Friday, May 23, 2008

An Interview with Simon Mayo

I've written before on the blog about the brilliance of Simon Mayo as a broadcaster and interviewer. He won Sony Broadcaster of the Year recently and there's an interview with him in today's Telegraph. Well worth a read, HERE.


Anonymous said...

He deserves it, no question.

Your blog is much better in this format Iain. I really dislike the new design.

Anonymous said...

I agree Iain.
Simon Mayo is superb. It's his depth of knowledge on so many subjects - politics, sport, books, film, music - coupled with his gently probing style that makes him so impressive.
I think, when still in his Radio One days, he was a Labour supporter. But unlike many BBC types he never betrays his own prejudices and is scrupulously impartial.
He's also a Spurs fan, which can't be bad in my book.

Not a sheep said...

Not as hideously pro-Labour as Victoria Derbyshire but still very liberal-left. Not too bad a broadcaster once you get past the political bias though.

Anonymous said...

Simon Saladcream has a lumpy face and his mother got him his first job. He is the Tamsin Dunwoody of broadcasting, only prettier and more feminine.

skids said...

Agree - Simon is a fantastic broadcaster.

skids said...

Agree he's fantastic. I always look forward to PMQ's and the interviews after. Friday afternoons with the Good Doctor are a must.

Curmy said...

Simon Mayo is one of the few good broadcasters left on Radio 5.

Over the last few years the station has dumbed down incredibly.

When Radio 5 moves to Salford, they'll lose him, which will be a great shame .