Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Conference Fringe Diary

I’m speaking at or chairing five fringe meetings during the Conservative Conference, so if you are going to the conference do pop along to any of them. I’ll also be on the Bloggers Stand in the Bourne Corridor from time to time so I hope to meet as many of you as possible!


10.30am Official opening of the Bloggers Stand with Francis Maude

5pm Conservative History Group with David Trimble, Granville Suite, Trouville Hotel, Priory Road

6pm Panellist with Francis Maude and Ann Widdecombe at the Hansard Society Fringe on How the Conservatives Should Make the Most of New Media, Branksombe Suite, BIC


12.30pm Panellist with Nicholas Boles & Sayeeda Warsi at Demos Fringe on Reconnecting Voters with Politicians, Royal Bath Hotel

6pm Panellist with Sir George Young and Peter Riddell at New Politics Network Fringe on Answering the English Questions, Hardy Suite, Hermitage Hotel


12.30pm Chairing the Our Say Fringe with Saira Khan, Purbeck Suite, BIC

Also, I’ll be doing News 24 from 7.30 on Monday taking part in a discussion on new media. Tuesday’s Today programme will carry a feature on 18DoughtyStreet. Also on Monday night I’ll be on Anita Anand’s Five Live Show from 11.30pm.

Just in case you’re remotely interested.


Anonymous said...

Cheesy as hell but it made me smile

Anonymous said...

Are you going to webcast the fringe meeting on how to get the most out of new media?

Tapestry said...

sorry not to be there. court case. Yuk. I sense a great conferecne in the offing.

Gareth said...

See you at English Questions.

The Great Gildersleeve said...

Hope you can get a decent interview/discussion with Anita, I'm not usually impressed by her questions and broadcasting technique. Heard you on Radio 5's weekend news with Ashmall...not any better.

They spend so long interupting or asking long questions there is little time left for those like yourself who are invited on to say anything.

Anonymous said...

Has Francis Maude hired himself a new style guru for the conference? News 24 last night showed FM in a snazzy red pullover plus the biggest hair since the 80s
If this is modern caring conservatism - count me in!

Anonymous said...

Steppenwolff.... thanks for your 'yourtube' link - I thought it was cheesy - I'm afraid my 18 year old daughter loved it.
Retro music, lots of youngsters slinging paint, old people looking a bit embarrassed.
She's been keen on Dave's Conservatives since she accidentally watched his last year's conference speech.
Was it his 'new man' image? was it his 'caring / sharing, all inclusive, we love women, yoof, (even) men, all peoples and all colours open-ness? -
No..... she loved his light show.
She's not stupid, eight A* at GCSE, and now studying Maths, further maths, physics and art at A Level.
I'm afraid that this IS the future, and the sooner someone catches on (see Tony... last 10 years) Then the sooner we can all get over it.
Hang on in there Davey !!

Anonymous said...

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