Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tramping the Streets of Crewe

The first by-election I ever campaigned in took place 25 years ago in Darlington. Several of us from UEA spent a couple of days campaigning for Michael Fallon, who just lost out to Labour's Ossie O'Brien. Fallon, however, had the last laugh as he won the seat three months later in the 1983 Thatcher landslide.

The reason I mention this is because Crewe and Nantwich is in some ways similar to Darlington, and it's not just because of the railway connection.

I've been out delivering in some terraced roads this evening and it feels very much like Darlington felt all those years ago. However, I still didn't detect much sign of any real knowledge that a by-election is even taking place - very few posters to be seen and no sign of activity by the other parties.

Just ran into George Osborne and his entourage of six or seven very happy little helpers who had been out campaigning with him all day. George was boasting of a very good poster site he had just found.

All in all, there seems to be a very happy, optimistic and well organised team up here. Win or lose, no one can say that any stone was left unturned.


Scipio said...

Is George Osborne the best kind of person to have tramping terraced streets in an ex-industrial city, which boasts a long association with a heavilly unionised workforce? Doesn't this play up to the impression that the Tory party is run through with well-to-do old Etonians who were raised in circumstances slightly less 'umble than the family in the two-up-two-down railway cottage?

Can't avoid having Cameron obviously, but I wonder about the tactics of having the rest of the Bullingdon boys in town - especially when the Labour party seem to be basing their entire campaign on how wealthy the Tory is!

Unknown said...

A nice photo of a class 66 on your previous post. A pity it wasn't 66718, however, as that was named...... (any guesses?)

Andrew Allison said...

I remember the by-election in Darlington. A friend of mine was accosted by Shirley Williams. When he told her he wasn't going to vote, she told him how important voting was. He told her that he agreed with her. 'So why aren't you going to vote', she enquired. 'Because I live in Heighington and that's not in this constituency', he replied. He told me the warmth in the face disappeared and she moved on very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Pass on this little gem from Austin Mitchell - don't you just love him?

From Austin's advice to Brown on how to win the election:

"Be yourself. Take it easy. Get more sleep. Be happy in your wok."

Anonymous said...

"Win or lose, no one can say that any stone was left unturned."

Sorry, Iain, I had a knock on the door last week, and nothing before or since. The main botherer has been the LibDem candidate. In my household of three eligible voters, we have had, on average, two communications by post each per day. These have consisted of rubbishing the government and pointing out, ad nauseum, the fact that the Tory candidate is well-off and was educated at a good university. I wish Labour and LibDem candidates would knock on my door, but I think that I perhaps live in an area that is not of interest to any party.

Iain, let me know where in Crewe you will be next week and I shall come to see you.

Linda D

Bill Quango MP said...

While you were up there I saw Mr Brown in Tesco.

"Can I help you" said the assisstant.

"Yes I'd like to purchase a by-election please."

"I see, well that will be £2.7 billion pounds"

"Good. Do you take Visa?"

"Yes Sir. Would you like Cash Back?"

"Better give me another Billion. The elections not for a few days yet. I may need it."

Anonymous said...

I remember the Darlington by-election. A couple of hundred of us descended on the town from the Conservative Students conference. I'm still convinced that swung it for Labour. Fun, but totally unproductive.

Chris Paul said...

These "very happy little helpers"? Are you throwing a tidbit to the readers alarmed at the hypocrisy of attacking our Jacqui over a bit of weed?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does George Osborne remind you of Piers Fletcher-Dervish from the New Statesman?

Anonymous said...

I still don't think it's entirely convincing claiming your opponent's a toff if you're name's 'Tamsin'.

Newmania said...

