Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. The Australian Conservative launches as their equivalent to Conservative Home.
2. Former Labour MP Jane Griffiths launches a vicious attack on her erstwhile Reading colleague Martin Salter.
3. Dizzy wonders if Gordon Brown has been watching West Wing.
4. Paul Scully has an amusing tale of the Labour MP who hates junk mail so much he sends it.
5. Charlotte Gore thinks Gordon Brown is using emotional blackmail. Surely not.
6. James Forsyth predicts Harriet Harman is the Coming Woman.
7. Paul Waugh on Gordon's "hand of history" moment.
8. Jon Craig gives us some background on a media savvy Sarah Brown.
9. Rene Lavenchy asks an important question: what has happened to James Purnell's sideburns?
10. Adam MacQueen asks if perhaps Gordon Brown's leg fell off?
11. James Cleverley has a new job.
12. Colin Byrne has an entertaining Manchester diary.


Gordon Brown said...

where is NHS blog dr??

Anonymous said...

England can't have a national parliament because it would mean another layer of government, but it can have a dozen of them instead? Do the Tories really want to create an ERA? They're going the right way about it.

There will be a long report or two on that and news of a new publication by Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell, launched tomorrow, entitled "The Plan". Here are some of their proposals:

Appointing heads of quangos, senior judges and ambassadors through open parliamentary hearings rather than prime ministerial patronage

Devolving to English counties and cities all the powers which were devolved to Edinburgh under the 1998 Scotland Act

Placing Social security, too, under local authorities

Making councils self-financing by scrapping VAT and replacing it with a Local Sales Tax

Allowing people to pay their contributions into personal healthcare accounts, with a mandatory insurance component

Letting parents opt out of their Local Education Authority, carrying to any school the financial entitlement that would have been spent on their child

Replacing EU membership with a Swiss-style bilateral free trade accord

Requiring all foreign treaties to be re-ratified annually by Parliament

Scrapping the Human Rights Act and guaranteeing parliamentary legislation against judicial activism

A "Great Repeal Bill" to annul unnecessary and burdensome laws

Lola said...

The Jon Craig piece on Sarah Brown is intriguing.

We are happy to castigate the The Gordon on his failings in government, mostly for his deceitfulness. But, clearly, someone loves him. His Mum and Dad (one assumes)and definitely his wife and kids. So he cannot be the complete plonker we would like him to be. He must have a good side. He is patently a Good Dad (which in my rather confused philsophy excuses a lot of other shortcomings - and I should know!).

As much as I would like to maintain a viceral hatred for a man who has so impoverished all of us - rich and poor alike - it is clearly impossible to do so consistently. Furthermore I admire the support given by Mrs Brown. I refuse to believe it is all just total politics.

He'll never get my vote though. There I bet that's worried him!

Anonymous said...

The Australian Conservative launches as their equivalent to Conservative Home.

Having never met a non-Conservative Australian I can't expect this site to be too critical.

Matt Wardman said...

>what has happened to James Purnell's sideburns?

Photochopped, surely.