Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If David Cameron Slept With a Goat...

What I found hilarious about reading through more than 200 comments left on the Gordon Brown speech thread is the blatant organised trolling by Brown devotees. They're obviously thick. They accuse me of a ritualistic knee jerl slagging off of his speech but they clearly haven't thought this through. Most of us on the right were willing him to put in a good performance yesterday - just good enough to cement his position for a bit longer. And that, according to the BBC, is just what he has done. I seriously thought it was so bad that it would encourage the plotters, but I am very happy if I am proven wrong.

Gordon Brown is politically already a dead man walking. There is nothing - barring transforming himself into Superman and David Cameron found sleeping with a goat - that he can do to recover his position. And even then I'm still not sure he'd win. Some of the more sensible Labour types know this and recognise that he has reached a tipping point. Others delude themselves that he is the man to get them a fourth term.

I haven't always believed that, as the archives for this blog will show. Until very recently I thought it was possible or him to turn things around. I no longer do.


Anonymous said...

The Greeks have a saying. A woman for children, a boy for pleasure, a goat for Ecstasy. Why should the Greeks have all he fun?

Anonymous said...

"If David Cameron Slept With a Goat..." he will still be kissing hands with the Queen after the next election!

There is NOTHING wrong with Mr. nad Mrs. Dave having a goat in the bed in comparison with what Mad Mr. Brown of the Manse has been doing to poor old Britannia since 1997.

The steer would be that sleeping with a goat is the ecologically sound thing to do these days.

Saves on electricity to keep warm, goathair makes excellent sofa throws and having a young family the milk of the goat would be quite usefull for the breakfast cereal, let alone for cheese making. Indeed alll PCCs should have a goat in their lives.

Anonymous said...

O/T@ Please note that with immediate effect your power will be priced in euros - another resounding success for the Brown family.

Madasafish said...

If Davi Cameron slept with a goat would the offspring be called:-

A Cameroat?
A Goateron?

Or should I just get my COAT?

Anonymous said...

Billie or Nanny?

Anonymous said...

What the commentators who accuse others here of automatically being enemies of Labour whatever Brown does don't acknoweldge is that former Labour supporters can't stand him either. He is such an obvious fake. All politicians have to be fakes to some extent; it's part of the job. But the voters will put up with it if they can see some principle, some aiming for the greater long-term good in the fakery. You never see that with Brown. He is a very, very, nasty fake, totally self-absorbed and, yes, deluded. I've never voted Tory in my life. That will change now. It's never too late to atone for your errors. Unless you're a nasty, self-absorbed, deluded fake.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mr Brown (very much in the Reservoir Dogs sense) on R4 this morning. Despite Naughtie allowing him to drone on and on, sometimes with faux softness when talking of his family, he talked amongst other things of his success at reducing borrowing.

Earlier in the year, the ONS itself said that public borrowing was at its highest level since records began. I seem to remember the OECD saying something similar quite recently. The government is preparing to relax its fiscal rules to allow borrowing even more.

It used to be that politicians caught telling bare-faced lies at the very least faced criticism. When did this rule change?

BTW A goat would be a scandal. A gazelle I would quite understand.

Anonymous said...

You are a bit behind the game. For the first time I think Brown is now toast. It's now a matter of when. Everything from here on smacks of desperation. Even Polly has given up on him despite the greatest speech by a Labour leader since the last one.

It is now getting to the point where even the proverbial Labour donkey would get more votes at the general election than Brown.

I wonder who the donkey will be?

Anonymous said...

yes Iain, that's right, everyone who disagrees with you or fails to share the same enlightened political views as your good self (no doubt inherited from mummy and daddy) is a Brownite troll - unlike you, who could never be accused of grovelling sycophancy, brown-nosing, hypocrisy, partisanship or insufferable smugness . Arsehole.

Anonymous said...

"If David Cameron Slept With a Goat..."

Hey, why not. Sarah Brown's been doing it for years.

Anonymous said...

Darren. Iain comes from a LibDem family, who have probably disiherited him. Now Darren, the grown-ups are talking, so run along and boil some kittens or whatever it is you do when your Uncle George doesn't leave his computer unattended.

Iain Dale said...

Darren Lee, listen arsehole (seeing as you started it), my mother and father were Liberals. I was pleased to convert them to Thatcherism.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Iain - Brown's speech has gone down well up here in the North (you know - that place the Tories never bother with). I was a floating voter and the speech yesterday has encouraged me to vote for Labour a final time.
I wouldn't trust Cameron with the economy at the moment. Mind you I suspect we all secretly want Vince Cable to take charge instead!

Anonymous said...

Rupert you are a complete twat then. The speech was /awful/, only a fawning sycophant could have clapped after that drivel.

The poor are going to be starving and/or freezing this winter. Do you really think a lack of broadband is top of their priorities???

Don't waste your vote at the next election, if you want Vince then vote for him.

Unsworth said...

Interesting theory. So how would the electorate react to him sleeping with a dog?

One or two other politicos seem to.

Anonymous said...

Alice Miles appear to agree with you..

I tend to agree that it was a poor performance, but I do NOT agree that it will foment rebellion in the ranks - he made it very plain that he is not handing over !

And the 'no job for a novice' carried the simply terrifying undercurrent of menace and venom that, 'if you try to push me out', a 'scorched earth' policy would be pursued.

Charles Clarke and David Miliband must realise that not enough of the rank and file are ready for that much of a fight, and so the 'moment' has been postponed for another few months.