Yalland; folowing from your toff attack worry I just wanted to bring this peice by Jonathan Harris in the Guardian to a smaller audience.I `m afraid Labour are stirring up ethnic tension in a stew of rancid base appeals to envy and insecurity in Crewe:

The Labour campaign, under the command of the Birmingham MP Steve McCabe, has rebranded its chief adversary "Tory Boy Timpson", and is going for him with an eye-popping ferocity. Volunteers have been stalking him dressed in top hat and tails; now, there comes a very nasty leaflet titled "Tory candidate application form", replete with questions and ticked boxes. Number one is, "Do you live in a big mansion house?" Question two is - and, really, the sense of humour on display is quite something - "Do you think that regeneration is adding a new wing to your mansion?" The third reads: "Have you and your Tory mates on the council been soft on yobs and failed to make our streets safer?" But the best is saved for question four, at which point pantomimic class hatred is suspended and we get something altogether more sinister. "Do you," it asks, "oppose making foreign nationals carry an ID card?"

Though the Tories seem to be hardly mentioning it, the presence of immigration in the campaign isn't a surprise. What's unsettling is the language used by Labour, and the implication of a tough measure to be wrought on uncooperative outsiders. It has to be said: there are deeply unpleasant historical echoes here that would cause any decent person to blanch, but the people behind the Dunwoody campaign surely know exactly what they're doing.

There has been a Polish community in Crewe since the 1940s, but as many as 6,000 Poles have made their home there during the past four years. ......etc.

Is this not a disgrace ....god I hope they get their come uppance. By the way this Timson chap may not be all that flashy but he seems like a tremendous fellow whose family fostered 80 disadvantaged children ...and

"he was inspired by his childhood to forge a career in family law, specialising in "the welfare of vulnerable children" - suggests something a bit more complicated;"

Perhaps he should have spent his advantages on Cocaine and whores , would that make them happy ?

Anonymous said...

Sea Shanty Irish here:

Hardly shocking - if certainly unedifying - that Labour is throwing in the kitchen sink and the garbage pail to try to win this one.

Essentially they are going to play Nantwich like Hillary played Nanticoke in the Pennsylvania primary: with a strong class war component.

BTW is the previoius Anon. forgetting that C&N is on the Welsh border, where name "Tamsin" is less posh?

asquith said...


Perhaps you could visit "A blog from the back room" and express your views to Hopi Sen. On this issue, we see eye to eye. Not that I like you ;)

Anonymous said...

Last night I watched our candidate, Edward Timpson, on Newsnight.

He may be a barrister, but please - somebody needs to organise some media training for him - and fast.

All the time that David Cameron was answering a question, Edward Timpson was staring at the side of David Cameron's head (rather than at the interviewer or camera.)

He had a rather odd expression on his face all the time, that suggested he was either bemused to be there or in love with David Cameron.

When he was asked a question, he managed to utter about three words before making a swift exit.

Not very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Gut gemacht, Herr Iain

Keep up den guten Werk

G Adler

Anonymous said...

I remember watching Newsnight with my father who lived in Darlington at the time of the by-election. On the programme Darlington was described as'the Tunbridge Wells of the north'. Coming from the north we had always assumed that Harrogate was 'the Tunbridge Wells of the north'. The best quote about Harrogate was from the Likely Lads (which we took to be based in Middlesborough) when Terry scathingly said 'They're all puffs in Harrogate'.

Richard Nabavi said...

I see that the No2ID campaign have been running an ad with a picture of Gwyneth Dunwoody and the quote:

“The history of the holding of every element of information about people’s lives by police forces or Governments suggests not that such information is always used responsibly, but that, in some instances, it is used by Governments for the worst possible reasons.” Gwyneth Dunwoody, 23rd May 2005

Couldn't have put it better myself. Has anyone pressed the current Labour candidate on whether she agrees with her mum?

Anonymous said...

I was over there on Wednesday. I would say residents definately knew there was a by-election on. Houses where people were clearly on holiday literally had a large heap of leaflets in their porches. Looked like around 7 items of literature from each party. Our material was prominent and talking to those I met the response was positive with possibly a close result.

Scipio said...

Newmania - Breath in - breath out - feel better now? I suggest you go have a lie down in a darkened room dear!

