Sunday, September 07, 2008

(More) Buttons For Your Blog (If it Qualifies...!)

UPDATE: After several requests I have added more buttons to the range, including one for those who didn't make the Top Lists but are listed in the Total Politics Blog Directory. Also, in the comments Iain Lindley asked for the Top 100 Conservative & Top 100 Labour Blogs to be listed separtely from Right Wing and Left Wing. I have done so in the comments to this post.

Mike Rouse has very kindly designed some buttons to be used by blogs who have featured in the recent lists, published here for the Total Politics Guide to UK Political Blogs 2008-9. If your blog featured in the relevant list, please do use the appropriate button in your blog sidebar. Feel free to link the button to the TP Blog Directory HERE if you'd like to.

Click HERE to read Mike Rouse's instructions on how to upload a button to your blog template.

If you would like a personalised button for your blog, Mike Rouse will do one for you for £10, of which £5 will go to Macmillan Cancer Relief. Contact details are on his blog HERE.

Here is the complete list of Best Blog Lists

Top 100 UK Political Blogs
Top 200 UK Political Blogs 200-101
Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs
Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs
Top 50 LibDem Blogs
Top 20 MP Blogs
Top 40 Welsh Blogs
Top 40 Scottish Blogs
Top 10 Northern Irish Blogs
Top 20 Non Aligned Blogs
Top 20 Libertarian Blogs
Top 20 Green Blogs
Top 30 Media Blogs


wonkotsane said...

I thought there was an English list as well?

Old BE said...

Could you do a button for top 200 overall blogs? :-)))

Anonymous said...

How about some awards for blog commentators - you bloggers would be no where at all without us! The anon guy is pretty good if a little inconsistent.

Heresiarch said...

I'd like a button that states that the blog is one of the top 100 overall blogs, if poss.

Owen Polley said...

Northern Ireland? is our flag too controversial?

Iain Dale said...

Wonlotsane, I explained this on another thread. Of the Top 100, 89 are based in England, so the list is more or less identical.

Blue Eyes, your wish... The button for Top 200 is now shown.

Heresiach, er there is one. It's at the top.

Chekov. I will see if Mike can do another one. As there was only a Top 10 list, it seemed an extravagence to do one which only one or two of those might use.

Owen Polley said...

Many thanks Iain / mIke. Hands across the UK and all that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What about the top parliamentary blogs?

wonkotsane said...

So it's another case of England is too big, let's call it Britain? I thought you were opposed to that sort of thing Iain?

Anonymous said...

What about a 'Didn't want to take part' badge?

Devil's Kitchen said...

As someone else has pointed out, is it really wise to have what looks rather like a Red Hand of Ulster in the Northern Ireland button?


Anonymous said...


It would be interesting to see a list of Top 100 Labour and Top 100 Conservative Blogs to go with the Top 50 LibDem Blogs. Having a quick flick-through of the "right of centre" top 100 I'd say at least a third (if not more) are politically-unaligned or at least non-Conservative. I assume it is similar for the left of centre list. Is this possible?



Iain Dale said...

TOP 100 Conservative Blogs

1 Iain Dale
2 Conservative Home
3 Dizzy Thinks
4 Burning our Money
5 John Redwood MP
6 Archbishop Cranmer
7 Mr Eugenides
8 Daniel Hannan MEP
9 Donal Blaney
10 Waendel Journal
11 Nadine Dorries
12 Letters from a Tory
13 Shane Greer
14 A Very British Dude
15 Daily Referendum
16 Paul Scully
17 Glyn Davies
18 Croydonian
19 James Cleverly
20 Raedwald
21 Tory Bear
22 Pint of Unionist Lite
23 Ellee Seymour
24 Scottish Tory Boy
25 Matt Wardman
26 Ewan Watt
27 Centre Right
28 Andrew McConnell
29 Hunter & Shooter
30 Alan Collins
31 Sinclair's Musings
32 Mike Rouse
33 Newmania
34 Neil Reddin
35 Zehra in Oxfordshire
36 Angels in Marble
37 Faulkner Journal
38 Web Cameron
39 Andrew Allison
40 Bristow Blog
41 Debateable Land
42 Fugitive Ink
43 Man in a Shed
44 Nourishing Obscurity
45 Iain Lindley
46 Not Proud of Britain
47 West Brom Blog
48 Jeremy Hunt MP
49 Laban Tall
50 Lone Voice
51 Prodicus
52 Tory Radio
53 Cassilis
54 David Jones MP
55 Matt Dean
56 Appalling Strangeness
57 Linguanaut
58 Right Student
59 Antony Little
60 Daily Pundit
61 Free Market Fairy Tales
62 John Moorcraft
63 Douglas Carswell
64 Mike Flower
65 Nicolas Webb
66 Play Political
67 Richard Spring MP
68 Tales from a Draughty Old Fen
69 House of Dumb
70 Depleted Uranium
71 Dylan Jones-Evans
72 Ed Vaizey MP
73 Fulham Reactionary
74 Havering On
75 James Barlow
76 John Ward
77 Laura Rose Saunders
78 Monkey with a Blue Rosette
79 Rachel Joyce
80 Tory Heaven
81 Bel is Thinking
82 Evan Price
83 Roger Evans MLA
84 The Tap
85 UCL Conservatives
86 Cameron Rose
87 Charlotte Leslie
88 Kevin Davis
89 Tracey Crouch
90 A Conservative's Blog
91 Alfred the Ordinary
92 Andrew Bridgen
93 Conservative History Group
94 Curly's Corner Shop
95 Dave Luckett
96 Maida Vae Conservatives
97 Phil Taylor
98 Prince Park Conservatives
99 Thunder Dragon
100 Tommy the Tory

