Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Andy "Yes, But, No, But" Burnham

There's an hilarious exchange between Labour Uncut and Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham, which actually shows him in a rather human light.

Q. (from Jackie): If you had the choice between playing for Everton in an FA cup final, or become the next Labour Prime Minister which would you chose?
A. (after exactly two seconds) Everton, FA Cup final.
Press Secretary: (howls) No!
Q. That is a bold statement!
Press Secretary: I’m going to kill him.
Q. She is going to strangle you when I leave.
Press Secretary: I am.
Researcher Kevin: Can you re-answer that one please Andy.
A. Well it’s a different choice isn’t it! That’s like a one-off thing isn’t it.
Q. (to press secretary) I don’t think that’s the worst answer you know.
A. (to press secretary) Yeah.
Q. ok then, next..
A. Yeah, next!
Researcher Kevin: no you really need to re-answer that one.
A. Ok….Labour Prime Minister.

There, wasn't so difficult, was it?


Anonymous said...

He's a sweetie isn't he? No good as Labour Party leader - too truthful!

Ben said...

His original answer was the correct one, absolutely, without a doubt!

John Moorcraft said...

I have long been of the view that Andy Burnham represents the candidate who the Coalition should fear precisely because he is honest and genuine. He is an unreconstructed Normal Bloke operating in a political world of spin. It’s refreshing and politics could do with more of it.

MikeyP said...

He knows he has more chance of plating for Everton in the Cup Final!

MikeyP said...

Arse. That should be "PLAYING" for Everton!

Tom said...

Presuming that is indeed the "real Andy" (I often wonder if this "common man" persona is simply put on). Certainly he needs to get a better press secretary. (Or at least a more respectful one.)