Monday, August 23, 2010

Twitter Followers: Who's Missing?

The 2010 edition of the Total Politics Guide to UK Political Blogging will be published in November. We've been putting together a list of Top Political Tweeters. It may not be a perfect guide, but the number of followers someone has is a good indication of popularity, if not necessarily influence. Here's a list of fifty or so twitterers, each of whom has in excess of 5,000 followers. Who are we missing?

Boris Johnson 92472
Nick Clegg 48961
Conservatives 41223
Alastair Campbell 40677
David Miliband 31219
John Prescott 30461
Laura Kuenssberg 28112
Krishnan Guru-Murthy 24873
BBC Politics 24742
LibDems 23799
UK Parliament 22631
Ed Miliband 21786
Tory Radio 21421
Tweetminster 21019
William Hague 20804
Nick Robinson 18372
BBC Newsnight 16019
Guido Fawkes 15165
Evan Davis 14744
Ed Balls MP 13795
New Statesman 13719
Iain Dale 13584
Grant Shapps 13197
Tom Watson MP 12479
Vince Cable 12405
George Galloway 12001
Caroline Lucas 11744
Andrew Rawnsley 9612
Harriet Harman 9599
Kevin Maguire 9228
Eric Pickles MP 9189
Sally Bercow 8879
Daily Politics 8856
EyeSpyMP 8378
Paul Waugh 8109
Tim Montgomerie 7707
Labour List 6654
Kerry McCarthy MP 6548
Ben Bradshaw MP 6497
Adam Boulton 6311
Matt Wardman 6071
Andy Burnham 6016
Charlie Whelan 5923
Daniel Finkelstein 5903
Cathy Newman 5831
Dr Evan Harris 5807
Fraser Nelson 5776
Jeremy Hunt 5751
Bevanite Ellie 5740
Sadiq Khan MP 5621
Ian Collins 5494
PoliticsHome 5437
Gaby Hinsliff 5345
David Lammy MP 5121
Tom Harris MP 5088
Michael White 5068
Tory Press HQ 5053

The Total Politics Party Lines Blog will shortly start listing some of the Top blog categories.


Goosen said...

You're missing Think Politics (

Tim Fenton said...

Sarah Brown, perchance? Over 1.1 million followers ... or is she not considered to be sufficently "political"?

Adrian said...

bbcthisweek 7939
GdnPolitics 10505
BBCJonSopel 5412

Does Kirsty Allsop count? :)

Unsworth said...

Interesting that you regard Michael White and Mrs Bercow as 'political'.

Adrian said...

some more

BBCRoryCJ 5169
YouGov 5971
TheEconomist 342659
AmnestyUK 16506
Politics_co_uk 4947
markthomasinfo 20695

You can pay me with a free sub to TP :)

Prodicus said...

Tory Bear.

Harry Cole said...

i reckon i will have 5000 by the time the guide comes out.. gooo on.

Anonymous said...

White is a political correspondent (what about Newsnight?)

Bercowe is a labour candidate...

I have to say that 1 million people must be easily pleased to learn that Mrs Brown missed the goals at the Raith Rovers game and spent 2hrs at Jumping Jacks (don't ask, its not worth it). Still I suppose its all worth it to keep up with all the charidee work.

kellyscross said...


Great blog,but "twitter followers"
who cares.Lots of lonely people out

Anonymous said...

8879 people follow Sally Bercow!! Really? Why?

Prodicus said...


Unsworth said...

White is not really a political correspondent - he's more of a pantomime dame. And Mrs Bercow is 'failed' Labour candidate...

HampsteadOwl said...


O come on. Critcising Sarah Brown's tweets - or anybody else's - for being banal is like haranguing Penzance for being 250 miles from London. It just is.

Myself, I think tweets should be like novels. I'm working on my fourth at the moment - though occasionally allow the luxury of having more than one on the go at a time.

And followers almost into double figures. So it's working.

Unknown said...

@Kevin_Maguire 9,414
- Daily Mirror associate editor. New Statesman columnist. Regular broadcaster. Sunderland fan since a boy.
* Breaks great news tories early.

@SallyBercow 9,145
- Mum of 3 kiddies, Labour activist, does the odd bit of broadcasting & writing. Doesn't answer to Mrs Speaker.
*Gives some hilarious insights into labour party.

@stephencanning 5,272
- I'm 17 years old and live in Braintree. Politics is my life and I love it so much. I run TheToryBoy blog and am Chairman of the Braintree CF.
*Great for CF gossip and for any CF events.