Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Enterprise Economy Explained


Anonymous said...

I hear on the tabloid-fuelled grapevine that Polish workers tend to work very hard, sometimes even harder than British workers.

Then again, I also hear that they don't pay tax for two years after entering the country - and then just before their two years is up, they leave the country briefly only to come back into the UK to register for another tax-free two years.

I hear lots of things.

I should probably see a doctor about that.

Anonymous said...

dear tom_r

You is de fascist pig cos you is full of de hear-say shit throwin de ignorance at everyon.

Wake up man, you shold hope dat de doctor you see is Polish - is you gonna demand to see his tax return you acrimonious little snide British down de lavatory excuse for a man?

By the way, there should be a supervisor and a trade union rep in the piccie.

Anonymous said...

How is a Polish worker good for the economy?

Yes when they work they pay taxes, money for the government.

Yes they do a job for minimum wage, good for firms, not so for indigenous people.

But they dont spend their money in this country, they send it back to Poland.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous

If you's think dat after fixin your roof an lookin after your babies while earnin de minimum wage an livin in London dat de Polish worker can afford to save an send money abroad den you is not one of de intellectual elite man.

Or is you savin a lot from yours minimum wage?

Anonymous said...

No mention here of the inevitable management consultant. I think it's the bloke on the back left.

The Hitch said...

This is what we want, the truth.
I may even canvass for you Iain, although not whilst there is a chance of that Cameron tosser being PM.

Anonymous said...

I am in favour of swapping the Polish population for British layabout yobs. Tax or no tax, they're polite, work hard, don't steal and are helpful.

Under Blair British standards of behaviour have collapsed to an unacceptable level. We are a 'walk on by' society now. Cameron is right.

Anonymous said...

tapestry wrote,

"We are a 'walk on by' society now. Cameron is right."

But what would that wimp do that would be any better. The more I hear of his embarrasing ineffectual nancy announcements, the more I cringe and wonder how much more of this I can take. What he would possibly suggest doing with young yobboes fills me with fear and trepidation. I could actually imagine the trottel advising that we should run across the road and kiss them!

Anonymous said...

Everything attempted today to cure British ills is too little to late. We lost our way in the 80's by throwing away experience in favour of those of our population under the age of 35. The whole marketing machine targeted this group exclusivly to the detriment of the rest of us. Wisdom has never been the provenance of the young and when we imdulged in this group we offered up control of our destiny. They all want to be managers before they can walk and the Blairite recipe for disaster was to reduce the value of education by lowering pass levels at every educational step so that it bolsters their ego even more than it is already. The UK is becoming a laughing stock again in Europe because of its lame standards. I know because I've tried to recruit several UK graduates during the last 5 years and have finally given up! They can't write, they can't spell, they come for interviews covered in tatoos and many have more holes in their body than an industrial colander. They dress atrociously for interviews and the youndg men mumble incoherently. On the other hand, the Slovaks, Czechs, Poles and Hungarians are just the opposite and their education systems appear far superior and their attitude is spot on - they are keen to learn!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you've touched a raw nerve here. Could it be that tom_r and anon 11:08 work in one of these "manager" categories.

No doubt THEY pay their taxes for standing around watching someone else work!

towcestarian said...

But how else are we going to employ 50% of the population with "university" degrees if we don't have lots of pointless management jobs?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Being accused of being a fascist for putting British taxpayers first. Same old story - you criticise foreign workers doing jobs that British people are perfectably capable of doing, and someone calls you racist.

Sad, isn't it.

And de elite crew, now that you ask, it isn't "hear-say shit" - it's from my neighour who has had several friends' companies in the construction industry go out of business because they were undercut by Polish workers who don't have to conform to British building standards regulations and therefore just do things on the cheap. If this is what people mean by the UK having a more 'competitive' economy, I think I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

There are few things worth of mention about Poles working in UK.

1) ...

There are two kinds of Poles working in UK. First group contain people who are well educated, they know what they want to do in their lives and they know how to do it. Unfortunately this is small group; 20%. The second (80%) group are ... losers. Yes, man who cannot find the job in Poland so they go to UK. I say, that's the reason the British has such opionion of Poles. Sorry but this is how it looks.

2) ...

Why UK Government let Polish people to work on "islands" just after Poland join EU? The other "old union" countries didn't do it. You know why? I will tell you why. Great Britain as a first country in EU understood one thing. That it is better to have Poles doing a "dirty job" than have a "outside EU citizen" doing the same job for the same prize. Yes, that's the real reason. That's the real "why". Just see what kind of problems have France with their "Arabic citizens" recently. In the time when terrorism rules the world UK found a way to minimize the risk. Of course non of politicians will tell this a loud but they know it. You should be aware of this too.

3) ...

Generally I don't have good opinion about Poles "emigrating" their own country only because somewhere else you can lead a little better life. Of course there are exceptions. The one more thing I need to mention ... the great part of Polish nation if very naive and can be easily manipulated. UK should make a use of this "clue" ;)

That's all I have to say about this. Regards to all.

For those who think I'm risist heating Polish nation ... I'm a Pole too ;) I just hate when pack of "dump muscle workers" creates bad opionion about my country that I love and live in.