Friday, August 06, 2010

Job Advertisement: Sales Executive for Total Politics

Sales Executive for leading political magazine

About Total Politics:

Total Politics is the UK’s leading monthly political lifestyle magazine and in just two years has established itself as the only magazine read at all levels of UK government and across the political spectrum.

Total Politics prides itself on being unremittingly positive about the political process, publishing agenda-setting interviews with the biggest names in British politics, sparking debate with hard-hitting features, and raising standards by informing readers about the latest in political campaign techniques and technology.

About the role:

We’re expanding the sales team and are looking for a candidate who can demonstrate the following attributes, as well as experience:

• Ideally a minimum 3 years’ media sales and negotiation experience with a proven track-record (experience of the public affairs market a plus)
• Commitment to using a consultative sales approach in which you work directly with clients, proposing bespoke solutions to meet each business’ individual needs
• Knowledge of and interest in politics and current affairs
• A positive, enthusiastic, flexible, creative and lateral thinker
• Self-motivated, sense of humour and ability to work in a small team
• A ‘can-do’ attitude
• Conference/event sponsorship experience useful

As a Sales Executive you will be expected to:

• Develop new business by selling display advertising to a variety of different organisations – both directly to clients and to media agencies and PR companies
• Grow revenues from new clients and new market sectors
• Achieve and exceed personal and team targets
• Develop and maintain a professional relationship with new and existing clients

Salary: Basic from £25,000 (according to experience) +bonus

Please send a CV and covering letter to Katy Scholes (katy DOT scholes AT totalpolitics DOT com).

Closing date: 20 August


Bob said...

age discrimination...............

Bob Latchford said...

yup, as someone who has worked in recruitment for 10 years I can tell you as a matter of fact that you aren't permitted to state a minimum number of years experience on a job advert, as that can, and will by a court, be seen as discriminating. I've lost count of the horror stories I've heard of companies / agencies being sued on similar grounds and facing a decision whether to settle out of court or face the expense of a legal battle.

The way around this is to slightly change the language of the advert. Instead of stating what the candidate MUST have, you word it like this. "The ideal candidate would have a minimum of 3 years...." This way you are stating what the IDEAL person would have, but not ruling out those who dont have that level of experience (nothing stopping you binning all the CV's who dont match your requirements).

My advice, give the job to 2 or 3 reputable sales agencies in London - It wouldnt cost you a huge amount to fill what is essentially a fairly junior role, and you wouldnt need to worry about any of the legal stuff, and you wouldnt have to spend your life sifting through CV's and arranging interviews.

Anonymous said...

So a sales exec for a middling little politico tittle tattle magazine (well OK I am being deliberately provocative) is effectively worth half the salary of an MP who we hope is responsible for the decisions (or for questioning the decisions) which rule our life?

No wonder the natives are restless.

Tapestry said...

Recruit through your contacts. Word of mouth is safer. What a person doesn't know, if they are bright, they can pick up in a few months. Never mind about previous experience. It's better to recruit on character above all else, and you can't tell that in an interview. If they need training, that can be done through training providers.