Sunday, September 21, 2008

Overheard at the Labour Conference: Part 94

My correspondents from Manchesterford have been busy overnight. One sent me this...

I don't know if you know, but Gordon Brown was speaking to a party members only event tonight in a large marquee outside the conference hall. The subject of his talk was international poverty and how he was going to go to the UN on Thursday to sort it all out. However, as he finished speaking and when people started flooding out of the tent, I heard a number of people complaining about what he said in the tent. The discussion that particularly sticks out in my mind is:

Labour delegate 1: "I don't give a f*** what he's doing for poverty around the world - I want to know what he's doing for poverty here, in this country. "

Labour delegate 2 nods

Labour delegate 1: "And I bet he doesn't even f***ing know what Facebook is"
And later, Alex Hilton was heard to exclaim to anyone who could hear that he is "beyond caring". Presumably about the effect of the LabourHome poll on his parliamentary candidacy in Chelsea & Fulham...


Anonymous said...

Like he ever did? Care, that is, about the REAL lives we live under the burden of his endless taxes and spying society.

It is all delusion and ego; straightjacket time, and hurry up about it!

Anonymous said...

Did you catch Philip Gould's speech? Obviously he has been through a lot personally, but he went up to the podium to collect his surprise award, saying "this is is very unexpected" and then with no hint of irony, took a prepared speech out of his pocket.

His speech told the delegates that if they fight, they will win. He kind of skipped over what would happen of the Tories fought as well. Maybe they'll both win?! What a strategist!

Anonymous said...

Overheard on R4 News yesterday:

Eddie Mair: Do you believe Gordon Brown will lead Labour to election victory?

Chipmonk: Yes, I believe the Prime Minister will lead us to victory.

Eddie Mair: Do you believe Gordon Brown will lead Labour to election victory?

Chipmonk again clumsily evaded the question. Poor woman. She will have been phoned for that.

Anonymous said...

Iain if you haven't seen it

Boris to turn Kent into Airstrip One.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Chipmunk. Heavy session last night. Doesn't matter anyway.

berkeley said...

Anybody notice the item on the BBC News Channel "Brown reveals free childcare plan" omits any reference to the cost (£1BN?)
Also no such reference in the preamble to the HYS debate "Can Labour re-energise itself?"
Even aspirations have to be costed!

Stll HYS debaters obviously use other media sources and have picked this up!

Is this just sloppy journalism or something more sinister?

Anonymous said...

"And I bet he doesn't even f***ing know what Facebook is"

So f***ing what ? I am tired of this facile obsession with the latest technology 'flavour of the month' and the implication that those of us who don't give a sh!t are so 'last century' or 'out of touch' or 'out of fashion' or 'off-trend' or other asinine statement.

Some of us treated the dotcom boom with a healthy degree of scepticism and so avoided losing 99% of our cash when the great white hope vanished up it's own ar$e of hype and wishful thinking.

Unsworth said...

Delegate 1 is a dead man walking. The Number 10 STASI have no doubt already have Delegate 2 under interrogation for later disposal to the gulags.

When will the NuLab proletariat realise that they actually completely outnumber the apparatchiks, and band together?

Anonymous said...

At least Labour are reliably angry for spurious reasons. Their pig headedness does cheer me up. Why Clegg? The not Hulme factor? They are abysmal. Ming was Sooooo the right man. None of my business I suppose.

Newmania said...

When has Alex Hilton been anything other than beyond caring . He is only a bumptious self seller hoping to feast on the tax payers misery. Which reminds me that fat fraud Draper was on ...funny that , I thought he was beyond politics

Anonymous said...

not original but still true 'there are only two classes of people in the world, those with more dinner than appetite and those with more appetite than dinner'!

somehow i don't think all the posturing on a 'world stage' by our or any other political elite is going to make s-d all difference.

nice jolly to the states though.

T England. Raised from the dead. said...

Brown just can’t keep his hands off our money can he?
However! This is a great example of just how Brown is SO in the land of make believe he makes Alice look sane!
The good thing about his completely insane borrowing money & getting us more in debt just so he can give it away to someone more deserving!!! Is that it makes us as mad as him!

What can you say about this man? He really is just about the biggest wind up merchant the British public have ever had to tolerate, how dare he give OUR money away over seas when we need it over here?
His end just cant come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

And in what was is this latest horrible plan to plonk children in daycare 'free'?

We (the taxpayers) will pay, the parents who will then have to choose between going to work and losing their benefits or staying at home not working will pay, and the kids will pay by being dumped.

I swear, if I had a gun, I'd shoot that Brown bugger.

Anonymous said...

Did I dream it, or did Yvette Cooper-Balls launch an attach on greedy City troughers?

Is this the same Mrs Balls who claims, with her husband, around £250K pa (or is it more) in allowances?