Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Latest from 18DoughtyStreet

Did any of you catch the Politics Show feature on blogging and 18DoughtyStreet? Not a bad report, I thought! I've also got an article on the new TV channel in the Sunday Times News review today. You can read the 'uncut' version HERE.

I have a great show lined up for Vox Politix on Thursday evening... two female guests who can be assured to agree on absolutely nothing at all...

Right, off to the studio for yet another rehearsal.


Anonymous said...

Iain, I know how much you love Jamie Oliver, so why haven't you commented on his 20-point political manifesto in the News of the World.
It contains gems such as : "Iraq. If I'd been in charge of the country I'd never have gone to war."
Troops: "If we halved our troops the spare resources could help fight crime."
Education: "I believe in comprehensive education. ..I think our primary schools are fantastic too." ( I understand that, in fact, Jamie was in a remedial class at school)

Does this pompous little prat really have political ambitions? He did a good job on highlighting the issue of school meals but he now seems to have a hugely inflated ego.

Anonymous said...

your guests - my guess ann widdecombe and glenys kinnock. long shot liza minelli she's been on everything else!

The Hitch said...

Cherie Blair and Carol Caplin?

Anonymous said...

Interested to read the article's final line, Iain: ' launches at 8pm on Tuesday and will broadcast for four hours per night on weekdays.'

So is the plan to broadcast 'live' like a TV channel, or to have the shows available 'on demand'? The former would be a bit odd in these days of Sky+ and click-to-stream online media?

Iain Dale said...

Simon, all programmes wil be streamed live but will then be available on demand.

Anonymous said...

Dear Iain,

You have to stop telling people that I splutter. I, I, I don't. Spluttering is what an elderly gentlemen does in a Whitehall farce . Channel 4 News presenters may ask questions in an animated way, but we don't splutter.

When Tim came on Channel 4 News at Noon the other day I wanted to examine the difference between programmes with a regulated duty to be balanced and accurate and those without any duty to be either. I don't have any personal problem with what you are doing. I'm sure it will add to the mix of information and we'll quote your revelations from time to time. I was just questioning whether you can honestly call it news or compare it with mainstream and regulated current affairs. I was really inviting Tim to tell us how you might one day become as popular and influential as the right wing talk show hosts of the United States. But he was more interested in having a go at the BBC and Channel 4, which is his right.

I think you misunderstand what most television journalism is trying to do. There is no great liberal conspiracy in the media. And if you think you can deduce my personal opinions from any interview I conduct or any story I broadcast you have totally missed what we are about. My job is ask questions, find things out and pose the criticisms my interviewees want to dodge - whoever they are and whatever their view. I am there to ask what viewers from across the spectrum might ask if they had the chance. You on 18DoughtyStreet come from a different motivation. You will be upfront about your personal political views and ask things from that perspective. You have an agenda and that is absolutely fine. But you don't need to slag off what we do in order to succeed at what you do.

The much bigger problem facing us all is the relatively small number of people who are interested in political programming. To prove that you are right and that there are loads of people out there just waiting for politics to be done well I'd say you really have to get around two million viewers at any one time. That would be about double the audience of an average Channel 4 News at 7pm, Newsnight or Politics Show. I think you might struggle to get that but good luck.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Anonymous said...

I liked the idea of the interview not being interrupted by a cretin like Caroline Quinn saying "OK" to shut up an elected representative.

In fact the notion of interviews being structured properly with information being elicited sounds attractive.

Can you multicast from 18 Doughty Street ? I mean could you say stage an Oxford Onion Debate and have that run on a second channel ?

Rachel said...

I thought you were great! Well done. Good crack about offerign her a job

All v. exciting.

Richard Bailey said...

Sorry to pester, but just thought I would ask my question again. It probably got lost in all the computer geek advice the other day.
What I was hoping to find out was who owns / is putting the money into this project?
I mean who do we write our thank you letters to?
Barclay Brothers? Lord Ashcroft? That Stringfellows chap??

Anonymous said...

Iain, as part of the run-up to launching 18 Dowdystreet I notice that your avatar has changed.

Is that new hand-on-jaw image suggesting a deeply thoughtful pose, or just hiding more chins than the Beijing phone book?

(Cheap shot, lest the huge success that we're all expecting should go to your head; lining up the popcorn and scooby snacks for a great night in on Tuesday - break a leg)

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Good piece on you lot Iain. It bordered on a "puff piece" and there was no mention of Fox either. It was one of the most competent pieces on "political blogging" that I have yet seen on British TV.

Anonymous said...

Someone claiming to be Krishnan Guru-Murthy has popped up on this thread.

Why then does the second from last para form an acrostic which reads,

"John Snow is a wanker"?

Anonymous said...

In the piece on the Daily Politics show,bloggers and blogs were described as places for 'activists' to 'rant' about the 'party leaders'.I'm not an activist.These things are the only place where it's possible to get things off your chest if you believe the media is biased to the left.Perhaps the BBC could be challenged on that point?

CityUnslicker said...


Have just posted on the small anti parliament event in London. Noticed one person with a camera was hurt. Do hope this was not one of your citizen journo's!