Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blogging Cymru Style

Blogging seems to be taking off among Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly. David Davies AM MP has had a blog for some time, but he's now been joined by Tory leader Nick Bourne AM, Glyn Davies AM, Alun Cairns AM and Welsh Tory Press Officer and Justin Hawkins lookalike Richard Hazlewood. Stephen Crabb MP has a blog, although shamefully he only posts weekly. Assembly candidates Emma Greenow and Dylan Jones-Evans have also taken up blogging.

Another Welsh blog of note is written by Tom Livingstone, political editor of the Western Mail - it's glorious title is 0725 to Paddington. Welsh PA Correspondent Daniel Davies has a well-read blog called Tyger Tales. BBC Political Editor David Cornock Blogs HERE and if you want to read a blog in Welsh, Vaughan Roderick of BBC Cymru allows you to do so HERE. North Wales journalists David Banks blogs HERE.

Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood's blog is HERE. Peter Black, whose blog is undoubtedly the best LibDem blog is Wales (5th in my Top 100 LibDem Blogs) is a must visit, as is Labour's Leighton Andrews AM's. Another Labour AM with a blog is Alun Pugh.

NatWatch ( a Labour inspired website to keep watch on the SNP's and Plaid's activities) is worth a visit.

Now, if all these blogs would like to add a link back to me, I'd be a happy boyo. I'll be adding a permanent Welsh Blogs section to my links in the left hand column shortly. Are there any others you think I've missed?

UPDATE: David Jones MP also has a blog HERE.


SimonW said...

Iain, it is Tomos Livingstone not Tom!
All we in Wales need in Lembik Opik to have a blog!

Blamerbell said...


What sets the Welsh Assembly bloggers apart is that they blog *while* they are in the chamber.

Watching an Assembly session is like being a fly on the wall in an IT class.

When politicians would rather be blogging than debating then you're in trouble.

Iain Dale said...

Blamerbell, i will happily link to you - just a teensy little problemo - your blog doesn't have a link to mine. let me know when it does...

Luke Young said...

heya Iain,

Can I be put with my fellow welshmen in the list? :)

Rhys Wynne said...

Is NatWatch really a blog as it doesn't actually allow comments?

Ed and Emma said...

Your link has been added to my newly setup blog.

If you could do the same that would be much appreciated!

Thank you