I am not 'attacking the toff', merely pointing out that Labour are, and we might be playing into their hands, because there entire campaign is based on two key messages:

1. don't vote for the Tory cos he is a rich snob!

2 Vote Labour cos our candidate is called Dunwoody!

Personally (as well you know sir), I have no problems at all with Cameron/BoJo/Osborne et al., and certainly not their background which in almost all circumstances is utterly irrelevant. However, my proposition is that perhaps in this case, it is relevant!

And yes - the whole of Tasmin's campaign has so far been a disgrace!

However, I look forward to being there from Monday to Thursday next week to do my duty!

Oscar Miller said...

Adrian - I think you'll find that George Osborne is neither an old Etonion nor a Bullingdon boy. I was extremely impressed by his wife on Andrew Marr's show last Sunday - they are a formidably bright and modern couple - not locked into the class warfare of a bygone age that Labour are pathetically trying (and failing) to revive.

Anonymous said...

A couple of Tory Toffs in Crewe and doing the old 'cockney sparrow' routine as to how they are with the working classes.

Pure theatre.

The maths says that tories should spend their time in Nantwich and forget Crewe.

Pull the extra stay away voters in and maybe, just maybe, the Tories sneak in by default.

If you're playing it for the cameras, then it's curtains.

ps. did you ten million people living in Crewe know that you are being given £600 by Gordon?


Scipio said...

Oscar - I never said he was - merely that people like Goerge Osborne give the impression that the party is run by 'old Etonians', because so many of the front bench come from palpably well-to-do backgrounds, and it is easy for lazy journos and nasty trots to 'stereotype' accordingly. I could easily have used the phrase 'the establishment'!

For the record, he is the eldest son and heir of Sir Peter Osborne, 17th Baronet, educated at St Paul's School and Magdalen College, Oxford. He is married to The Hon. Frances Howell - elder daughter of former Conservative Cabinet Minister David Howell, now Baron Howell of Guildford.

Originally named Gideon, he changed his name to George when he was 13.

Coincidently, I too think he is rather good at his job, and like him a lot. This is not a personal attack, just suggesting that in a campaign that is shot through with class hatred, a high profile for anyone who can be stereotyped a 'tory toff' should be carefully thought through!

Scipio said...

Anon @9.57: think of the trees being culled to go into this by-election!

Anonymous said...

"BTW is the previoius Anon. forgetting that C&N is on the Welsh border, where name "Tamsin" is less posh?"

Dunno, to be honest; it sounds posh in Liverpool which is as close to the Welsh border as Crewe! Try a check on the Conservative candidate's female relatives; 'Tamsin Timpson' sounds very melifluous!

Oscar Miller said...

Correction - George was a Bullingdon boy it seems - but not an Etonian (he went to St Pauls).

Anonymous said...

All very well but how many stones did you turn Ian and what was your impression from them?

Anonymous said...

Well what's the position then in your opinion Iain?

Has the unfunded tax cut got Labourites back on side?

Are the journos planning to talk up the failure of a huge Tory campaign, in yet another Conservative by election defeat?

Many say Cameron is a lightweight, a schmoozer, but personally i would really loathe the Labour bragging when they win on Thursday.
He never seems to shirk these campaigns so fair play to him.

Will anyone take notice of another safe Labour constituency turned into a marginal?

DiscoveredJoys said...

Interesting comment of yours about the lack of posters. I too can remember when most houses in a street would put posters in the window.

I think some of the reasons for the lasck of posters may be:

1) The bulk of people just don't regard politics as a serious matter any more
2) They are reluctant to publicly show their intentions for fear of criticism or vandals
3) There may not be so many posters available for display due to changes in campaigning methods

Conversely the biggest public display of support in recent times was the widespread flying of the England flag from windows and cars. Shows what can be done for a popular cause...

Anonymous said...

