Thursday, May 01, 2008

Live Blogging the Elections

During the BBC1 election night programme I will be live blogging at City Hall both on my own blog and via the BBC Election Website. I'll be popping up on your screens talking to Emily Maitlis about every thirty minutes, alongside Luke Akehurst and Alix Mortimer. Anyway, I'd really appreciate your help.

If you hear any interesting election news please contact me urgently. I'm keen to beat the BBC to some of the main results, so for those of you at counts, feel free to feed me info/results/gossip/informed rumours throughout the night. I'll be starting at 10pm and probably going on until 3 or 4am. Then on Friday I'll be live blogging the London results throughout the day too, but do send me stuff throughout the day today too.

Here are the ways to contact me:

Text: 07768254690 (no incoming calls)
Twitter: iaindale

It should be a very exciting 36 hours!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I love the black-on-white POLLING STATION sign? It's an absolute design classic.

Anonymous said...

That message video by the tory is a bit funny. The tory leader says he know how tough things are. Why have school fees gone up to 1 million a year LOL.

Anonymous said...

hi. please can you ask news presenter to help us understand how we can vote online in your broadcast. I find it very confusing! Am finding very little information. confusing to vote. Please help me?