Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Newsnight Editor Tonight on Vox Politix

Tonight on Vox Politix on 18DoughtyStreet I'm joined by the editor of BBC's Newsnight Peter Barron, Sunny Hundal from Pickled Politics and Dave Hill. Click on the Vox Politix Blog HERE to contribute questions to the programme and find out our topics for discussion. You can safely bet that we'll be mentioning the story below...


Anonymous said...

Can`t work out how to log in ( not to bright I `m afraid).I cannot see much difference between this idea and regulating personal conversation or books . Internet medias are global but also personal and communal. I `m suprised at your sang froid under the circumastances . It terrifies me

Anonymous said...


PS I see SUZ a local lib dum ( to me has a link )I ask out of sheer ignorance , how can I get one ? My blog is the local Conservative point of reference and I have had a spat with SUZ and her Lib chums this week . Help an embattled Tory ?It seems harsh that the enemy are helped when we definitely need the help more ...sadly

( No doubt I have missed the point , I often do )

Neil Reddin said...

Yes, OK, I should have posted that on the 18DS blog.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get a password in order to register with the 18 DS blog, but it never materialised ... so I'll have to make my comment here.

On the whole I agree with Sunny's piece about BBC News attempting to entertain rather than inform. Thankfully, the same is not (yet) true of BBC Radio 4. Much of their news and current affairs output IS informative, though Sunny's remarks about bias in their choice of contributors probably does apply.

Anonymous said...

I see now anything critical of the Internet TV circus doesn't get posted. I have had three emails not posted in the last 24 hours. Makes you wonder what else Iain is censoring. And then he will talk about Labour abusing the Freedom of Information Act.

Go on Dale, I dare you to post this.

Bob Piper said...


Are you frightened of your co-presenter. You both look a bit uncomfortable on that PVC sofa and last night you were edging away from her rather too much. Come on, give us more of those Abbott-Portillo cuddly moments.

I liked last night's discussion on blogging, by the way.

Anonymous said...

is this on after Coronation Street?

Anonymous said...

The 18 Doughty Street blog flatly wouldn't let me post comments - despite my registering. I was trying to praise last night's show too!

Anonymous said...

Listened to the programme last night (although I think it was the later version, not Vox Politix) and enjoyed it.

The off-camera talking was a little irritating and there were times when I couldn't hear them. I got the sense that it was irritating you as well.

Would love to hear you debate pre-emptive nuclear strikes on fundamentalist regimes. I was blogging about that as I listened to the show last night.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, why don't you just piss off somewhere else if you don't like it here? Yes, I did delete two anonymous posts which just repeated the rubbish you posted yesterday.

As I have made clear before, if people post anonymously they can expect their comments to be deleted.

I really don't care if you don't like me highlighting what is on 18DoughtyStreet. It's certainly not obligatory to read it, but then I don't have to approve your posts which make the same tiresome point over and over again, do I?

Start your own blog.

Chris Palmer said...

Iain, last nights Vox Politics was on the whole very good. Nice one.

MorrisOx said...

The line-up sounds just a wee bit too close to the usual suspects for my liking.

With great respect to those taking part, there are far too many people out there in media land who can provide an opinion without necessarily contributing anything.

Follow your convictions, Iain. It ain't easy when you're trying to fill slots but gofor people who have something to say not people who are paid to say something.

Anonymous said...

Inflation at its highest level in nine years - and you fuck around with this - get real!!

Anonymous said...

I cant work out how to watch either anf would love to!! Is it live or a series of recored messages??

Please help a silver haired grumpy and teach him how to watch.My wife is laughing at ME!!!

Is it free or do I have to pay?
We need help here

Anonymous said...

Dear Iain,
Wife worked it out for me and she cant use computers. Love it and will watch more of it.At last grown up debate instead of spin a propaganda!!

I wont send comment through programme because it costs 50 pence and i am too mean!

Joking apart,great and keep up the good work! look forward to some scoops now and again. Ken from Gloucetser

Little Black Sambo said...

I can't watch Doughty Street, either live or "watch again", because it is constantly stopping to "buffer" or something. Does this mean that my computer needs more memory? The "audio only" was almost as bad. Does it make any difference where you live? Perhaps you will publish some helpful hints?

Anonymous said...

L.B.S. Sounds like your connection to be fair...umm you do have broadband?

Anonymous said...

I saw something on TV last night that I did not think I would see in my lifetime. Tim M's discussing Aids and Aid with a black Nigerian, Michael X and an MP ex nurse who worked in Zambia.

On Aid and Aids, Michael's points:
1 Africa needs to grow up - we are close to 60(years since independence)old and have made no progress. Blaming colonialism no longer works.
2 We do not need aid - it corrupts our leaders
3 Trade deals etc should not hide the fact that Africans are lazy compared with Chinese and other Asians who have left Africa behind in growth,
4 West cannot solve our problems.
5 Africa has an abundance of resources

Until and unless West understands this and African leaders accept this, we can invest another US$400bn in Africa thus providing financial support for wars and corruption.

Good interview Tim M and well done 18D. Bet BBC would not publish such an interview. I hope Michael is listened to.

Anonymous said...


1) Stop shilling for this f'ing startup. It is boring. Keep it up and watch your stats drop.

2) That a man championing the freedom to comment would censor his own comments is dumber than donuts. The "get your own blog" response is a desparate "I'll take my football with me" whimper.

3) Seriously, you are becoming the mainstream media. They have absorbed you. As they say in motorsport, kart racing is an 18,000 RPM road to nowhere; blogging is analogous - all revs, no future.

Man in a Shed said...

Post show comment:

I thought Peter Barron, Newsnight, came rather close to admitting that the BBC had been biased in the past ( 'had a problem' is the phrase that comes to mind ). A bit like David Blunkett saying he was bonkers but is all right now.

It appeared that Peter Barron arrived ready to concede part of the point on left wing bias, but was rather shocked to be pushed from the left rather than the right. (As perhaps was your audience.)

Little Black Sambo said...

For any one with the same trouble as me (tv programme on computer very slow & jerky) I have been told I need a graphics card with its own memory and that will speed everything up, so I am getting one.

Peter Risdon said...

There's a wealth of streaming formats that work with everything (Windows, Mac, Linux) - You-Tube, Fox, Google, CNN, and every porn site on the planet know about them. Why don't you?