Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Pearson, Hello Farage?

Lord Pearson has this morning announced his resignation as leader of UKIP. He said...

"I took over as leader of UKIP last year to see the party through the General
Election, and said I would then consider my position. We increased our vote by
50%, and have many exciting plans for the future. But I have learnt that I am
not much good at party politics, which I do not enjoy. I am also 68, and need to
give more time to my wider interests. These include the treatment of people with
intellectual impairment, teacher training, the threat from Islamism and the
relationship between good and evil - not to mention my dogs and my family.

"So it is right that I should stand down on September 2nd, early in the
Parliament, to give a younger leader time to be established before the next
election, which may come sooner than we think. There is no shortage of talent in
UKIP, and the new leader will have my full support. I will continue to do what I
can to raise funds for the party."

Pearson is a lovely man but as he says, he certainly isn't cut out for party politics. But he did a reasonable job holding UKIP together after the departure of Nigel Farage.

The question is will Farage fancy a second stint as leader. I doubt it very much, especially after his plane crash.

But if not Nigel, then who?


Anonymous said...

Marta Andreasen perhaps? I don't know that much about her, but I remember her being fairly prominent during the general election. That would mean some people would actually know her. I don't think being an MEP would be a problem as Nick Griffin is both a leader and an MEP.

david kendrick said...

I went to the leadership husting of UKIP at Peterborough last year. Lord Pearson was easily the pick of the bunch. One of the runners-up to him? No, thanks.

I'd support Marta Andreasen. Her views are spot on. I've not heard her speak, but she doesn't have to be very good to as good as the rest (excluding Farage).

Anonymous said...

mr Morris - You are basing an opinion on the activities of Nick Griffin??

Farrage resigned so he could get what he hoped would be an easy way into parliament - he will stand again now Pearson has conveniently paved the way for him.

But who care who leads a party of nut jobs?

Anonymous said...

PS - it would certainly be a coup to haveas a leader of a British political party someone who was born in Argentina and lives in Barcelona. Especially one which believes in 'independence' from Europe.

strapworld said...

It is a pity that the anti EU politicians of all parties cannot come together and create a united front =a coalition!!= to fight on the issue of a Yes No referendum on membership of the EU.

Whilst the 'right' are fragmented into Ukip/English Democrats/etc.etc. even the BNP they will never achieve anything but standing on the line watching the action.

David Davies/John Redwood/Tony Benn leading such a party would be quite attractive to those conservatives and labour supporters who want out of this ghastly totalitarian organisation.

A President we have not elected and will never be able to elect. A council of ministers we cannot control. An administration which is not elected and mEP's with hardly any powers whatsoever. Totally undemocratic.

Yet what we have in this country to oppose them all is Ukip!! it is laughable.

If the people are not given the opportunity to express their views in a referendum, then I can only foresee, eventually, serious anger when the penny finally drops on the majority of the people.

As for leader of Ukip. Roland the Rat did wonders for TVAM!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Iain, he is a lovely man, a true English gentleman of the old school, but perhaps not an ideal leader for any political party! Will watch this space with interest.

The Purpleline said...

I would hope Cameron gave Nigel an opportunity to come into givernment (sic) to counter the right wing of the Tory party and put a fox among the Lib Dumbs.

This would also be a precursor to bring back Ukip members into the fold for the next election instead of allowing them to lower our vote count.

He could advise on the EU direct Tax calls or analyse EU trade and product prices across the EU to stamp out the UK being an island premium.

The irony would be magic

Andrew Smith said...

I have great respect for Marta Andreasen but I am not sure she would want to take on the UK-centric nature of this role with the many hum-drum aspects it carries.

Let us recall that Farage stepped down in order to take on the candidature of Buckingham at the General Election, where he was also sadly injured. The other jobs he was doing were Party Leader (he gave that up), chief spokesman and leader of the MEP group (both of which he still does).

Under Lord Pearson the party has separated out some of the more tedious duties, as has also been done for the Party Chairman. These were long overdue and it is not yet clear if they have been completed satisfactorily.

There may still be a problem with the UK press and media. They seem reluctant to acknowledge that a party might have a structure, not uncommon in commerce, in which the leader and chairman are not the most prominent people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but dream on Strapworld. But seriously what in out referendum people have to face is that such a vote might go to the 'in' camp.

I would vote 'out' of course. But that is not the end of it. We would need treaty and trade agreements and we would probably still sign up to various EU directives (but at least we would have the choice). The EU would still have to be dealt with.

This is the problem with anti EU campaigners they pretend we can ignore the EU but it will still be there. Blind xenophobia is no policy.

Andrew Smith said...

I am sure trevorsden is too pessimistic. The polls show that the public do not want the current arrangement let alone the additional transfer of powers to the EU which the ConDem government keeps allowing, contrary to election pledges.

But a democrat would want a referendum in any event. I wanted a General Election, even though the outcome was not to my liking. At least the election had a degree of legitimacy even if the resulting government has not.

Be bold - call for a referendum.

Incidentally, Both Cameron and Clegg (and Farage) called for recall referenda; how could that get chopped in the coalition negotiations unless both ConDem leaders were being dishonest during the election campaign.

Anonymous said...

"We would need treaty and trade agreements and we would probably still sign up to various EU directives (but at least we would have the choice). The EU would still have to be dealt with.

This is the problem with anti EU campaigners they pretend we can ignore the EU but it will still be there. Blind xenophobia is no policy"

Well said. UKIP talibans are hyperventilating in DT threads on the subject. Farage dd not win when pitted against Berkow, and his followers blame Tory party machine. My relative who was a voter in that constutuency said Farage turned off the voters with his verbose pontificating monologues,and seeing voters melting away from hustings, he disappeared 10 days before the polling day only to be found in a plane wreck.

This Lord appeared totally lost, weighed down by the unenviable taslk of leading the bunch of UKIP talibans. Good he threw in the towel. Now it Loud Mouth Farage will step in and who cares.

Page With A View said...

Pearson realised he was not up to scratch and honourably fell on his sword. Fair play to him - shame that Brown never had the guts to do the same.

As for 'blind xenophobia' spouted by the UKIP haters, it is quite possible to dislike and fear the EU as a political entity whilst liking and respecting the people of Europe. There is a world of difference - deal with it.