Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fantasy Football Update: Spurs 0 West Ham 5

A hat-trick from Tevez... Tomorrow I shall be making my first ever visit to White Hart Lane. The way West Ham have been playing recently I can't say I am hoping for a thumping victory, but they just have to score soon, so it might as well be against Spurs. However, that's preceded by a swift 9 holes at Kings Hill. One of my blog readers has invited me to play at Royal Birkdale so I'd better get a bit of practice in. If there are any bloggers out there who are members at Augusta, I'm available at very short notice indeed. And that's Augusta, Georgia...

I realise I haven't updated you on the state of the Iain Dale's Diary Fantasy League lately. My teams are languising in 86th and 88th place. Not quite as bad as Richard Havers Berwick Wanderers who languish in 154th and last place with only 162 points.

1 sheva me timbers S R 467
2 FC Elskin David Preston 458
3 Come on You Horns!!! Kerron Cross 450
4 Netsters Robert Williams 441
5 Dynamo Bloomsbury Chris Cook 436
6 Up for Aliya Calev ben Dor 436
7 Absolutely Fàbregas Andy Redfern 435
8 Palace in the Prem Daniel Harvey 434
9 Stealth Cyclist Iain Lindley 432
10 Wandsworth Commoners Dylan Chadha 429


Peter from Putney said...

No sooner my comment than the deed!

Croydonian said...

Come on Iain, it is Sp*rs.

A goal would be nice, wouldn't it? Dizzy already thinks he's banked our tenners on the wager on whether his scouse rabble or the Mighty Irons will finish higher in the league....

Anonymous said... has a fantasy tip every week- (seems like some of you guy might need the help).

Anonymous said...

Spurs 0 West Ham 5 ! You must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

Your lot would have difficulty beating Leeds at present, if you were back in the Championship.

Anonymous said...

Your first ever visit to WHL!!!!!WHU must have played there over 40 times in your lifetime.

We would have thought from your postings that you were a big time supporter and therefore must have been there many times. Just how many away grounds have you been to?

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, I don't go to many away games - maybe 3 or 4 a season. But I go to virtually every home game. The reason I don't go to many away games was amply displayed this afternoon at WHL. I went with a Spurs supporting friend and it was quote clear that if I had let it be known that I supported West Ham I would have been lynched. The aggression around me was something I'd rather not witness again. Thank Christ the Hammers didn;t score, because I doubt whether I'd have been able to remain silent. The guy behind me was screaming venom virtually every thirty seconds. Not a pleasant experience. Very different to where I sit at Upton Park, where we often get away supporters among us and enjoy friendly banter with them. I;m not pretending it's like that all over the ground though!

Anonymous said...

"Thank Christ the Hammers didn;t score,"

Honestly mate; you have no chance of that happening any time soon o I can't understand why you were worried.

Anonymous said...

Forever blowing bubbles?.........

Michael Jackson cant score either

Anonymous said...

MIIIIDDDDDOOOOO. How did you like that little shoe bomb?

Anonymous said...

Dont be such a coward Iain.

I was at the away end at Selhurst park several years ago. Surrounded by Palace fans shouting abuse everytime a Man U player touched the ball. When we scored the best goal I have ever wittnessed live I jumped and shouted for a full 30 seconds. No one even looked around at me. Remember everyone HATES a London red even Man U fans.

The loudest barrels are allways the most empty. Tottenham fans especially.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:37PM. I am sorry about your bad experience at WHL.

If you want to go to a nice away ground, come to Fulham 12:45PM 23 December 2006. I am sure we will make you very welcome and if you ring our press office Mr Al Fayed might even give you a ticket in the Directors Box.

Def Con One said...

Got sent this earlier - the real story of how Defoe saved the life of Mascerano.

SPURS star Jermain Defoe prepares to clamp his jaws on a rival yesterday in one of the most amazing Life saving scenes witnessed in English soccer.
Striker Defoe, 24, Sucked out the poison from the arm of Javier Mascherano after seeing a deadly snake bite the West Ham midfielder.
Defoe’s face was contorted with pain as he Risked his own life to save the west ham player.
Fans were stunned at his bravory. Last night Tottenham Hotspur coach Martin Jol insisted it was Amazing “He’s a Hero!.”
Referee Steve Bennett stepped in to oversee the life saving procedure amid amazing scenes at White Hart Lane.

A 20-man circle closed in as opposing players all cheered Defoe. It took several minutes to Resume the game.

Come on you Spurs !!

Kerron said...

I think we need an update. ;-)