Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

An early Daley Dozen tonight. I am now off to do the Sky News paper review at 10.30 and 11.30.

1. Donal Blaney apologises to Tim Montgomerie.
2. Danny Finkelstein has the latest Downfall video, featuring Giles Coren and his Chief Sub Editor.
3. Danny Finkelstein (on form today!) writes an open letter to Andy Coulson. Or if you get the subtle hint, it could be to someone else.
4. The FT Westminster blog on how Labour can fight back through blogs (according to D Draper).
5. Hopi Sen looks forward to the Tory Conference. At least I think he does.
6. Mike Rouse is well impressed by Lisa Chantelle. I suspect he is not alone.
7. Iain Martin reckons Derek Draper's not so bad really. Guido begs to differ.
8. Mark Pack explains why he reads the Daily Mail.
9. Earth, or in this case Tom Harris, is calling Redwood.
10. PR Media blog on a Tory blogging initiative in Birmingham.
11. Theo Blackwell on what Labour can learn from Arsene Wenger.
12. Neil Stockley on reading the British public's views on climate change.

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Anonymous said...

"Theo Blackwell on what Labour can learn from Arsene Wenger."

Never admit when you've seen one of your players kick an opponent's kneecap clean off in a late tackle?