Friday, December 04, 2009

Considerably More Working Class Than Yow!*

Listen to THIS hilarious discussion about class between John Prescott and Eric Pickles on the Today Programme. Scroll down the page to 07.50.

Eee, ba gum, they're so working class they have cobbles instead of carpets.

* Reference to the Harry Enfield catchphrase "I'm considerably richer than yow" - said in a Brummie accent.


Richard Thomson said...

How about 'Prolier than Thou'?

Anonymous said...

* if you have to explain jokes, they're not funny. And it was Black Country accent, not a Birmingham one; they're very different

Ray said...

A complete waste of time and license payers money, Prescott was not interested in asking a serious question, Humphries played along and never pushed Prescott on any of his fallacious questions or comments, and I Imagine Pickles seeing the way it was going just played along. Let Prescott fight the next election for Labour, it will make it a complete wipeout of the silly bugars who made him more important than he ever should have been, and at least 10 places above his ability

tapestry said...

Prescot: Does Lord Ashford pay UK tax? I mean Lord Ashcraft?

I mean Lord Ashcroft?

(Subtext - Prescot, who's milked the state of millions, wouldn't be seen dead paying tax.)

Yes. That was a classic. Always thought it would be a good set-piece, between these two.

Another obvious pair for a verbal joust would be Nigel Farage and Ken Clarke. Over all the years, why have the BBC protected Clarke from Farage? Clarke's chicken. That's why.

haddock said...

when I saw ConHom headline of 'game set and match' I instantly thought of Sumo, not croquet....
who would you back in that contest ?
how does Pickles weigh up to Pieman Prescott ?

Shaun said...

I hate all this class sh*t.

I was brought up on a council estate unti Thatch gave the right to buy at which point my parents bought and we sold and moved somewhere else. I, and my wife, now own a pukka 1950s ex-council house in Newhaven and I love it (don't tell the wife as, my MS notwithstanding, she still has reservations about the area although my rescue lurcher enjoys the 20 meter back garden!).

I'd find it totally unacceptable for someone to attack me for the circumstances of my birth or the schools my parents sent me to. So why should I or anyone be free to attack people because they were born into wealth and their parents could afford to give them better things?

In the real world, if you had a choice, would you send your kids to Acland Burghley comp in Tuffnel Park, London (where I went), or to Eton or Harrow? No, really? I did see some Labour apparatchiks (Lord Desai, I'm looking at you!) at my school but only because it was relatively tame compared to the proto-prisons in the rest of Camden or adjacent Islington.

Why is it wrong to sneer at people for a poor background but not if you sneer at the scion of a wealthy family? The determination to render the class irrelevant system was THE redeeming feature of British Labour for decades but now that their present clutch of grammar-educated, oxbridge grads have decided to pull up the ladder behind them them, rather than challenge the relevance of class in the 21st C they instead choose to entrench their privillege in an anti-egalitarian manner by harping on about it's importance.

It's a sickness, it really is.

Yes, top flight private or grammar style education should be available to all. But you don't provide for equality by making the 'best' illegal, you should instead look to raise the standards of the state's offerings. And after years of open-tap funding, standards haven't been raised for a variety of reasons.

That is not the fault of the rick. They didn't pay Harrow or Eaton to sabotage the efficacy of state education. What happened is that the way education, mandated from the center, is carried out pissed that money up a rope.

C'est la vie. This isn't about education, at least superficially, but is about class.



Wrinkled Weasel said...


Luxury! We 'ad t' mek do wi' rat droppings ont flewer.

golden_balls said...

The points prescott made were valid the Tories do find it hard to win any seat up north and is Ashcroft actually paying tax its a yes or no answer. Pickles gave neither. If he didn't know maybe iain could bang on the wall and ask.

If the Tories aren't bothered about class or where you were educated why hide it on there own website.

JMB said...

