Friday, September 26, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Shane Greer exposes yet another Labour scaremongering lie.
2. Charles Crawford reckons the European parliament is full of 'liberal fascists'.
3. Letters From a Tory writes to Senator Dodd about the banking crisis.
4. Trixy is speechless. Well, that makes a change.
5. Tom Harris ain't as young as he used to be. Poor old bugger.
6. England Expects is no more. Gawain Towler explains why.
7. Shed a tear with Ellee Seymour over two painful departures.
8. Tomas Livingstone warns not to bet on David Miliband.
9. Fraser Nelson explains why Nigel Lawson was the most redistributive Chancellor in history.
10. Devil's Kitchen accuses Tom Harris of ... well, see for your ******* self.
11. Andy McSmith reckons Derek Draper is an alien.
12. Sadie's Tavern has fallen out of love with that nice Mr Fraser Nelson.


Trixy said...

You cheeky bugger!

David L Riddick (aka The Aged P) said...

Strange how the information gathered by Letter from a Tory has not really been picked up by the Big Media in the USA or here - maybe this says it in a punchier way

Newmania said...

Funny that, I was just thinking that Fraser Nelson was on especially fine form at the moment.

Anonymous said...

In terms of apologising- are you going to apologise to Sunny Hundal for alleging he lost his complaint about Nadine Dorries when actually it was upheld? You put a call for him to apologise on the front page of your site- will you apologise to him on the front of your site now you have been proved to have been wrong?

Anonymous said...

"Liberal fascist" - can you do that? Liked the blog below about irresponsbility - the man has no level of self reflection. I know Guido's stated that he may have err..issues - but didn't most of us learn at primary school that blithering hypocrisy just makes teachers mad? Hey ho - Saturday - couple of days to go till Brum. Hope you have a good time Mr Dale - assume you're going?

If they just go round a couple below par then that would be a brilliant result - don't need to over extend this year. Huzzah etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Come on Ian there is a picture of Ed bollox dressed as a nazi in the Mail.
This should sink Mr 2% forever.