I noticed that today's Guardian manages to call Caroline Flint's shadow 'Greg Shapps' - including a large captioned quote attributed to 'Greg Shapps'. Very very shoddy.

Liz said...

Adrian - George Osborne no more went to Eton than I did. The "impression that the Tory party is run through with well-to-do old Etonians" is a useful one for Labour to put about, but I'm afraid it's not the case at all.

Besides Cameron, Oliver Letwin is the only other old Etonian in the shadow cabinet. Osbourne himself went to St Pauls.

Have a quick look at the Labour front bench before you cast stones. Ed Balls, for all his class war posturing, went to Nottingham High - as did Geoff Hoon, so you've got an old-boys network of exactly the same size as you'll find on the Tory front bench. Jack Straw was at Brentwood. Darling was at the Loretto School. Harman was at St Paul's Girls. Ruth Kelly went to Westminster. And lucky James Purnell managed to avoid the English state system almost entirely by going to school in France.

None of this is a bad thing. Personally, I'm kind of pleased that the people in charge of the country are so well educated. Aren't you?

Anonymous said...

James Purnell did his A levels at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford: public school despite his estuary accent.

Anonymous said...

James Purnell did his A levels at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford: public school despite his estuary accent.

Newmania said...

I am not 'attacking the toff', merely pointing out that Labour are, and we might be playing into their hands

Adrian I did understand that ,I meant to agree and develop your point a bit.

The subject of social inclusion general and in the Conservative Party is a valid one but it is more so for the Labour Party whose record of nepotism is vastly worse than the other two Parties ( see Jeremy Paxman on that ). With an imported Dunwoody in situ what can you say.
However since I have been involved with the Conservative Party if there is one thing I do not like it is the residual and moronic snobbery you encounter . There are people who find this an insuperable objection and if the Labour party exploit it one place to look for blame is the Party itself . Lets be honest it is ‘not’ a plus point that Cameron went to Eton. True Gordon Brown knows less about life if anything and you have to come from somewhere, but we have to have new thinking and people who look like the country.

Fast tracking those who happen to be the right colour is a vacuous and cynical cop out and I expect much much better from the good people I know who hand out leaflets . The end of the Unions had a mirror effect on the right and now you sometimes feel you are looking at the same people on each side .

That is for another time perhaps but Cameron ought to look at class exclusion as well as race and ethnic exclusion. I believe he wants to and I believe he will.

Liz - That is the sort of stupid braying that does not help

Newmania said...

PS LIz ..if that sounded nasty sorry , what you say is right . Try looking at where they send their children to school . It just gets better

Scipio said...

Liz - read my 11.06 post replying to Oscar. I am fully aware that Mr. Osborne did not go to Eton (and I never said he did) - but he went somewhere equally as posh - St Pauls. He was however a Bullingdon boy - which is fairly embarrassing for a party claiming to be 'meritocratic'!

THAT is my point - the perception that the Tory Party is run by nob-knobbing toffs!!! I am not saying I agree with it, merely pointing out that this is the picture Labour are trying to pain in their nasty little scrap to save gormless Gordon's reputation!

It is all about the context, and the fact that the Labor party is using the wealthy background of the candidate to illustrate how unsuitable he is for the constituency, which is primarily an ex-industrial part of the UK. All I am saying is that those who don;t fit the profile of the constituency should perhaps have a lower profile. We need more Basildon Boys, not Bullingdon Boys in Crewe!

Yes I am delighted that the Tory bench is stuffed full of such well educated people. I think they are almost to a man far better than the people in power.

But unless we win power, all their brains will be pointless. To win, we need to campaign smart!

Anonymous said...

Gary Esby said...

A couple of Tory Toffs in Crewe and doing the old 'cockney sparrow' routine as to how they are with the working classes.

Pure theatre.

I notice that Gary can no longer spell his own name

Anonymous said...

I remember the Darlington by election as well Mr D! We might have met there .....

Scipio said...

