts in the field.


Anonymous said...

May I be the first to wonder where "ONE NIL, ONE NIL" etc. got lost in cyber space?

Blackberries don't rule. OK?

Anonymous said...

The Doughty Street site still, infuriatingly, needs some fine tuning. Once I'd tuned into the video, I couldn't afterwards tune into the site. There was no link of any kind to get onto actual Doughty Street TV.

OTOH, on the UTube clip, Michael Ediae was fabulous and I would vote for him in a NY minute. I too hate "positive discrimination" (which is still discrimation, duh) because it detracts from the wattage of people who get on a list on the merits of their own brain and political beliefs. They are labelled "A listers". Everyone, naturally, thinks, oh, well, he/she was pushed forward for political correctness. It's self-defeating and actually detracts from the lustre of very clever candidates of either sex and whatever race who get there on merit. If that is possible in today's Conservative Pary.

I would love to see Michael Ediae get a seat in Parliament. He would tower over the likes of Blair, Hewitt, Harmon, Straw, Jowell, Brown - how hollowly these names ring, eh? - and I would love to see someone that bright, with that much conviction, as the leader of the Conservatives. David Cameron is false and gives the impression of shallow PR manipulator. His main attraction is, he's not as shallow, sleazy or self-aggrandising as Tony Blair, but he only misses by a squinch - oh that sled on the Norwegian ice floe! Such an obvious PR manipulative photo op. Nothing to do with the governance of Britain, which is now critical, at all. Yes, yes, it was to get attention, but it wasn't just the ice floe that sent cold shivers down my spine.

I want to see politicians, selected on their merits. I don't want to have a choice between two pr puppets who have been drilled in what to think.

Anonymous said...

If Portillo had won, there would have been no 'euro never' policy from IDS. The Party would have split and UKIP would have surged.

Michael Howard copied UKIP's referendum on the EU Constitution, which manoevred Blair away from it. It is unlikely that Portillo would have done the same, had he been leader. Blair would have been able to sign Britain into the Constitution, and agreed to the Euro by the back door.

the tap

Anonymous said...

I've just seen this:,,17129-2511249,00.html

Cameron is not just an international illiterate, but he is very dangerous. He thinks everyone went to Eton and subscribes to beliefs which we, laughably now, know are false.

Cameron,out. In: anyone who is not this self-regarding tone-clone. His statements are incredibly ignorant and ill-considered. The world does not end on the shores of the English Chanel. I am serious. This man is hazardous. He is ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I thought Daniel Finkelstein's mind was as sharp as a razor and the wit very entertaining. Any chance he will be brought back on again?