Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cassilis Wants Your Help

The Cassilis Blog is being, as Sir Humphrey would say, 'courageous' in trying to compile a Conservative Thesaurus. After Ingigo Wilson's experience with his Leftie Lexicon I'd have thought this was something to steer clear of. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that right wing bloggers were so ready to jump to Ingigo Wilson's defence, supporting his right to freedom of speech, but not so ready to back sion simon from attack.

The fact that neither is that Wilson or Simon were amusing, and that both were offensive. So it is telling that right wing bloggers are ready to defend Cameron from jibes, but not muslims.

Iain Dale said...

Matthew, what a load of old bollocks. No one said Sion Simon didn't have a right to free speech. I said his video was puerile and not very funny but I would never say he didn't have a right to make it. I didn't even find it especially offensive.

I defend anyone's right to be offensive. That doesn't mean I have to agree with what they say.

Anonymous said...

"Matthew, what a load of old bollocks." - Iain Dale.

This is the reason why this man should be an MP.

Anonymous said...

Inigo Wilson was amusing, intelligent and made some very sharp points. I'm pleased to see he's back in his job, although he should never have been suspended. Sion Simon was simply infantile, although in his defence he's not well - alcoholic, depressive and slowly going blind from an incurable eye disease, and the video was clearly a piece of attention-seeking. Really there's no comparison.

Jeff said...

I found some great but scary uses of political double talk here

The most scary is the part on asymetrical warfare.

I think Cassilis will have a long list to sort through.

Liam Murray said...

Just for the record I also backed up Simon's right to free speech (here) but, like Iain, wished he'd exercised that right with a little more wit & maturity.

Thanks for the plug Iain - suggestions are few and far between so perhaps this is something the left have a particular talent for...?

The Druid said...

"After Ingigo Wilson's experience with his Leftie Lexicon I'd have thought this was something to steer clear of. "

The chilling effect in action? Looks like it.

Anonymous said...

"The Conservative Party"

definition - a New Labour think tank. Tories announce a policy and after being rubbished by Labour - it is then enthusiastically adopted as official Labour policy - but rebranded - costing 10 times more to implement and done in such a cack handed fashion that its a failure!