Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

'If at first you don't succeed, maybe bomb disposal is not for you'.

From Patrick in the previous comment thread.


Anonymous said...

Get someone to show you the ATO handshake, funny as feck.

Do you know why they wear those big padded suits and helmets?

So you can find enough of them to bury. Boom! Boom!

PS To outraged of Tonbridge, I worked with 321 EOD which is where I heard the above.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, I saw a t-shirt with that on it years ago. Does it really take that long to cross the Atlantic?

Anonymous said...

... could be rephrased for being prime minister...

Anonymous said...

I was looking at a list of Labour women, Harman, Hewitt, Primorolo, Jowell, Hodge, Blears, Beckett, Smith Kelly and thought "The only thing I'd want to stick into them is a wooden stake."

None of them would make it past middle manager in an Investment Bank. Really, if this is the best women can come up with we should withdraw their vote.

Anonymous said...

The suit is supposed to keep the ATO in one piece so you can bury him. The design of the early suits would have broken his neck in any blast (especially if he wore the protective helmet).

Its a job where mistakes are deadly

Also ex 321EOD, from the bleep side!

Anonymous said...


Utmost respect.

Not sure what the 'bleep' side is unless you mean the 'sneaky beakys' like WIS, 14, RO, 12 etc.

I lost my 321 EOD Zippo with Felix the Cat on it in a black cab, I'd really like to replace it. Any idea where?

If anyone would like to make a direct debit to SSAFA, (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Assiciation) it's easy enough to find on the web, £10 / month can go a long way.

Iraq and Afghanistan, right or wrong, your kids are dying and being maimed for their country, donate.

Anonymous said...

Prescott to Humphreys on Today. Trailer for the upcoming programme : < I suppose Iraq will count as a mark against us !> A memorably understated quotation to be inscribed on the tombstones of those soldiers KIA ( Killed In Action ) and above the hospital beds of soldiers WIA [ Wounded In Action].

Anonymous said...

For those of you of a melancholic nature, there is a brilliant American website which is the ultimate antidote to motivational posters, viz:


of which my favourite is

Mistakes. It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others. (Copyright Ashleigh Brilliant)

I will e-mail them your quotation in case they can use it for a suitable demotivational poster.

John M Ward said...

The version I have seen (in someone's sig on a newsgroup) is:

"If at first you don't succeed, give up skydiving!"

Anonymous said...

You haven't been on the internet long, have you Iain?