Newmania - sorry! I should learn to read!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is going to benefit most from careless ballot fillers? Timpson or Tamsin?

Scipio said...

Newmania - your post allows me to express some thoughts which, hitherto, I have mostly kept to myself.

I completely agree that the Conservative Party has, and still has, an air of elitism about it. This is potentially our Achilles heel!

I joined the party in 1988, and was always looked down on by my elders and betters because I wanted to canvass where I grew up - on a council estate. I was told 'no votes here young man', but I pointed out that if Thatcherism had helped anyone, it was the working class man in the street who was now free from the unions, petty local authorities, and could afford to buy his own home at last. Whilst the party hierarchy agreed with me, they simply didn't want to associate with anyone who wasn't middle class.

My ward was always treated poorly, and we were always made to feel second class Tories! Better than the Lib Dems - but not as good as them.

Whilst I don't feel I am overly chippy' about it, I still feel that whilst the party has reached out to ethnic and sexual minorities, and is definitely more socially inclusive, if you are a southern working class person, you would be forgiven for having a slight inferiority complex.

I have worked with many MPs, including Shaddow Cabinet members, and in my opinion, some of them hold views and behave in ways which are completely elitist, patronizing and indicate that they feel completely superior (not because they are MPs but because of their class and background).

David Cameron is an excellent leader, and in my dealings with him I have found him to be unfailingly polite, engaging and not at all like the description above. He is, in short, genuinely likeable. I am not sure however how much of this is to do with his wealth - I suspect not at all. I suspect his values and his appeal come from good parenting - something which is classless. You can be poor and a great parent, rich and a poor one. I am sure he was instilled with values which, as he has matured himself, he has come to see the truth of, and now drives his own moral compass!

But, what is undeniable is that wealth buys opportunity and access. Again, I don't mean to sound chippy because I am not, but it is a fact.

The reason why so many people from wealthy backgrounds get on so well in life and achieve such great things is because they are (a) bright and well educated, but (b) because they have access to opportunity which comes almost solely from money and contacts.

Whilst the left say this is wrong, and we should 'eat the rich', I say we should work to produce a more 'meritocratic' society (I deliberately avoid the word 'equal) where there is more opportunity and more access to people in group a, but who don;t happen to be in group b as well!

We need to see people gaining personal success based on their ability and not wealth.

Reintroducing Grammar Schools and the Assisted Places Scheme would be a great place to start.

Finally, for the record, I am big fan of the middle classes - not least of all because once you are 'accepted' as a member of it, you see the many positive aspects to it. The middle classes are far more altruistic, generous and 'socially minded' than the angry left give them credit for.

I probably am middle class myself now, so I can hardly complain. But I just won't forget my roots, and hopefully bring my kids up to appreciate what I never had, and what many never will.

Scipio said...

Coincidently, I get the impression that the parents of Mr Timpson are exactly the kind of people I was talking about - wealthy, but concerned enough about society to foster over 80 kids!

I think that with parents like this, Ed Timpson will make a great MP because his values will probably be good ones!

Then you compare this with the disgusting Derek Conway - and it is no wonder his pernicious offspring hold "F***k off - I'm Rich" parties!

Rich - yea, off the backs of the taxpayer!

Liz said...

Apologies Adrian - your 11.06 post wasn't displaying (presume it hadn't yet been moderated) when I replied to your initial one.

*Brays quietly to self*

Roger Thornhill said...

Maybe there are no posters because everyone is sick to the back teeth with the false tricotomy they are being presented with.

Anonymous said...

Losing Darlington would have put paid to Michael Foot's leadership of Labour, and handed it to (Healey/Benn), which may have (restricted/enlarged) the 1983 Tory majority.

Would losing Crewe put paid to Brown? And therefore, seeing as Brown leading the country is the Tories' best chance, will they then be aiming at a narrow defeat?

Anonymous said...

Iain, we have not heard from you since your meeting with Miss GB. What has she done to you?!

Anonymous said...

@Adrian Yalland.

