Monday, September 22, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. SNP Tactical Voting has some interesting advice on buying shares.
2. Headhitter on being a Tory hippy.
3. Spin & Spinners on two examples of Alastair Campbell's lies.
4. Robert Peston fisks Andrew Marr's interview with Gordon Brown. Not sure Mr Marr will be pleased.
5. Donal Blaney has some amusing marketing lessons for young Conservatives.
6. Jon Craig has a bizarre encounter with Cherie Booth.
7. A LabourHome blogger on why he is resigning from the Labour Party.
8. Paul Waugh has a sneak preview of Davod Miliband's first Cabinet.
9. Iain Martin thinks Ed Balls is the next Chancellor. Oh please let it be so.
10. LibDem Voice has news from, er, Rochdale Labour Party.
11. Tom Harris in porno shocker.
12. Cranmer is praying for Gordon.


Anonymous said...

If Peston strays too far from the approved BBC pro-Number 10 line he risks being Gilligan-ed by those nice Brown 'helpmates', Whelan and Draper.

Anonymous said...

I simply have to share this. Did anyone else hear the reference to "Companero Milliband" today by one of the speakers spouting forth about Columbia.

Brilliant, you couldn't write this stuff. Milliband minor looked as sick as a porco.