Ed Milliband on The World At One is worth listening to. He claims that no scientist has ever told him they doubted the standard Manmade Climate Change theory (is that the right word as more like a religion than a scientific principle). But the best was that he said he will have to check with experts whether the word "trick" has some special scientific meaning which would explain its use in the leaked EMails.

JMB said...

Wasn't Prescott in another studio so it made it easier for him to just talk over the top of Pickles all the way through the interview.

moorlandhunter said...

Listening to Prescott on ‘class’ brings to mind his BBC TV programme about class where it was proved beyond a doubt to me that Prescott is a man who is very unhappy with himself and no matter what class he would like to call himself, he would be continue to be unhappy.
Prescott is a dinosaur of politics and if Labour are dragging the debate down to class issues for the coming election then it is a clear indication Labour know they have nothing left in its political coffers except the old Labour nugget of toffs = bad, working class = good.
Anyone silly enough to think this is as thick as Pressa.

BTW Did Pressa ever pay his council tax for his free apartments?

Anonymous said...

It is most definitely NOT said in a Brummie accent, it is a Black Country accent, specifically Dudley!

Dave H said...

Prescott did generally get the upper hand, the repulsive bully.

Martin Wellbourne said...

Totally O/T here but I feel that it is my public duty, and generally in the spirit of Christmas good cheer, to bring you news of the ambulance-harassing Lib-Dem councillor from Cambridge - remember him?

This details his latest exploits:-

For anyone unfamiliar with his antics, you might try this:-

Or just Google "Colin Rosenstiel" cross-referenced with "Ambulance". Or "Train". Or "Delivery driver"
He is, as they say, a gift that keeps on giving.

psychotrader said...

lol cobbles instead of carpet. Finally i managed to crack a smile this week thanks Iain

Houdini said...

I live in Chester, I know where Prescott comes from, he is not working class as he likes to portray.

tomandclaire said...

I found that so depressing, considering how much damage prescott and his party have done to the UK economy and all that bothers him is the place of education of the opposition.

Ed the Shred said...

Eric got his knickers into a pickle at one point. I think he meant to say that NuLabour was going forwards to the past, rather back to the future. Either way, spot on Eric. :-)

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested you can actually watch the full Downfall movie 9pm Film4.s

Anonymous said...

I commend tonights Newsnight to you where the UEA scientist called his debating partner across the atlantic 'an asshole' - A classic piece of AGW blinkered bigoted pomposity and arrogance

As ever the BBC totally failed to put the debate in the right context.

JMB said...

"I live in Chester, I know where Prescott comes from, he is not working class as he likes to portray."

Watch last week's Coming Home on BBC iPlayer.

Prescott went on and on about his family either being miners or "flunkies". He did not like being told that one worked for the local fox hunt though seemed to be pleased when told that the chap was killed in an accident when out with the hounds.

At the end he found that he was related to Lord Bancroft, he did not like that much!

He got very boring the way he kept going on about his politics.

neil craig said...

The Grantham Institute is part of Imperial College's website so who funds it is us. This is unsurprising - I have been asking alarmist sites if they can name 2 scientists in the alleged "consensus" who actually say they believe in catastrophic warming & aren't funded by government or alarmist lobbies. So far they have produced none.

Bob Ward, a PR hack not a scientist, also has previous - he wrote just before the emails broke on Douglas Carswell's blog lecturing him that it was his duty as an MP to promote alarmism. Douglas took some pleasure a few days afterwards in reporting a statement from Ward saying that there was a duty to be open minded (though clearly not that open minded).

It is clear the entire warming scam is government funded. How fortunate we aren't in a recession & can afford so many billions on such lies.

Mrs R said...

Prescott went to what was a very a decent school on the Wirral, worked as a steward in the Merchant Navy and so didn't have to do National Service. He became involved with the NUS which eventually led to his being Deputy Prime Minister.

Does he think he would have done better in life if he had attended a Grammar School?

He's got a heck of a social chip on his shoulder. Why isn't he proud of what his parents achieved during their lifetimes?

neil craig said...

My apologies - my last post should have been & now is on the catastrophic warming thread above this one.