According to Crewe Blog, Mr Osborne is going down very well with the voters:
"Chatting to a few friends over a pint in Wetherspoons we all agreed that today was a hugely significant day in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election campaign. Edward Timpson brought William Hague and George Osborne to Crewe's Victoria Street and carried on down to the outdoor market. I'll be honest, I was amazed how well received they all were. People wanted to come over and chat, and chat they did. Not just about who people would vote for, real issues were discussed. "

Anonymous said...

I just got back to Wirral West from the Nantwich office.

Your in. Get you leaflets and out of the door as soon as you can. “Come back for a glass of squash when you have finished. Right who is next....?” The buzz is amazing.

Out on the street with a rosette on display the car horns kept going and when I looked over there were thumbs up from those inside the cars.

Kept bumping into North West MPs, Councillors, PPCs and Euro MPs and the great many members of the voluntary party helping out from all over the North West and the Midlands.

Looking forward for the weekend in Crewe away from the FA Cup Final.... as a Tranmere season ticket holder I have no interest.

However I did tell the campaign team I would not be available on Thursday morning due the events in Moscow.... I never thought I would say this but I do hope United give out a thrashing!

Anonymous said...

Iain, I went through Terminal 5 on Monday and back again in today and it was a delight. Expect Gordon Brown to be out there soon greeting potential NuLab voters, sorry asylum seekers.

Anonymous said...

sorry to be rude but doesnt fostering 80 children sound a little like a production line? Why didnt they just build an orphanage.

Where did they keep them? In the attic? Or the stables?

Anonymous said...

I remember going to a Cambridge young cons event in the 80s to look for a friend and explaining politely to the well dressed lass on the door that I wasnt there to join up and she turned to her friend and they both looked at me (long hair, leather jacket, whatever) and said "well I wouldnt have thought so".

I have still voted Tory a couple of times but wish they would rid themselves of their odious camp followers.

Scipio said...

Dave B - I am really glad that my fears appear to be baseless. William Hague goes down well anywhere because he is so easy to get on with. Cannot comment on George as I have never met him, but from seeing him on the box he looks like a great guy.

Perhaps the nasty campaign Labour are running is turning more people off them than on to them!

I am now really looking forward to getting up there next week to do my bit!

Anonymous said...

Cameron's great strength, despite all Labour's efforts and indeed some from his own side is to show that people who come from a privileged background can still make contact with and care about the issues of those who don't.

I have to say I think people will always associate the Tory party with the middle classes. There is nothing wrong with that. No-one should be ashamed of their background-it is what you do with your life that counts. The most important thing is that people believe you will not use political power to the benefit of solely your own class be that upper middle or lower.

Of course Adrian Yalland is right to point out that wealth buys contacts and potentially influence, not to mention education, but I believe people of all classes would rather be led by someone with whom they can connect, whatever their background, than a political science graduate who has spent their whole life immersed in poiltical science and is unable to communicate with anyone. I hope we have got away form the idea that the school someone went to (be that a failing Tower Hamlets comprehensive or Eton) is a guide to their character or ability

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good journey back iain.

Astro-Turf Lawnmower said...

Can I just say, there are five things I don't care two hoots about:

1. Where David Cameron went to school
2. What clubs he was a member of at University
3. Where George Osborne went to school
4. What clubs he was a member of at university
5. If George Osborne has ever changed his name.

None of these have any bearing on their current or potential performance during 2008 or beyond.

Thank you.

TheMadCobbler said...

"A nice photo of a class 66 on your previous post. A pity it wasn't 66718, however, as that was named...... (any guesses?)"

It is of course, stalwart of the Railway Industry, the late, great Gwyneth Dunwoody. Of course that locomotive is owned by Metronet last time I checked, and not by Railfreight.

Good to see Crewe is going well at least. ConHome is reporting the Tory Toff campaign run by "City Sod" Steve McCabe. It seems to have not really twigged to Labour that we're not in the 1980s and that people actually like sucess stories. Edwards doesn't work for his family shoe buisness and forged his own path in life on his own merit.