Iain Dale said...


1 Tom Harris MP
2 Hopi Sen
3 Recess Monkey
4 Luke Akehurst
5 LabourHome
6 Tom Watson MP
7 Sadie's Tavern
8 Labour Outlook
9 Obsolete
10 Bloggers4Labour
11 Theo's Blog
12 Kezia Dugdale's Sopabox
13 Bob Piper
14 Forgesian Thinking
15 Stuart King
16 Never Trust a Hippy
17 Chris Paul's Labour of Love
18 Conor's Commentary
19 John McDonnell MP
20 Jane's the One
21 Progress
22 Rupa Huq
23 Byrne Baby Byrne
24 Tory Troll
25 Nosemonkey's Eutopia
26 Grimmer up North
27 Kerron Cross
28 Three Score Years & Ten
29 Labour and Capital
30 Mars Hill
31 Wheeler's Website
32 John's Labour Blog
33 Harpymarx
34 Kerry McCarthy
35 New Direction
36 Councillor Terry Kelly
37 Stroppy Blog
38 Defend the NHS
39 Jon's Union Blog
40 Paul Flynn MP
41 Andrew Burns's Really Bad Blog
42 Don Paskini
43 Macuaid
44 Fair Deal Phil
45 Freemania
46 Jon Worth Euroblog
47 Labour Matters
48 Ephems
49 Parburypolitica
50 Peter Kenyon
51 Tigmoo
52 Wilted Rose
53 E8 Voice
54 Hayes People's History
55 Pamphlet Labour
56 Between the Hammer & the Anvil
57 Complex System of Pipes
58 Leighton Andrews AM
59 Some Day I Will Treat You Good
60 Tulip Siddiq
61 Antonia Bance
62 Cowan Report
63 Huw Lewis AM
64 Union Futures
65 Washminster
66 Aitken's Edinburgh
67 Billy Hayes
68 Hak Mao
69 HF Conwatch
70 Political Hack
71 Skipper
72 Austin Mitchell MP
73 Cuts in Camden
74 I Intend to Escape
75 Nation of Duncan
76 Blog of Dave Cole
77 Louise Baldock
78 Geoff Sez
79 International Rooksbyism
80 Pootergeek
81 Sadiq Khan MP
82 4glengate
83 Martin Eaglestone
84 Politaholic

That's all the Labour blogs that got votes

Matt Wardman said...

Probably important to say (before Dave Cole and Sadie have heart attacks) that we are not party aligned as an overall blog.



Matt Wardman

Anonymous said...

Thanks Iain, much appreciated. :)

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Dale,

His Grace is most delighted to see that he is No6 on this list, which has not previously been disclosed, and which says rather more than the 'right of centre' list into which, presumably, you would place a BNP or Nazi blog.

His Grace now humbly requests a 'Top 100 Conservatives Blogs' button, for he would rather promote his political philosophy than the increasingly meaningless 'right wing'.

Sincere blessings.


Archbishop Cranmer said...

That was most quick and efficient.

Bless you.

Heresiarch said...

Well, Iain, I've no idea what the difference is supposed to be between a "Conservative" and a "Right-of-centre" blog anyway. How are these things decided? Does one have to be a member of the party? (as to the designation "right-wing", that has rather unpleasant connotations that I would shy away from).

Can I use the Conservative badge?

Cate Munro said...

Well worth it! Thanks Iain!