Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Denis MacShane has suddenly let loose
his inner John Redwood and embraced
tax and spending cuts."

Anne McElvoy, London Evening Standard


Anonymous said...

I let loose my inner John Redwood this morning and whilst it didn't cut it certainly hurt.....


Tapestry said...

Mac Shane admits Profligacy. Purnell admits Authoritarianism. Who will be first to confess Deceptiveness? - other than Giseal Stuart who's never stopped accusing Brown of deceptiveness.

We have a profligate, deceptive, authoritarian government.

Is it any wonder that Brown is hated by the electorate who kick his ass at every opportunity given?

Anonymous said...

macshane really is a total fraud of the highest order

@molesworth_1 said...

Deceptiveness? Is that anything like 'deception'?

Anonymous said...

I really cannot beat what tapestry says and its good his comment will sit on top of the list.

Anonymous may be right about MacShane being a fraud, but carefull reading of his epiphaniacle manifesto shows that he is being very choosy about both his tax and spending 'cuts'. It is just old fashioned socialist politics of envy dressed up in different clothes. Smoke and morrors again.

John Trenchard said...

i guess that deep down, we all have an inner john redwood...

great quote by the way!

Anonymous said...

I once met a trade union leader who was bringing the country to its knees with a series of nationwide strikes. What struck me about him was his honesty and openness. He was unrepentant about the chaos he was causing but he told me he believed he was doing the right thing. The point being, you could argue with him. You cannot argue with a liar.

Deceptiveness, as Tapestry mentions, along with profligacy and authoritarianism is a relatively new brand of politics.

No wonder Old Labour supporters are uncomfortable. The only spinning my old TU contact is doing, is in his grave I should think.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

who the f is Dennis Macshane?

Brian said...

Which commenter in the MSM will be first to write 2tax-cutting is the new black"?

Tapestry said...

molesworth 1 -

very similar.

-tion being the act.

-iveness being a tendency towards the act.

Anonymous said...


O/T but what about labour's funding crisis? Are the tories ready for a snap general election when labour go bankrupt - Gordon would have to resign along any NEC members on the cabinet (Harriet Harman etc.) ?

Is there a deal on party funding coming up?

Even Trinity (Co-op's tame banker for labour) want their money back now....

Anonymous said...

MacShane is thinking of jumping ship

Anonymous said...

Dennis McShane isn't going to see tax cuts when UK external debt is over $11 trillion dollars and accelerating upwards. USA external debt is $12.5 trillion and growing slower than the UK. We could overtake them. The debt has to be serviced somehow.


Anonymous said...

Moley and Tapestry

wouldn't deceit be better? Then we could get into

1.the act or practice of deceiving ie deceit

2.deception ie an attempt or device to deceive ,trick

3.the quality of being deceitful
ie deceitfulness

all of which applies to this government more than any other British government since 1707

Richard Nabavi said...

anonymous 6.03am: "O/T but what about labour's funding crisis? Are the tories ready for a snap general election when labour go bankrupt?"

I agree, this is a major factor in UK politics now. However, isn't the effect on the timing of a general election rather the opposite? I expect they'll manage to roll over enough loans to keep afloat, but they'll have no money to fight an election in the near future. So I think you can expect:

(a) GE at the latest possible date;
(b) Raiding taxpayers' money to shore up their finances, to be introduced in the next parliamentary session. They still have a substantial majority, let us not forget.

Also the state of the party finances makes it less likely that Gordon Brown will be pushed out, because of the costs of a leadership election, the fact that other candidates may not want to become party leader when they might become personally liable for the debts, and because a snap general election might become inevitable if they change leader.

Blair's chickens coming home to roost.da

Anonymous said...

Someone on the previous thread said that McShane must have done this at Brown's instigation & thinking about it I agree.

I should admit to not liking the man. He was involved in hushing up the Dragodan Massacre where the KLA, thoughtfully enroled by us as "police", had been allowed to murder at least 210 people & put them in a mass grave a few hundred yards from the British Military HQ in Kosovo. Subsequently he publicly complained that the media had only widely, but not with banner headlines, reported the alleged finding of a 300 body mass grave in Iraq. I must admit to not liking genocidal war criminals & hypocritical genocidal war criminals less than most.

However, despite my prejudice, the fact is that he has always been a loyal rising party apparatchik, without much in the way of dangerous new ideas & even the most individualistic ministers are not supposed to write articles attacking the presumed party policy without permission. Brown MUST have supported his article & probably suggested it.

Anonymous said...

George Orwell suggested in the late 1940's that Left and Right were already over and it was Authoritarianism v Libertarianism; and in New Labour we can see the authoritarianism writ large; from 'disposing' of the Lord Chancellor (because Blair could not face sacking him) to 90/42 days; a never ending list of policies decided on the hoof, for convenience or headlines, and repented at leisure. What a shower. MacShane always reminds me of McNulty; the epitome of smug and high handed, mind you Yeo is not much better on the Tory side. Can we start a list:
Irvine plus the two above + Harman, Hodge, Jowell. Yeo plus Gummer. Thorpe had some weird friends (he was a Liberal after all) and denied he was bi, but at least he was crisp and funny. Who today on the front benches can one say that about? Haigh/Cable; thats about it. Po faced or inadequate the most of 'em - and look at the expenses corruption!!