Friday, September 05, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Quaequam asks what's worse for Labour - Charles Clarke or Compass?
2. Donal Blaney has a tale of modern life.
3. Paul Waugh thinks June 5 2009 is D Day for Gordon Brown.
4. Jon Worth thinks the fuss about the EU wanting to regulate blogging is all froth.
5. Rene Levanchy reckons the unions are up to their old tricks. Winter of discontent anyone?
6. Tony Sharp on the Republican ticket that should have been.
7. Tim Worstall is blogging live from the UKIP conference. Contain yourselves!
8. David Canzini on the TP Campaigns Blog has some observations on South African democracy.
9. Martin Bright explains how Charles came to explode in the New Statesman.
10. Raedwald reckons Nigel Farage is 'shaping up nicely'. For what though?
11. Dib Lemming on womens' different priorities.
12. Dan Hannan asks which quango you'd like to scrap first.

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