Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. FT Westminster blog asks if is all a Popish plot.
2. Anders Hanson calls Nick Clegg's speech 'stunning'.
3. Rupert Read on a bright future for Norfolk's Green Party.
4. Tom Harris puts his blinkers back on and reckons Labour will win the next General Election.
5. Lord Norton bemoans his lack of office space.
6. Ben Brogan asks if Gordon Brown will act in the National or Self interest.
7. Ben Duckworth reports on the Total Politics Local Government Blog from the LibDems.
8. Dizzy on the LibDem PPB that wasn't all it seemed.
9. Donal Blaney fingers the Tory Party conference organisers.
10. Liberal Conspiracy strips the Tories.
11. Joey Jones says John Reid is not up for the fight.
12. Machiavelli wants you to pity Shaun Woodward.


Anonymous said...

If you bother to read Lord Norton's post at all carefully, you will see that he is very specifically not bemoaning his lack of office space.

Dick the Prick said...

Tom Harris - Blinkers!?!?! - Where can I score me some of them Iain - perhaps a bit too strong for my blood.

rob's uncle said...

Link #8 to Dizzy doesn't work.

CityUnslicker said...


DOW up 617 points. Shame it is too late for HBOS...

Ed said...


Um, it was 410.03 points actually. 617 points was from the day's low.

Facts my dear boy, facts.

The crisis is far from being over by the way.

Anonymous said...

Can I mention that my Uncle is in the audience on Question Time tonite... no ? oh..
he asks a question...

Daily Referendum said...

Labourhome grassroots survey results - Gordon Brown must go.

Anonymous said...

If you read Tom Harris's post,he actually states that the Conservatives will not win the next election.
I surmise from that he thinks the LibDems have a chance