Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bring Me Sunshine

Matt Dean points out that David Cameron wasn't the first Tory leader to use a sunshine metaphor... This is a poster from 1929! He's also got some really good reports on various aspects of the Party Conference HERE.


Praguetory said...

Considering Matt was one of the people delayed by the accreditation farce, he covered a hell of a lot - and well, including the autism farce. Mind you he is an experienced hand. He was telling me he goes back to conferences in the 80s. N1 Matt.

Anonymous said...

If Dave wants you for a sunbeam, that's self-promotion on an epic scale.

Last time I looked, that's what Jesus wants you for.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but feel that Cameron saying 'let sunshine win the day' is only going to fuel concerns that he is more style than substance.

And on the subject of originality, Tony Blair has been regularly using the 'sunshine' metaphor for several years, although it's been more a case of him thinking it shines out of his a***.

Anonymous said...

With the media STILL describing Islamic fascism as right-wing. How can anything a Tory leader says be allowed to make any real sense?

One by one we are all becoming potential criminals for the crime of being honest and having money and property to confiscate.

Political correctness and free speach are political and social opposites. Even my 6 year old has worked that out.

Authoratarian socialism is what we have here in spades. A later day Oswald Mosley type party has been running this place for 9 years.

If the British people cant by now work out for themselves what this in reality means, we are all in deep deep shit. Because the MSM is not permitted and has no desire to anyway, give them even a criptic clue.

As for David Cameron he has my deepest sympathy, but it wont help him, or the rest of us. It is time for the lazy but freedom loving people of Britain to stand up and be counted or they soon will HAVE to hold their manhoods cheap FOREVER. Henry V eat your heart out.

I am a free man not a number, get me out of here!

Little Black Sambo said...

Hooray for Garypowell! Nobody can be trusted. Everybody is snooping on everybody else. Everybody is taking offence on behalf of everybody else. Nobody dares to open his mouth. However are we going to get out of this self-inflicted mess?

Matt Dean said...

Thank-you for your kind remarks Iain.
I see my blog also gets a mention on the Osborne autism row that Mary Ann Sieghart chaired at,,1071-2388542,00.html
Good luck once again with the TV channel-there is certainly a gap in the market and I am looking forward to it enormously.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Tories lose the 1929 election?