Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trevor Phillips Does an Enoch

I understand Trevor Phillips will be having his Enoch Powell moment in tomorrow's Sunday Times. But instead of seeing the Tiber foaming with blood, he predicts 'fires in the streets'. I really do think the debate on this issue is threatening to get out of control. Still, let's wait to see the full article. God, I'm being soooo responsible at the moment, aren't I? Don't worry, it can't last...


Anonymous said...

It will last as long as you are on the A list.

Peter from Putney said...

Trevor Phillips writing in The Sunday Times tomorrow ..... if ever there was a good reason not to buy the newspaper, that has to be it!

Iain Dale said...

So you missed my comments on tax then...

Anonymous said...

No it is not threatening to get out of control it is long overdue.

Islam has a view of the World that is intolerant to all other beliefs and/or systems and will not rest until it has it,s way!

We in this country have a tolerant view of the World and it,s beliefs and we are under attack from Islam. At one recent meeting with Ruth Kelly after recent arrests they asked for two things. One, muslim Bank Holidays for Muslims and Two Sharia law!!

I promise you it shook this Government to the core and hence the veil and the orchestrated discussion on the matter

Yet again where were the opposition? Asleep?

Peter from Putney said...

Iain, The clock on your comments section appears to be 6 or 7 minutes fast - does this mean if we're really clever that we'll be able to leave comments before you've even written the lead story?

Speaking of which we haven't seen much from you lately on the subject of West Ham United .... hmmm ... wonder why that would be?

Benedict White said...

I have to say this governmnet has gone from being pathetically unaware of what is going on to the lowest of the low populism that threatens the stability of the country.

The Hitch said...

Im glad all this crap is coming out, its like an overdue lancing of a boil.
We need to have a good scream at each other and let everybody know what we like and don't like, then hopefully find some middle ground.
This country works because of the values we have that have evolved over centuries.
If you don't like them, fuck off!
Yes, Khan at the back of the class that means you!
Your parents may indeed be about to take over the world but that doesn't excuse you from detention.
Putin minor see me after class.
Today we discuss the corn laws "protectionism or a French plot ?"

Peter from Putney said...

Returning to the serious issue... the Brits are a tolerant people and it takes a great deal before we get really stirred up, but I genuinely sense this is now happening, especially in some of the northern towns I visit regularly, where massive immigration levels threaten the very fabric of society. The Government would do well to listen to what ordinary, non-racist people are saying and they are saying it in vast numbers very loudly and very bluntly.

Anonymous said...

Peter Oborne has stated the obvious in the Mail today, that NuLab realises it has lost the Islamic vote over the Iraq situation and it is concentrating on regaining working class voters who are repelled by Islamic extremism.
Jack Straw's intervention was a the first shot in a subtle campaign to reposition NuLab on unpopular multiculturism.
Cameron needs to say, quickly and firmly, that the Tories hold no brief for unreasonable Islamic demands and the Party advocates assimilation to the indigenous culture.

Anonymous said...

"Lowest of the low populism." Isn't that also known as democracy?

I respect the brilliant game Labour is playing on this subject. Clintonite Triangulation still works. Unfortunately, until the electorate becomes sophisticated enough and/or takes enough interest to stop it working, it will continue to make democracy a farce.

It's as if someone has found a system that works in a casino game. If a way can't be found to exclude the cheats, the game will have to be shut down.

uk-events said...

Race relations were fine in this country until PC Facists like him started spouting their rhetoric.

Now its taking something of a downturn as we see uncontrolled immigration.

9/11 and its aftermath have also play a significant part. The events of the day itself I think had little effect but the deafening silence from the "moderate" muslim community subsequently have angered a lot of people.

Whilst obviously to be muslim is to belong to a faith, not a race, we all know its a certain racial group who have to bear the brunt of the burgeoning racist anger which is once again becoming commonplace.

One way to resolve it is for moderate muslims to integrate more instead of "sticking to their own" and for people like Trevor Philips to FOAD.

The Druid said...

Are we really saying that inter-community relations (I hate that, but can't think of a better alternative) are so fragile that an honest debate about the wearing of veils will cause riots? Poppycock.

Islamist troublemakers will easily justify their lawlessness when it comes. It could be the "veil" or our old friend "poverty and disenfranchisement." Such excuses are disingenuous to say the least. The violence is really a political tool: "Back off Islam or else". No doubt a British Intifada is being planned. After all, the French one is now going so well:,,3-2414175,00.html

Anonymous said...

IAIN -Are you on the A list ?Then surely you aren`t allowed to say anything .

Trevor Phillips was saying quite the reverse two years ago and I am begginning to think he is a fraud and opportunist. This issuse is being used by Nulab mostly to reclaim the working classes they have betrayed .
On the other hand there is no place for Muslims in this country and while we can tolerate a small number of any lunatics there beliefs are UNIQUELY incompatible with Liberal Democracy. What is the problem with stopping further influx from Pakistan which has already made us the top terrorist target. Do we wait for the deaths ?
Or do we wait for the EU to allow us to control our own borders?

Praguetory said...

This weekend the day before this story broke I met a supply teacher who often works in Inner City Birmingham schools. He predicted massive riots between Somalians and (the more Westernised) Pakistani/Bangladeshis in the next 5 years. That is based on what he is seeing in inner city primary schools. Anyone not cognizant of the dangers is at best ill-informed (unsurprising given the cover ups over Somalian criminality)

ThunderDragon said...

You should know better Iain - Enoch Powell did not predict the Tiber foaming with blood, but was quoting Virgil's Iliad. Like Enoch's, I am sure that one phrase of Trevor Phillips will be blown up out of all proportions, with no reference to it's context.

It really is amazing how one quoted word can end up defining a man's career.

Anonymous said...

"Virgil's Iliad". YOU should know better!