Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whip Watch: No 94

Today's Whip Column column in The Sun surpasses itself with at least a third of its stories lifted directly from yesterday's Independent. That's how desperate it has become.


Anonymous said...


Have you seen this? I think this is a much more widely-spread problem than just the Whip or the Sun.



Anonymous said...

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Newmania said...

Never mind all that what about Denis MacShanes admission that New Labour have wasted and squandered our taxes for years.

Could he really be defecting ?

Anonymous said...

@newmania, but who'd have the loathsome fellow?

Chris Paul said...

This vendetta must stop Iain. To use one of your words it's PATHETIC.

The op-ed of envy that's all. The Sun is in a different market to the others, the stories may be nuanced quite differently, and they may be by separate sources rather than as you accuse without evidence stolen.

Katherine is the only diarist you ever pull up, other female journalists have also been pulled up, you never catch anyone else making mistakes in diaries, or acknowledge your own. And as we discussed last time some of your stories are hardly hot off the press. And you're not print.

Getting me defending a Murdoch title again!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I agree with you Iain, but there's a risk in posting this just after you post a rather inane top 10 abba hits... MAC

Anonymous said...

And you're so much better, Iain. If only coach would put YOU in the game.