When I visited Crewe a couple of years ago it reminded me an awful lot about where I live, the folks there are largely down to earth and don't mind when somebody makes a lot of money on their own merit.

And that's the key to why the "Tory Boy" and "Toffs" campaign has backfired. He hasn't abused his family name, or his potential political credentials to get into this position.

Anonymous said...

Read this and be very scared for the future of this wonderful nation.

Anonymous said...

Astro-Turf Lawnmower said...
"Can I just say, there are five things I don't care two hoots about:
None of these have any bearing on their current or potential performance during 2008 or beyond."

On the contrary. They have been major factors determining the character of the two people we see today at the head of the Conservative party.

That is why they are a turn-off for the majority of voters.

They would do well to keep away from Crewe and Nantwich.

Scipio said...

Astroturf - I wish I could agree entirely with you - but I only agree in parts.

I think that where someone is educated is mostly irrelevnat - as is their personal welath etc., and I entirely agree with Mens Sana that Cameron 'connects' far more easily that, say for example, Brown.

But for some people the notion of someone brought up in a state of extreme privelege means that they feel the wealthy politician may not be able to understand the concerns of the struggling voter.

I have some sympathy for this view - I doubt David cameron has ever really struggled financially. That doesn't mean to say he he doesn't sympathise (he obviously does - he is a genuinely compassionate man I believe) - but does he empathise? He might have the solutions, but does he really know what it is like to have so much month left over at the end of the salary?

Someone like Eric Pickles, David Davies or Basildon Boy have more understanding of this aspect of life, which for many millions of voters we need to win over is the day to day reality of life - struggling to make ends meet and to balance the books.

Secondly, whilst I think that people are entitled to have a private life before they enter politics (which is why the whole drugs issue is to me irrelevent), there is something deeply unatractive about the Bullingdon Club, which exists to achieve three things. 1. flaunt personal wealth - as membership is by invitation strictly on the basis of someone's bank balance. 2. Get drunk. 3. smash up the restaurant you are dining in as a sign of....well, I don't know what really.

It is therefore embarrassing that three senior Tory politicians are associated with this club of rich hoodlums!

Afterall, if these were council estate yobs who ganged together to smash up the local chippy, we would give them ASBOs, but because they are wealthy indivuals, we laugh it of as 'high jinks' and 'jolly capers'. Actually, it is vandalism and pretty obnoxious behaviour at that!

Of course, I don't know if DC, BJ or GO were actually responsible for any criminal damage whilst they were menbers of the club, but none the less, the link is embarassing!

If my son decided to join, I would be (a) surpised cos I am skint and (b) dissapointed!

Whilst I fully accept kids at university need a lively social life - and I don't want them to be anoraks like Gordon brown, I draw the line at joining a club for posh twits whose sheer existence is to smash up restaunts simnply to flaunt personal wealth!

It is this aspect of young DC's 'immature' youth which I am concerned about. Not least of all as it means Labour can stereotype us.

Anonymous said...

25 years ago in Darlington eh?

I just knew I'd seen your face somewhere before!

Anonymous said...


66718 is called "Gwyneth Dunwoody"

and I claim my free pair of full sole and re-heels.

Anonymous said...

Newmania said...

""Do you," it asks, "oppose making foreign nationals carry an ID card?"....god I hope they get their come uppance."

Don't you worry Newmania. It's the (former) Labour voters who having been on the receiving end of the 'benefits' of multiculti immigration enrichment. They know nulab is still obsessed with flooding the country with foreigners.

Leftist attempts to throw mud at others will be ineffective. Nulab could just about get away with it while the economic pretend good news could be get going. The bubble has now burst.

Doesn't matter how much Al-beeb tries to keep the pretence going (as it was doing full throttle on the Today programme this morning), Labour voters have now left nulab and they won't be going back.