Monday, September 22, 2008

Brown & Hoon In Showdown

I am hearing rumours of a quite spectacular fallout between Gordon Brown and Geoff Hoon. It seems Mr Hoon has not been quite so loyal as he has made out... More if I get it.


Anonymous said...

Remember this?

"Gordon Brown's future discussed in secret Labour Party conference.

The mood was sombre as Cabinet ministers, scattered round the country, joined forces over the telephone for a conference call last Friday morning."

Labour, after one of the worst by-election campaigns in living memory, featuring a bungled attempt to portray the Tory candidate as a “toff”, had managed to lose the previously-safe seat of Crewe and Nantwich on a massive swing to the Conservatives...

Geoff Hoon, the chief whip, spoke in bleak terms as he called the result “deeply troubling”, reminded his colleagues how many Labour MPs had majorities similar to the one lost in Crewe, and even called on his fellow ministers to “look to address the issue around leadership”. "

By Patrick Hennessy, Sunday Telegraph Political Editor
25 May 2008

Lola said...

Something else I fail to understand is why anyone is surprised that Gordon is NBG as PM. He was useless as Chancellor in the technical fiscal sense (as is now being evidenced) and had all the same personality flaws. Why did anyone think he would be any good as PM? Blind Faith? Desperation? Cluelessness?

A lifetime in business has taught me that people very very rarely change, and most that do have the ability to change as part of their make up. Brown definitely does NOT fall into that category.

Given that that is the case what is stopping anyone from winkling him out? I know politics comes into it and New Labour know that if he goes they will have to have an election (even though constitutionally one may not be required), but surely to God someone needs to put the knife in, if not for the good of New Labour then for the good of the UK. And almost certainly for the good of Brown's sanity. I, and I suspect many others, now find Brown pitiful, and although I would dearly love to see him totally humiliated, it would not help the UK one little bit to wait that long. Believe me, I am very capable of working to destroy him totally and I would enjoy it, but it would not help.

But you never know it might actually help New Labour.

So come on Geoff old son, get out the friendly blade and shove it in between the shoulder blades. You know it makes sense.

Lola said...

...and another thing. I don't understand all this 'improve the message', 'we've failed to get our message accross' and 'we need new ideas and fresh ideas' old tut. Erm, what exactly is that then? Look, you tax us then you spend it. You, the 'Socialists' also say that you use this money to re-engineer society. That's pretty clear. So the fresh ideas then would be to do what? Stop doing that? Do more of it? What! I mean you surely cannot mean you'd do MORE of it, can you? Take more money off us and spend it? Nah. Don't see it myself. 'Society' would have a thing or two to say about that involving barricades, ropes and lamp-posts (in a civilised British sort of way no doubt). And what have your 'achievements' been doing all this in our name with our money. Well, bugger all really. Bust banks is a pretty obvious one of course, but your own stats show that stuff like child 'poverty' (a nonsense as defined by you but no matter let's use it) has actually increased in your tenure. 'Society' has beccome worse off in your tenure. 'Fairness' - oh yeah? Income differntials have expanded in your tenure. So things aren't looking exactly rosy are they.

Now if you said you'd REDUCE taxation and spending that would be a 'new' agenda. That would be something we could indentify with.

But of course! You can't do that whilst you're saddled with the Great Clunking Fistula. The tax 'n spender. The I'm cleverer than you-er. The 'do as i say or else-er'. The err, erm, um err-er. And even if he goes you're welded to it. So what message are you on about eh? What?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Geoff Hoon who starved British troops of equipment when defence secretary (simultaneously telling a steady procession of army widows and bereaved parents that their husbands and sons did not die from lack of equipment)? Or is this the other Geoff Hoon who was (allegedly) instrumental in "outing" David Kelly, who as a result went on to take his own life?

Anonymous said...

Geoff Hoon needs more regulation than HBOS. What exactly has hee done for the country in his sixteen years in parliament? A pea-eating warmonger in a cheap, ill-fitting. Heaven knows why he was even elected let alone appointed Chief Whip.

Lord Blagger said...

Here's the calculation.

Initialy the economy gets worse.

Brown takes the blame.

Get him out with a 10-12 months to the election.

Hope that the economy doesn't keep going down.

If it does go down, man the life boats, use the poison pill defence...

Anonymous said...

Dear jamieboi
He is chief whip because he knows where the bodies are buried. Brown has got his namesake to do the actual spying job that a true functioning reliable chief whip has to do (in this case it includes keeping tabs on his erstwhile boss).

Hoon is a 'virtual' chief whip and will continue to lie back and think of England until such time as he chooses to draw his enormous state pension.

Elby the Beserk said...

A new narrative will fix it. You heard it hear first.

Anonymous said...


Gordon was a great choice for Labour because he was not Blair. That's why they picked him.

Once Blair had departed and taken all his sycophants, admirers and yes-men with him, who was left? Just Gordon, Gordon's sycophants and yes-men and the usual collection of political lightweights.

The real problem was that Blair was never *really* Labour and the Comrades knew it, but he could get them into power to inflict their deluded version on to all of us. So Blair was tolerated as long as he could keep the gravy train rolling and give the fanatics a chance to smash what they hated the most - Britain.

Anonymous said...

I heard that if Broon is replaced, they cannot have another Scot, because they now unelectable, thanks to the current McMafia's hatchet job on all things English.
No doubt some rush in to deny this, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. No Scot will be elected leader of the Party ever again. There is an awareness that the Union is done for and so frightened is Brown, that he will use the word Britain in replace of England (ie domestic policies will not be acknowledged as only applying to England). The farce is that everyone now knows he means England, so he's making a laughing stock of himself yet again. He has to go.

Anonymous said...

At least we known Hoon won't be the next PM. It is a psephological impossibility because there has never been a PM whose name rhymed with his predecessor's.

Hoon cannot follow Broon. All history stands against it.

Perhaps instead of Gordon picking out his bogies and eating them, he could appoint one Chancellor? A gluey green lump of snot could hardly screw up worse than Darling and would be more appealing on television.

Anonymous said...

Frankly who gives a damn. They are just a pair of tossers who deserve each more no less.