Monday, September 08, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Ideas of Civilisation asks if politicians should really have to contact voters.
2. A Lanson Boy asks how much the Cabinet meeting in Birmingham is costing us.
3. Quaequam has another go at Nick Clegg over his conflicting tax statements.
4. Liberal Conspiracy examines the leadership machinations within the German SPD.
5. LibDem Voice announces its shortlists for their blog of the year awards.
6. Windsor Right Thinking accuses Brown of plagiarising Hitler.
7. Norfolk Blogger reports on a significant defeat for Tesco in its plans to colonise Norfolk.
8. The FT Westminster Blog reckons Gordon is frit of the press.
9. Calum Cashley on Labour's plummeting membership figures in Scotland.
10. Paul Linford on the state of the MSM blogosphere.
11. Lord Taylor speculates on the possibility of a black British PM.
12. LibDem Voice on how to spot if you're about to become a Tory.


Anonymous said...


Pity the one from Brown praising and supporting Andy Murray.

You guessed it, Murray went down in 3 sets.

No need to guess Guido's headline ...

Anonymous said...

Never mind that, there's another Gordon Brown: Downfall vid doing the rounds!

It is even better than the first one..."Prime Minister, there are many votes gainst us...we have to buy more Tippex."