Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. John Redwood questions the need for more financial regulation.
2. Coffee House fisks Brown's Sky interview.
3. Dizzy on the LabourHome Poll and Tim Ireland's mendacity.
4. Kevin Maguire: "Miliband for PM". That would be Ed Miliband.
5. Lord Norton on the lack of interest from the public in Parliament.
6. Jon Craig meets some semi-detached Labour MPs.
7. Big Tommy reckons Big Gordon is a fibber.
8. Guido on the current financial crisis.
9. UK Polling Report explains the methodology of the new YouGov marginal seats poll.
10. Miserable Old Fart on Plaid and the Welsh Assembly referendum.
11. Ben Brogan wonders what Miliband has offered Alan Johnson.
12. Matthew Sinclair analyses a Reagan speech.

1 comment:

Newmania said...

Iain the Coffee House is a must read ,I was just assembling the figures myself . Brown is telling an outright lie about borrowing levels and he also got away with it on Marr and this is not the first time .
It is an astonishing new low in treating the voter like a cretin and must be nailed.

The Brownies is good catch all for the casual lies he is selling as well. He is saying that actually his administration has been energetically reducing the national debt. I have seen no refutation in the MSM and this is exactly where the blogasphere can make a difference.