Couldn't you get on the blower and get Matthew Parris to give his take on this ? He is normally 'bang on the money' with seeing which way the river is flowing, to mix my metaphors..

Anonymous said...

Iain. I commented yesterday and was not part of any organised trolling. GB performed well, and his speech appears to have been well received.
Who has accused you of slagging off? I thought you’d disappeared without saying much, and left it to your friends here who went into ballistic slagging mode, and I must have missed the post where you were hoping for a good performance.
Whether he’s reached a tipping point may be more wishful thinking than fact, depends how the public and polls react, and Cameron’s performance.
His ‘novice’ hit home hard, and (my interpretation of) his reference to the Lamont ‘je ne regret rien’ re Osborne has a way to go yet.
Taking it to the Tories is the theme. Let’s see what you’re made of.

strapworld said...

Darren Lee! (sounds like a chinese waiter!!)"If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen", is rather apt for you aint it, sweetie!

You and your colleagues in Browns Bunker just grow up, start looking for a new job!

As for Cameron and a Goat that would be an interesting photo!


But why hasn't Boy George had a solicitors letter sent to Brown demanding an apology for misrepresentation? I thought, for once, Boulton on his interview had Brown on the skids!

Lots of rumours that Panorama has got a hatchet job on Cameron for next Monday!.....I hope that this causes Cameron to announce that he will have a Royal Commission into political Bias within the BBC and the future of the licence fee!!!
That would make his approval ratings shoot up over the 90% mark!!

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the Brown devotees were too busy dealing with actual journalists yesterday. I was one of the anons posting positive comments yesterday and certainly do not work for Labour.

strapworld said...

Anonymous 12.55pm

You sad, sad person. What is it like being alone in the lifeboat?

Unsworth said...

"I think you'll find the Brown devotees were too busy dealing with actual journalists yesterday"

So, how many 'devotees' are there? Can't be very many, then.

Anonymous said...

Lets help Labour go fourth! Behind UKIP and the Lib Dems.

Rupert, don't be a fool, I live in "the North" too, the north west were we have more councillors and MEP's than the reds do.

David Anthony said...

Brown devotees. They're obviously thick.

Ahh, the power of misrepresented quotes.... ;)

Anonymous said...

"Most of us on the right were willing him to put in a good performance yesterday - just good enough to cement his position for a bit longer"

oh is that right?Then this piece by Toby Helm in the Guardian is a bit odd then, isn't it?

As we all filed back into the press room after Gordon Brown's speech I found myself at the centre of what looked suspiciously like a Tory dirty tricks campaign.

Fellow journalists on several of the dailies were being rung by the Tory press office and told that I had heard Ruth Kelly, the transport secretary, saying the speech was "awful". Good story, eh? Brown speech attacked by cabinet minister! Splash!

The problem with the story was that it was completely untrue. I had not even set eyes on Ruth Kelly let alone overheard her. So I contacted the Tories and asked them what was going on.

"Oh we tried to ring you and check it out. Someone told us you heard it," they said.

"But you didn't answer your mobile. We rang several times." (Interestingly, no message was left).

When I asked why they had spread the story round without checking with me whether it was true I received a half apology.

All very odd, particularly as the Tories are supposed to want Brown to stay in Number 10 because he is so unpopular. Why make up a story like that? And why Ruth Kelly? Ideas welcome....

Anonymous said...

"I hope that this causes Cameron to announce that he will have a Royal Commission into political Bias within the BBC and the future of the licence fee!!!
That would make his approval ratings shoot up over the 90% mark!!"

Only in barmy toryworld would you be daft enough to think that the public trust any political party above the BBC.
Stop jumping up and down. You're embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Thought the goat story had been hushed up along with the marching powder.

Anonymous said...

ha - they're back!

frankly, Iain, I think you're being a bit unfair. Cameron can indulge in all the hircine love he likes and he'll still win the next election. A cat's turd would win it if it were wearing a blue rosette.

What the Brown-nosers don't understand is that everyone hates Gordon and everyone hates Labour and they're not getting in again. When even MORI polls the tories at 52% it means that Labour is dead and buried. Some of the brighter one's have realised this; they're just putting their fingers in their ears and shouting "la la la la la la I can't hear you". But one has to feel sorry for the deluded fools who genuinely think that Labour has a chance. They don't. Ask any polling company.

David Lindsay said...

Recessions make people cautious, and so likely to vote for the status quo rather than for change.

If David Davis, say, were Tory Leader, with someone equally dependable-looking as Shadow Chancellor, then things might be different.

But Cameron and Osborne scattering stardust about the place? Against the man who by Spring 2010 will be dear old "oh well, at least we know what we're getting" Gordon Brown? Forget it.

Remember, the economy had picked up by 1997. If it hadn't, then Major would have beaten, not Smith or Brown, but certainly Blair.

Not a sheep said...

Leave me out of this, I will not sleep with David Cameron, George Osborne, William Hague or any other shadow cabinet member.

David Lindsay said...

Not A Sheep, you'd never get the chance with the current Shadow Cabinet. They are all nostalgically at it with each other, even dressing up in their old Eton uniforms for the foreplay.

Paul Moloney said...

"Darren Lee! (sounds like a chinese waiter!!)"

Who said the right-wing couldn't be funny? You should sent that one on to Jim Davidson in Dubai.


Anonymous said...

Well if Ruth Kelly can sleep with David Miliband and vice versa then I don't see the problem.

Anonymous said...

"blatant organised trolling by Brown devotees"

Obviously in no way related to the blatant organised abuse thrown at anyone not taking part in the "ritualistic knee jerl slagging off of his speech".